Adapting slowly  

lola2b4u 48T
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4/5/2021 3:22 pm
Adapting slowly

I'm trying my best settle into this new roommate arrangement. First month went by smoothly enough, but had issues with my gov't cheque & roommate turned a bit nasty today. I guess i need to pull up my socks & help out more around the house..normally i just keep to myself to avoid issues but i guess renting a room became helping with house work & yard work as well. *SIGH* w/e it takes to make people happy i guess? Forget the fact that i have a noisy drunk living across the hall from me who continually wakes me up with blaring music! LOL! The joys of roommates!

siton4this 64M
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4/7/2021 12:26 pm

Looking good, hang in there

lola2b4u replies on 4/24/2021 7:43 pm:
I will try & ty ever so much for the compliment!

author51 58F  
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4/23/2021 11:45 pm

It is hard to live with room mates and having to share the chores. Good luck to you..

lola2b4u replies on 4/24/2021 7:44 pm:
I totally agree! Lol always wondering what's coming next? lol

lola2b4u 48T
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4/24/2021 7:47 pm

Still kicking (sort of)...just basically "exhisting" right now....i might be able to have someone over but afraid it might change things here...UGH!

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