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MILF's Big Surprise
Posted:Oct 1, 2021 2:11 am
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2022 3:26 am

The MILF's Big Surprise

My neighbor is the true definition of a MILF. Her attitude, her stature, her build. She was a real catch for her husband. That's of course if she likes to fuck as good as she looks. From my past experiences the two rarely meet. A beautiful woman is less likely to be as wild as a plain girl. Something like an overcompensation mechanism. Still she would be worth a good look.

They moved in a few years ago and we get along fine. Her husband looks good and between you and me, I think they make a good looking pair. They had one , a girl who had graduated high school the next year. But Jean looks great even after having a . I think Jean said she was a cheerleader and a dancer when she was younger. She loves her body and poses often when we are just talking. She wears tight shorts and tank tops all the time in the summer and she points her ass at you when she bends over to pick something up. Sometimes I think about that ass. I respect her husband and their marriage so I'm kind and polite and treat them like friends. At least that's what I thought I was projecting. What happened next was a Big Surprise.

I had set up a small bench in the garage to do some repairs and was busy focusing on the work at hand when I noticed Jean standing at the end of the driveway. She was carrying a container and the newspaper. Her legs were crossed in a pose and she rocked a little. She was active when she was young and still has that definition in her legs and waist. I must have stared at her for a long time as she got an impatient look on her face. One I'd never seen before. I motioned her to come up and I put my work tool down.

Her husband was away on a work related trip and her was away at school. My wife works all day while I do contract work. So, the neighborhood was quiet and both our houses were empty. Jean sat the things on the bench and resting her hands on the edge of the bench she crossed her legs again and leaned forward, propping up her shoulders. This was a sexy pose that made it easy for me to see her cleavage. Her hips sort of shoot out to one side and she smiled with a very satisfied expression.

After a moment her hips pushed back against the air. When she pulled herself upright again she looked like she was squeezing her butt muscles together. I looked around the neighborhood cleverly and asked if she could give me a hand with the container and put it by the sink. She looked disappointed and picked up the pile and waited for me to lead. I walked past the bench to the other end of the garage. I was thinking about being so turned on by her actions and wondered what her intentions were. But, how would I know? How could I ask her?

As we move toward the washer and dryer I heard her ask if I could help her with something as well. I turned and looked to see her standing with her legs crossed again. 'Sure,' I responded. I didn't have a reason not to. She held out the newspaper and container and had a sly but pleading look on her face. OMG! Is she hot. If we younger and single, I'd get in such big trouble. I'd be chasing her around and embarrassing myself, ruining our family reputation. I was staring at her with my 'whatever you need' smile when she said it, 'Have you ever done anal before?'

I just froze. My brain was in overdrive imagining how awesome that would be and how wrong this was but I couldn't interrupt. If that's what she wants I'll do it. Yeah she wants it. This is so wrong. I want to give it to her. This could end badly. That's when she said, 'I know you like my body. I've watched you look at me from across the street.' Ok, so maybe my projection was a little flawed. I tried to smile. She continued, 'Do you want to fuck me in the ass?' My heart skipped and I must have turned white as I stared at her. Her legs were still crossed as she wavered there with a pathetic plea now on her face. I had her permission, but where to take this. My wife was gone for a couple hours. My dick was in charge. What the hell. My expression changed and she smiled. I squinted and with a snide grin said, 'Show me that ass of yours.'

Her expression melted into a contented smile as she turned and bent over exposing her beautiful, round bubble butt stuffed into her tight shorts. She waved it back and forth in front of me. I wanted to touch it, rub my hands all over it. But, I just stood there and said, 'What are you waiting for, I said show me.' She must have loosened her tight shorts when she turned around because when she reached back they just slipped right off her ass and down her legs. That big beautiful ass just shook and jiggled. The thong underpants barely hiding a red butt plug. 'Well, do you like it now?' she said in a silky voice. My crotch twitched and I had to adjust myself or risk injury.

I groaned as my dick hardened in my pants. I reached out and placed my hand on her ass with my thumb right on the cup of the butt plug. She shook and moaned. I pressed in and she moaned louder. She was pressing back against the pressure. That's when I knew we were actually going to have sex and not just sex but anal sex. I used my coolest voice, 'Don't embarrass yourself here, let's go inside so we can have some privacy.' Then I slapped her ass and opened the door into the house.
more to come
MILF slut
Posted:Oct 1, 2021 2:03 am
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2022 3:26 am

An hour later, dancing and drinking the time had flown by, and suddenly it was quarter-to-midnight. I gave Beth an early New Years kiss and sauntered confidently out the door and to my midnight rendezvous.

