Finally Saying Hello Again  

kcclaire0923 67F  
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10/15/2017 11:18 am
Finally Saying Hello Again

Well its been about six months since I have written anything here in blog land. Not only have I been a bit "distracted" but it seems like our poor world has been falling apart. I hate turning on the news these days; I never know what I will see. My heart hurts for hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. The folks in Mexico with the earthquakes not to mention all the lives that were so senselessly taken in Las Vegas. Here in Southern California we have been burning up with wild fires with many folks losing not only their homes but their lives as well. All the crap and nonsense I hear and read every day in the political world just makes me sick to my stomach. The current administration needs some serious help. But we have to be patient snd pray for our country to get through it all..

Thankfully I have a deep faith; As a single woman I work hard every day, pay my bills on time and obey the law. I saw a bumper sicker on a car the other day that said "Jesus is coming and boy is He PISSED." I thought about that and it seems so true. I try to do random acts of kindness anonymously and love seeing things on the news when people practice being kind and someone posts it on Face Book or directly to the media. I wish our world was a safer place for our grandchildren to grow up in. Maybe by the time they get to our age it will be........We can only hope.

I love it when Ellen Degeneres ends every one of her talk shows by saying "Thanks for watching and be kind to one another - bye everyone."

{=} {=} KCClaire0923

kcclaire0923 67F  
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10/15/2017 12:10 pm

It felt good to write this today. While nothing really ever changes and we will still have losses and tragedies, the fact that we all recognize it and try to be better citizens makes it easy to get through those tough times. {=} {=}

Owatalife 65M
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10/15/2017 5:13 pm

Welcome back nice to see you on these pages once again. You are right though about Karma, treat others with respect & hopefully that kindness will come back your way.While it might seem as if the world is coming unhinged just look at history through the ages what with World Wars, Feast Famine & all sorts of other catastrophes over the past hundreds of years to even further be honest there will always be suffering, just part of life think in the long run we have it pretty good just now. I say that not to diminish all of the horrors going on, just being realistic.

I_giv_pleasure 58M  
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10/18/2017 12:28 am

It's burning up here too. Always a pleasure hearing from you

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