Question For The Ladies  

kcclaire0923 67F  
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9/23/2018 11:06 am
Question For The Ladies

As a seven year member, I think I have read probably hundreds of men's profiles in my age group. Some a little younger than myself and some maybe a bit older. I have met a good number in person with a few that progressed to a second meeting then a couple that were long term. One was a marriage proposal; I am not looking for that. Too bad it happened because I had to end it after that. I don't want to get married ever again.

But the question I have for you ladies is this. Do you see a lot of profiles where the guy says he has a Harley and rides often? Or that he goes to the gym seven days a week and works out? Also that he is orally talented and can go all night? I don't get that. The Harley is fine; that seems to be a big thing with guys and I understand it is like a status thing because of a love for motorcycles.

But going to the gym seven days a week? I personally don't care if he works out once a day, once a month or never at all. Why do they have to brag about that? Who cares? Just be yourself and admit the truth. It's not that hard to do.

Then the "orally talented" part. Why would they tell that information on a public profile? I also see that they will say "I am well hung. 10 inches." Seriously? That is not what will attract me to respond to men on this site. I prefer a nice face shot with a profile saying what they enjoy doing for fun or perhaps what type of gal they are seeking....good personality, smart, age requirement or easy going no drama etc. The rest will come naturally with time as we get acquainted to see if there is chemistry and then on to the first meet. Then, the BEST part!

Do any of you ladies ever encounter this type of male profile often and is it annoying to you too? Men, chime in and help us understand this profile behavior. I do understand though that one can say and be anything they want to behind a computer screen. But then reality sets in when meeting.......

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kcclaire0923 67F  
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9/23/2018 11:09 am

I also know that women can be just like this too....bragging about things that are not true in their profile. Personally for me? What you read and what you see is what you get. I am just me and if he doesn't like it I don't stress about it. If he calls again, he calls. If not, oh well. I refuse to get sick and old over things I have no control over. I just remain happy with who I am!!

bitchkitty2017 69F

9/23/2018 11:39 am

I do read lots of profiles with those very things stated Most I just ignore because I don't prefer a man who advertises his prowess just because some one woman told him once how good and orally talented he was or is doesn't mean he is..Bragging about his size of a dick turns me off as well that's not what I want to hear as is the pics of him screwing other women , geez I go on mens profiles to see him only not who he screws ..Gym rats ? How the fuck can a man go to the gym that much ride his Harley all the time and screw the women he says he does have any time to be on here at all? that's a crock of crap! If riding and pumping that much hes screwing that much too, I don't want him , pass the buck!

kcclaire0923 replies on 9/23/2018 1:19 pm:
I hear you.....pretty sad huh?

Like you, I was born at night but NOT LAST NIGHT!!!

rachel0718 56F
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9/23/2018 11:39 am

I have noticed the men are more upfront because they "feel" it will get them more attention and that's what women want to see. They exaggerate to make themselves look better.. I just bypass most of those...
They don't realize there are smart women on here that can see beyond the bullshit.

Rachel Mae

kcclaire0923 replies on 9/23/2018 1:18 pm:
I bypass those types too. If men would only understand that by being THEMSELVES we will make life so nice for them inside and outside the bedroom. Sad that we have to keep our BS meters on high all the time. I can spot the bullshit at 20 paces but if he is nice and genuine he has my attention!

Aes604 48M
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9/23/2018 11:40 am

I'm not sure what this site is all about. I see a lot of sex stuff and then I see people who say they're just looking to meet a nice guy. I thought a dick pic was part of the way it worked. As far as bragging about things you have and things you do I don't get that either. Even on regular dating sites. Some women and their profiles make it seem like they're looking for a man that is impossible to find. Do they really even want a man in their life. Because none of us are perfect than that seems to be what everyone is looking for.

kcclaire0923 replies on 9/23/2018 1:15 pm:
Yes, this is a "sex site" but in order to get with ladies that have some measure of class men need to know that we want to hear more about his true self, see a face shot or body shot with clothes ON first. That way we don't feel like a "cum dump" "sperm receptacle" or a "hit it and quit it" object. We have feelings and prefer to be treated as a human. The hot passionate sex WILL come if we are made to feel that we are important.

Kinknswap 55M/51F  
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9/23/2018 12:54 pm

I think some guys feel like they need to try and impress the ladies so they put there best things about themselves in there profile. Butt women don't think like men and just don't seem concerned with the material things or hard pec's with a big dick down below.
Being a single guy on this site would be hard, they are the least wanted demographically, everyone seems to be chasing Unicorns or Couples, single guys are a dime a dozen.
We would rather meet people in person to form our own opinion, of course there must be some kind of mutual attraction if we are thinking of a sexual type relationship with them. We never really trust who is on the other keyboard, there are just so many people who claim to want to play with others butt eventually can't handle it or 1 partner (usually the guy) is dragging his partner into it. There are lots of people on here who just flat out lie about themselves. So many people just end up saying how busy there lives are and don't have time to meet, yet read there profiles and they are looking for fwb's.

kcclaire0923 replies on 9/23/2018 1:11 pm:
I hear you, but trying to impress the ladies with things that either are not true or they are bragging about things that are trues a total turn off. Forming my own opinion is they way I roll; it really doesn't matter to me the physical looks, although there does have to be some chemistry. If he is kind, sweet, in my age group and not out of line I am interested. The rest comes naturally. If men only knew the benefits of a deep love/attraction from a woman because he treats her right I would guarantee there would be less bragging and more of his true self out there. But sadly, men are shallow and want perfection....not gonna happen!