The lights were already on in the Wilson house and I walked right in. I followed the dim light up the stairs and to the master bedroom where I expect to find Mrs. Raske waiting for me.

"You are early," Mrs. Raske said, lying on the bed in a red nightie and matching garter and stockings.

"As are you," I replied, walking over to the bed.

"I couldn't wait to finish what we started," she smiled, moving onto all fours and crawling demurely to the edge of the bed.

"What about your husband?" I asked, still worried about him somehow still potentially busting in on us.

"He's a cuck," she shrugged, pulling my belt off.

"A cuck?" I asked, unfamiliar with the word.

"A cuckold," she clarified, unzipping my trousers. "I wear the pants in our relationship so to speak."

"He knows you fuck around?" I asked, as my pants fell to the floor.

"Yes, and it turns him on. He watched me fake getting seduced by your sister, and was actually in the closet watching the last time your sister dommed me," she explained.

"He saw you submit to my sister?" I asked, shocked.

"Yes," she smiled, “he loves watching is wife be used.”

"Wow," I said, as she tugged my underwear down, releasing my fully erect and ready to go cock. "And what do you mean my sister fake seduced you."

"I know Sandra thinks she seduced me and made me her slut, but I set it up, played it up and videotaped the whole thing," she revealed.

"Wow, again," I said, as she took my cock in her mouth.

After a couple slow deep throats, she asked, "You obviously fucked Beth since I last saw you, I taste cunt."

I shrugged, "She wouldn't take no for an answer."

"You poor boy," she mocked, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock head.

A minute later, she continued, falling back onto the bed and sliding her left leg slowly down her right, "Your sister says you have a fetish for nylons."

"Guilty," I admitted, mesmerized by her stocking-clad legs and feet.

"Ever had a foot job," the seductive MILF asked.

"No," I answered, never taking my eyes off her red stockings and blue painted toenails.

“Then obviously you have never had a nylon foot job,” she purred, wiggling her toes.

“No,” I mindlessly answered, completely drawn in to Mrs. Raske’s every seductive word.

"Well time to change that," she decided, repositioning herself so both her feet were on my cock. Slowly she put her feet together and began masturbating my cock with her silky feet.

The feeling was unreal and I worried that I would come without ever getting a chance to fuck her. Plus, her legs bent as she gave me a stocking foot job, which gave me a perfect view of her trimmed pussy. I was in heaven. My head bounced like a yo-yo from her toenails to her pussy, back and forth, in sexual A.D.D. heaven.

After a few minutes, I decided it was time to take control. "If I recall correctly you promised your ass to me, Mrs. Raske."

She gave me a motherly scowl that send a chill up my spine, “Now Matthew after all we have done and are about to do…don’t you think it’s time to you started calling me Vivian…or do you prefer slut?”

Relieved I replied, “Answer me Vivian…did my slut promise me her ass or not?”

"Did I?" she asked, flirtatiously, moving her left foot up to my mouth.

I took her toes on my mouth, one by one, another fantasy becoming a reality. Once I had pleasured each toe individually, she offered me her other foot and I replicated the concentrated pleasuring of her toes.

"You really are one kinky little nerd," she said, her other foot sliding underneath my shirt and onto my chest.

"You’re one slutty little MILF neighbour," I retorted.

"Are you ready to ring in the New Year with a bang?" She asked.

I looked at the clock. It was 11:58. "On all fours," I demanded, joining her on the bed.

"Hmmm, I like a man who knows what he wants," she smiled, obeying my command.

"This man wants your ass," I said firmly as I positioned myself behind her perfectly curved ass.

"Then take it," she replied, looking back at me over her shoulder.

I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips to teased, "Wrong hole baby."

I laughed as I positioned my cock between her ass cheeks. Slowly I pushed forward and after a brief resistance, my cockhead slipped inside her amazing tightness.

She whimpered, "Happy New Year."

The clock said 12:00. I responded, my cock now fully inside her ass, "Happy New Year to you too, my new slut."

She turned her head and said, "I'm your slut now, am I?"

I moved my cock slowly out and back in as I replied, "Yes, my ass slut, my MILF toy and my accomplice in the seduction of my mom."

"Ooooooooh," she moaned as I began to slowly move in and out of her ass. "You want to be a mother fucker too do you?"

"I'm already a sister fucker," I quipped back.

"Touché," she laughed as I continued slow strokes inside her amazingly tight ass.

"So you will help?" I asked.

"Of course, the thought of your mom eating pussy is hot, but the thought of her eating Sandra while you pound her back door is fucking delicious," she answered.

"Fuck you’re hot," I grunted.

