Hitting the Road  

intimacyjunkiebc 56F
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9/8/2021 8:44 am

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12/6/2021 6:03 pm

Hitting the Road

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Erogedyne 70M  
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12/6/2021 7:14 am

As a recovering traveling musician, I know about the joys of road tripping. I hope you enjoy your journey, and when an intriguing fork in the road presents itself, don't hesitate to explore!

Just livin' the dream! (please don't make me wake up)

boobwhisperer69 59M  
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9/10/2021 10:03 am

I'm with you!! Nothing like hitting the road with not too much of a plan!!!

allgud69xxx 49M
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9/8/2021 10:18 pm

Yep, sounds like a good, relaxing, interesting time. I have thought of taking a couple of weeks just to explore all kinds of roads off of the Coq and the Hope-Princeton, having driven along both so many times. If you’re heading out towards the Rockies, see the Columbia Icefields … you know, before they’re gone … ? Have a good time (especially now that most of the summer tourists have gone back to wherever they came from )

-- allgud69xxx

Yeah ... that's right ... I went there ..
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midhard1 65M
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9/8/2021 1:39 pm

Great way to relax, have fun and unwind. Enjoy!

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9/8/2021 12:24 pm

Road tripping is the best !
Especially on the back roads and secondary highways.

Hope you have a good one . . .

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