Weekend at my Daughters part1  

justme51 70M
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9/20/2021 7:37 pm
Weekend at my Daughters part1

I was watching TV when my called. My wife answered and I over heard the conversation. I heard Larry was coming over for a weekend visit. Larry is a widower now. We use to swing with Lary and Linda. Linda gives the best blow jobs. Rita’s pussy is probably getting wet anticipating Larry thick cock.

I got a call from my beautiful Ann while later. I heard those wonderful words Dad why don’t you come over for the weekend since mom will be busy. I jumped on the opportunity to go visit Ann.

I kissed Rita and told her to enjoy Larry and tell him I said hi. I drove that 3 hour drive to Ann’s house thinking how time has went by. Remembering Ann as my beautiful little cheerleader. How she has grown up so fast to a adult.
Ann greeted me at her door waring that pink top I bought her last year. I couldn’t help from seeing her nipples protruding. We kissed open mouth swirling our tongues together I ran my hand up her top feeling her hot breast. See dad no bra as she flashed me. Ann you have take after your mother’s breasts. Oh daddy I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you too Ann we went to the couch. Ann straddled me with her breasts in my face. I knew what Ann wanted. I sucked each one of her breasts nibbling on her nipples. Ann said let’s go to bed daddy it late and you had a long drive.
I followed Ann down the hallway looking at her ass sway knowing that in a few moments I’ll be eating her pussy. I watched Ann strip as I was getting out of my clothes too. Ann climb up on her bed leaving me with a view of her ass and gorgeous pussy. Ann rolled on her back with her legs spread. I crawled up but stopped to lick her pussy first. Ann’s odor was just as toxic as her mothers. Stop daddy stop after a couple of deep licks. Roll over daddy I want to get on top. Watching Ann’s pussy lowering down on my face I felt Ann taking my cock in her mouth. Ann fucking my tongue smothering my face with her pussy. Ann was going to town on sucking my cock. It wasn’t long I couldn’t hold back and shot my load in Ann’s mouth. She violently pushed her pussy in my face and trembled flexing her pussy my little girl had gotten off also. Rolling off me and laying her head on my chest her pussy straddling my leg oozing my cum, her breast on my chest we just laid there. Ann was touching my cock lightly as we pillow talked. I feel asleep.
Continues on part 2

EroticMusings2 57F
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9/22/2021 9:13 am

not really your daughter right?

*Creative Outlets of All Forms thru Me*

justme51 replies on 9/22/2021 7:11 pm:
What if I said yes she is…, Dan

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