"Enough chit-chat stud, now fuck my ass," she demanded.

Deciding to make sure she understood who was in charge, I ordered, "Actually my slut, fuck yourself on my cock."

"You bad boy," she purred, obeying my order and beginning to back her ass onto my cock.

I thought the sex with Sandra, and Beth was amazing, but that had not prepared me for the pleasure Vivian was currently giving me. Her ass was like a milking device, bringing such tightness that it didn’t compare to anything I had experienced this past week. Even though I had come twice in just over an hour and a half, my balls were bubbling in only a few minutes.

“Shit, Vivian, I don’t know what you are doing with your ass but I am not going to last long,” I moaned.

“Fill my ass with your cum, baby,” she moaned back, slamming her ass even harder back on me.

“Fuck,” I grunted, a few strokes later as I shot my load deep in my MILF slut’s bowels.

“Yeeeees,” she screamed, her orgasm apparently triggered by having her ass filled with cum.

A couple minutes transpired as each of us allowed our orgasms to cascade through us.

Finally, I pulled out and crashed on the bed beside her. She rolled onto her side too and smiled, “Well, Sandra didn’t lie, you really have a nice cock.”

“You have a pretty amazing ass,” I countered.

“So I should probably be getting back to my party,” she smiled.

“With my cum leaking out of your ass,” I pointed out.

“I suppose so,” she answered, her smile so naughty I instantly wanted to fuck her again.

“Next time your husband can watch,” I quipped, confident in my power over her already.

“He will like that,” Vivian replied, leaning in for a kiss.

A minute later, her cell rang. Getting up, she walked to the dresser and sighed, “It’s Tyson.” She didn’t answer it, but said, “Well, I guess our little rendezvous is over for now.”

“I still have one more hole to fill yet,” I replied.

She seemed surprised by my answer. She looked at the clock and down to my still very hard cock. “You are really ready for a forth load so soon?”

“I’m young and virile,” I shrugged, walking to her.

“Can we save this for another day?” she asked, as I cupped her breast in my hand.

“Is that what you want?” I asked.

“Damn you,” she smiled, “Meatloaf said two out of three ain’t bad, but of course three out of three is even better.”

I lifted her up, put her on the dresser, and spread her legs as she purred, “Oh my.”

“Time for some sweet American pie,” I quipped, lowering myself between her legs and diving into her cunt.

“This is not the quickie I had in mind,” she moaned, as my tongue began exploring her wetness.

“I am in no hurry, my pet,” I responded, enjoying causing her a bit of anxiety.

“So I see,” she whimpered, my tongue having the anticipated impact.

I really did take my time, exploring every millimetre of her pussy with my tongue. Her breathing after a few minutes of slow tease began to increase so I went to her clit and nibbled on it while sliding a finger inside her wetness.

“Oh yes, baby, finger-fuck my cunt,” she begged, as I pumped one, then two fingers inside her cunt.

“Come for me my slut,” I demanded, wanting to taste her cum leaking out of her and into my mouth.

“Oh God, oh God, Oh Gooooooooood,” she screamed, a moment later as she obeyed my command and her juices flooded out of her and onto my lips, tongue and mouth.

I lapped and lapped for another minute or two, her orgasm still trembling through her, before I pulled my fingers out and put them to her mouth. She didn’t hesitate as she sucked her own juices while I positioned my cock at her pussy.

As she sucked my fingers like they were a cock, I pushed forward into her volcanic warmth. “Hmmmmmm,” she moaned, although I was unsure if it was from her own juices or my cock penetrating her making her moan.

The phone rang again, but she ignored it as I continue slow, deep strokes.

I don’t know how long I slowly fucked her enjoying another long held in fantasy becoming a reality until she whimpered, “Get on the bed baby, I want to ride that big cock of yours.”

I lifted her off the dresser, and impressing even myself, carried her to the bed, my cock never completely leaving her warmth.

On the bed, she pushed me onto my back, straddled me and devoured my cock with her pussy. She milked my cock with an ability that only comes with experience. Time again stood still until she moaned, “Come in my cunt, baby,” bouncing up and down taking all of my cock deep inside her.

“I’m close,” I groaned, knowing I was close to an explosion.

“Yes, baby, fill Mommy with your cum,” she moaned, adding, “just like you will be doing to your mother soon.”

“Fuck,” I moaned, a few strokes later as another orgasm shuttered through me as she milked my cum inside her cunt, the idea of my Mom filling my head.

Getting off me, Mrs. Raske said, “Well, that was fun.”

“Indeed,” I smirked, watching her stand up.

“I really need to get back to my party,” she said.

