Naughty Urgency  

kcclaire0923 66F  
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10/6/2018 12:00 pm
Naughty Urgency

As a woman in her early 60's, quite sexually active and had 2 I sometimes suffer from over active bladder. Not often, but if I drink too much water or don't take enough restroom breaks I can get into trouble. It doesn't happen often but recently it sure did. I couldn't find a restroom quick enough and it hit me hard.

I had been traveling back home from my 's house two hours away. It was late, around 9pm and I couldn't find anything fast enough that was open. So I pulled into a closed store parking lot, back row that was dark with no street lights. I turned off the overhead light in my car, opened my door and pulled down my jeans and let it fly. Luckily I had some paper napkins on the seat to wipe with. I left quite a flood on the ground but felt much better after relieving myself.

Now I just know you men do this often because it's easy and just because you can. You really have no idea how lucky you are and the ease it is for you. Staying discreet is key of course, but man I tell you it was necessary for me as a woman to do this when I did. I was very lucky I found that dark spot as soon as I did!

Ladies, has this ever happened to you and how did you handle it without getting caught? Or did you get caught? It takes us more time than it does for men!

kcclaire0923 66F  
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10/6/2018 12:01 pm

Next car trip I will cool it on the water consumption a bit!

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 61M
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10/10/2018 4:15 pm

NO!! SMART MEN DO NOT DO THIS ALL THE TIME, not anymore anyway ! In most states if caught doing a 'public urination" it results in a trip to court, as it is considered public e posure, and will often get you listed on a se offenders list ! As to what is done instead, milk jugs, quart/liter soda bottles are carried in vehicles , for this use. Now ladies, this law is often ignored when it is a lady involved rather than a man, but dont count on that. Disturbing the Peace is the law often invoked on women caught doing a public urination, but who even wants THAT on their record? Yep, PBG has the right idea, invest in one of those devices that will help you do this in the privacy of your car, much safer & semi legal most places!

Cum_Happy 108M  
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1/24/2019 4:35 pm

I think it's all very sexy! Of course, for me, I have no problem whipping it out and pissing easily whenever, wherever I like, just as you said. The only problem I have is that I have to make sure that my little dick clears my pants. Otherwise, it can be a wet mess.

Anything done half-heartedly will net you an equivalent result. ~CH

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