Freeonereturns 61F

9/23/2018 1:34 pm

The bike is to show they're Alpha type, thinking that's what most women want. The gym to say they're in good shape, as you'd assume from it.

I don't or can't blame them for it, the odds seem way against the boys. I see women here, not much to look at and the other side of 250. (Not that I'm all that, please don't get me wrong) But there's a line of guys waiting and hooting "oh baby..."

Guys find it much harder to draw attention or enough that we step up.

I'm fine with it although I made my husband sale his Pan Head ( the guys will get it)

I wonder more about us girls. I mean want what you want and whatever that is then fine by me. But more to my fellow bi girls, it's pretty hard or wrong to be so judgemental. I for one run into many that X out my size yet they have a big bucket of rocks on me. Personally I could careless of size, sexy comes in all sizes but we know how hard we are on ourselves, thick Chix rejecting us/me doesn't help. But hey if that's what you want then it's better to be straight up. There's just that line, which I know how hard it is to walk.

tresennui 67F  
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9/23/2018 1:43 pm

Comments in a profile that someone is orally talented and bragging about cock size does not spark my interest.

They wonder why they do not get favorable responses to emails and IMs, but need to realize many men have the skills (porn provides plenty of education) and equipment, so that just makes them one of the thousand cocks to be had on this site.

It is how they describe the non-sexual side of themselves and show some personality that catches my eye.

As far the Harleys, there is a certain sort of woman that is into that (not me, in fact it’s a major turn off). And we know they aren’t fat, unfit, slobs? Which isn’t a bad thing, but not all woman are judgmental about body size, since we aren’t in great shape ourselves.

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pocogato12 70F  
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9/23/2018 2:48 pm

Personally, I delete all profiles that start with a Penis Pic as an introduction. Then the bragging about oral skills, gym ethics, toys( all kinds lolo-o ) are just not getting my attention and never have. Some of these "dudes" ( I hate that word too) would do themselves an huge favor if they read some men's profiles and see what other guys do to present themselves!! I love humor, intellect, conversations, books, music an host of things and ig he cant or wont or doesnt share a like of a few then I'd rather not contact. Other negatives: poor grammar, large age disparity, fake photos, and fibs. The bottom line: there are very few men on here who totally get what we women are looking for

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classicalrebel4 67M  
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9/23/2018 3:33 pm

If you ever read enough women's profiles you would realize that these things are important to a lot of women. Many women seem to come on this site to get something that they normally don't get at home, just like men do.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

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9/23/2018 5:33 pm

The "riding Harleys" or "going to the gym 7 days a week" are usually not meant to be boastful. It is just giving the reader an indication of their interests and lifestyle.

Isn't that what Every reader wants to know when they read a profile.

For example:

- a guy who rides a Harley (or motorcycles) often has a bit of a more "laid back lifestyle". because they are not averse to getting on the road and going for a ride - sometimes for days or weeks at a time. They often travel much lighter than most people, because it all has to be packed on the bike. This could prove to someone who is a homebody that they are NOT a match, while others who have not taken a lot of time to travel might find the possibilities quite intrigues.

- a guy who spends a lot of time at the gym is probably not going to appeal much to a couch potato, who gets no exercise. As well, they might be more appealing to someone who likes to hike and get lots of exercise. And someone who is motivated to get in better shape might be extremely interested in them - to act as a motivator or coach to assist in the reader's fitness journey. And, does what he does for 1 or 2 hours a day really impact your life that greatly?

It's no different than the many guys who say "I love football", "I love country music",, or "I like cooking".

Are you being a bit judgmental - by focusing on just 1 aspect of the man's life - without finding out more about his OTHER interests?

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9/23/2018 5:39 pm

I forgot to say that I don't pay attention to the guys who boast that they can "suck you for hours" or are well-hung. It may be terribly important to them - but it isn't to me.

If a guy ever said in his profile "I am interested in finding out what YOU like, and working together with you to give us both mutual pleasure", I would probably sit up and take notice.

A lot of men have NO idea what women want, and don't know that we would like to know what they can do "for and with us", instead of To Us.

These boasts are often a signal to "ignore or delete". Be thankful they are they are there, and the guy is doing the "weeding out" for you. LOL

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