I looked at the clock, it was 12:45. “I imagine you do.”

Getting dressed, she said, “Any time you are in town, sexy.”

“You have a task to finish between now and then,” I reminded her.

“Don’t worry, the seduction is already well under way. By the time you return your mom will be an experienced cunt-muncher,” she promised.

“How do you know?” I asked, not believing it possible.

“Trust me, your mother is not as innocent as she seems,” she winked heading out of the room.
sexy stories on the buses slut
Posted:Sep 25, 2021 8:20 am
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2021 1:53 pm

Amy bit her lip, still looking at Alex. She knew that they both were super into public stuff and the idea of exhibitionism, but also knew that both of them thought of it as a hypothetical, as a fantasy. She knew she wouldn’t, and couldn’t, actually masturbate on the bus with so many people here, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to, and picturing it. She almost chuckled to herself as she realized she could just as easily picture Alex fucking her, Alex finally taking her, Alex ripping off her conservative jeans and Amy finally getting to feel him inside her, like she craved all week. Amy started to squirm in her seat as the fantasy played out in her mind…


It was late at night, late enough that the lights were on throughout the bus, painting everything in its slight yellow tint, but soon the lights would turn off so that the bus-goers could get some sleep. Amy was wide awake, and as far as she knew, so was Alex.

For a little while longer, she was content to stare out the window and just think to herself, until she felt something on her neck. She turned her head just enough to see that Alex had adjusted himself so that his head was now resting on her shoulder. Amy simply smiled to herself, thinking about how cute he was. Alex had a talent and being cute in a kind of childish way and yet being so animalistically attractive, and Amy liked him for both of his cutenesses.

She would have turned away gingerly to look out the window again when suddenly she felt movement. Kissing. The electric touch of lips on her neck, sending minor shocks flowing through her. If there was one form of foreplay that got Amy going, it was neck kisses. She scoffed, whispering, “You aren’t asleep at all!” in a playfully accusatory tone.

Alex never responded. Instead, little by little, the kisses became more and more forceful. Amy was getting a little concerned at this point, looking around nervously without moving too much to give herself away. She wasn’t sure how she felt about how on display the couple were, but even then, that didn’t stop her eyes from fluttering and from little moans escaping her lips. The kisses by this point had definitely graduated to hickeys, and by the way Alex had adjusted, he was definitely very awake, very aware of what he was doing, and most seductively, very confident.

By this point, both of them were insanely turned on and not ready by any means to leave it where it was. Soon after, Alex took one of his hands and slid it down her front, tracing a line down her midriff to below her belt, where he pried her legs open (which Amy had to admit felt second nature at this point) and started rubbing her over her jeans. It didn’t matter much that Amy couldn’t actually feel it very much, the neck kisses had made her more turned on than anything and she was not hypersensitive to his touch and panting with every move he made. Plus, something was deliciously teasing about the whole thing. She could feel it just enough to feel excited, to feel on display. Amy thought she would have felt more nervous putting on an actual public performance for the first time, but it felt so wonderful, so awful, so right to be a spectacle.

Gradually, Amy felt the nervousness wash away, replaced with desire and lust. She wanted nothing more than Alex right now, and to be his. To be marked as his, to complete the ritual. She grabbed his head and moved it to align with her own, and kissed him with a passion she didn’t know she had. She wasted no time and didn’t have the patience to tease him, she instead immediately wrestled her tongue with his as she practically writhed in her seat, begging for release.

As she released her kiss and still felt the hand on her pants, her eyes slowly opened to reveal the first set of eyes on the adventurous duo. A young girl, probably 20 at oldest, mouth slightly open in disbelief, no longer concentrating on the book in her hands. Being a decently rational girl most of the time, Amy had figured seeing someone notice her would snap her out of any horny state she could be in. But it didn’t. It just made her hornier. Amy was showing herself off, and she liked it. She liked being on display for a definite audience, and she liked being Alex’s public slut. Amy licked her lips, not taking her eyes off of the girl, and moaned slightly louder, as an experiment.

The girl didn’t move, she only stared back, still probably in disbelief. Amy was willing to stare down the girl and see if she would win (she was reasonably sure lust was building up in the girl’s eyes) when suddenly she felt something and tore her eyes tore away from the girl to the source. Alex was unbuttoning her pants, and Amy couldn’t help but moan uncontrollably. It was happening. It was actually fucking happening. She lifted her ample ass enough for Alex to slide her pants and panties down her beautiful legs, and spread those legs farther in anticipation of feeling Alex’s no doubt expert hands on her, with no stupid clothing in the way. ‘Who cares who sees me?’ the lust-drunk girl thought to herself, losing her grip on reality in the face of unimaginable pleasure. She just wanted to feel Alex’s hands on her, and in her. She was his now. She was his good girl.

