Words to live by  

kittyandhound 54M/47F
12 posts
3/3/2015 5:04 am
Words to live by

When grooming down below,
Retro is the way to go.
Trim it up, but proceed with care
and leave a little pubic hair!!

cuntrecpl 73M/73F
13 posts
3/17/2015 6:53 am

Like them with hair

kittyandhound replies on 3/27/2015 8:01 pm:
Yes we do!!

bi4bothClosebi 63M
1 post
8/14/2015 5:25 pm

Retro is the way to go!
No Shave zone best for the grind and taste.

kittyandhound 54M/47F
5 posts
9/21/2015 5:14 am

Which is exactly why we said, Leave a little pubic hair.

cuntrecpl 73M/73F
13 posts
4/15/2016 7:42 am

You are just down the road from a nice hairy pussy. Please write us on yahoo--we are goodxcpl there. Not to far to Stuart VA from you guys are!!

kittyandhound replies on 4/18/2016 5:02 am:
Wow that is great!!

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