MEN!!!! II  

kneedncok 46M
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1/17/2022 12:39 pm
MEN!!!! II

one of you fuckers want anoint me an official fuckin filthy cockslut or what? bunch of god-damned wimps seems, NO BALLS AT ALL! you know what, I know I ain't classy and I know how I really deserve be treated, I lay that shit out , I don't give a , that's what whores do well and they need a MAN fuckin bring them their slutty ass destiny, I ain't too proud to beg just once, the things that I can imagine I would let you do to my mouth are enough to make you jizz in your pants just hearing them
what I'm looking for is a slight lifestyle change once in a while
I decided recently that I just really want to worship a fuckin rock solid cock, I mean fuckin polish the fucker until I'm choking from that<b> nasty </font></b>fuckin goo you studs build-up for these whores and I know you do you filthy fuckers
is a sad world for a true lady when she has beg be treated like she doesn't exist other than be a cum sponge, gulping nut after dirty yummy nut or I imagine 's yummy cause I ain't had no gentleman step up and really take care of business
You be the catalyst turn a into a filthy trick? brag to your boys and high five about some<b> nasty </font></b>slut that you worked over, then come to this innocent wide-eyed naive trusting romantic and loving 's home (I live by myself) and fuckin blow your wad all over her romantic dreams and trusting eyes, leave me in tears, I believe would be oddly satisfying
I do a filthy mouth don't I??

Pretty good eh? I wish some would say that me I'd be in Heaven haha
honestly I just say say , I can imagine what I would do shut that fucking up if she asked for
's kinda funny be that<b> nasty </font></b>and I don't know where comes from but I usually reserve that for intimate fun with the fairer , lovely ladies that they are

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