college fun  

kissofchromecple 46M/40F  
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7/18/2014 9:23 am
college fun

im currently am back in college and started lab my new lab partner. is a hott guy he noticed my breast was showing and touched my leg to let me know. I was so ambaressed but later in the day we were on break he comes up to me and said I liked what I saw would you be interested in showing me more. I was shocked about it and thought about and said maybe well needless to say I was flirting with him and undone my pants and showed my undies within a few mins he nodded and the next thing ik he was in my pants touching me . I got so wett before ik it he was in me. it felt so good we ended up leaving class and going to a park he made me feel so good. I want to do it again but don't know how he would react to me asking him should I keep flirting with him or just start playing with his cock??? college girl in destress

whynotme_ia 57M
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8/3/2014 1:33 am

mm you are a beautiful woman.. go for it girl... I think you man has given you the green light no? Wish it was me getting you hot and wet

Sensualmind85 36M
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8/18/2015 7:40 am

you're sexy, he's interested. Be as forward as you like. Rubbing against his cock seems like a sure thing.

asitreallyis66 52M
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9/1/2016 3:54 am

Postings Like These (And Your Photo's Of Course) Are Just A Few Of The reasons I've Had To Learn How To Type One Handed. If Ya Know What I Mean.....\8

OneGratefullover 68M  
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9/22/2016 3:19 pm

flirt with him somemore. show him a bit of your sweet tit. he will get the hint if he does not he is a fool.

acuriousshadow 60M
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1/16/2018 9:03 pm

Wish I had a lab partner like you in college - up for a study session?

ludwig202 70M
11894 posts
3/21/2019 8:48 pm

you are a wonderful woman elegant attractiv and super sexy all you want as a friend i also you are here the queen 1000 kisses

Rimmjobjerk7734 52M  
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9/5/2021 2:47 pm

well maybe you can just touch his cock.... or you can always contact me and i will take a stroll in the park with you ? i'll give you what you need as well


scc1965 56M
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9/11/2021 10:23 pm

I like it when a woman is upfront about wanting to play....give him the green light if you are down with it.

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