More people were noticing now, with Amy moaning louder and Alex slipping one finger, then two inside her. His hands felt every bit as good as she’d hoped. Amy could barely open her eyes enough to see a man watching with his partner, his girlfriend. She could tell that watching her and Alex had turned this man on – no, it had driven his lust wild. He began to passionately kiss his girlfriend, which surprised her at first. While looking around in surprise, the girlfriend finally claps her eyes on the exhibitionist pair and, still in liplock, smiles mischievously at Amy with her eyes. Seemingly not wanting to be outdone, never taking her gaze off of Amy, she reaches into her boyfriend’s pants and fishes out his cock.

Even with the crazy situation she was in, Amy gasped, and not purely in pleasure. She had absolutely no clue what was going on, but with her senses overwhelmed like this, all she could do is throw her head back and moan. Amy wasn’t the only one to notice the competing couple, with Alex looking intently at them as she begins to jack her boyfriend off, and being entranced to the point where he stopped fingering Amy, for just a few seconds. He turned his gaze to face her, with a hunger in his eyes, having never said a word this whole time, and in one surprisingly swift motion, tore her shirt off. He couldn’t bother to remove her bra and hastily shoved it to the side, launching on her erect nipples immediately, encircling her areolae teasingly with his tongue. Amy was still trying to restrict her moaning, but they couldn’t escape the fact that a lot of guys were intentionally watching her at this point. Amy took her gaze back to the original bookworm girl, who had a hand down her pants and was biting her lip in lust, until she noticed Amy was staring at her and abruptly pulled her hand back up. Amy simply smiled at the girl and stopped moaning to nod at the girl, who put on the smallest, most sheepish smile ever as her hand slowly re-descended back into her pants to rub her clit.

The bus was through the looking glass at that point. Some guys were rubbing themselves through their clothing, with the more adventurous ones going so far as to take out their dicks. The competitive couple was fully going at it at this point – the girlfriend’s head was in her boyfriend’s lap, bobbing up and down. Amy couldn’t even bring herself to think about how crazy this situation was, how illegal it was. She was only thinking about how hot it was. How badly she needed the release.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. As if the rest of the bus wasn’t fully aware what was going on by now, Amy threw her head back and moaned for Alex, loudly. She loved this attention, and how good he was making her feel. She didn’t care how the people viewed her – in fact, she wanted them to see her as his dirty slut.

Now that the bus knew, and liked, what was going on, there was no more sense in pretending. Amy started to stand up, Alex taking his now-four fingers out of her as she did so, and kicked off her pants as if they were ablaze. Quickly and spontaneously, she turned around and took out Alex’s dick, which was wonderfully thick, long, and painfully hard. She had considered blowing him, but blowjobs were for teases, and Amy wasn’t a tease – she was a slut. Instead she began to sit herself down on Alex, positioning herself above his pulsating member. At first, Alex chuckled in disbelief, but quickly helped her, to the cheering of the bus passengers that surrounded them, as Alex slowly inserted himself into Amy for the first time.

Even though Amy was fairly tight, she was so wet that lubrication was zero problem. It was a perfect fit, satisfying her like scratching a thousand itches at once, and she could swear she had died and gone to heaven. There was nothing she wanted more than to be animalistically pounded immediately until she couldn’t breathe anymore, but she wanted to put on a good show. She wound up teasing herself with how slowly she began to move herself up and down on Alex’s cock in the name of putting on a good show, but soon she was riding him like there was no tomorrow. She needed this. This is how she wanted to be. Fucking him on a bus, driving everyone wild with lust as she showed all of them that she was his fucktoy, his cocksleeve, his good girl.

She rode him with near-blinding speed, almost screaming with pleasure as people masturbate to the sight of her, Alex now pumping her right back as she rode him. That’s when the game-changing moment happened – one bold boy, about her age, approached her with his dick in hand. Alex grinned, almost evilly, showing his first real reaction of the night, and slowed down his thrusts, enough to stabilize her. Amy, adrenaline taking over, took the hint. Heart pounding, unable to believe she was doing this, took the stranger’s cock in her mouth.

The sensation of having her mouth filled with a stranger’s cock is filling her head with naughty thoughts and taboo pleasures. She knew, in that moment, that this was how she was meant to be. Being the bus slut felt so right to her.

No one could resist at this point, and other men soon lined up to get the chance to have Amy suck them off. They were practically a blur, and Amy was going from one to the next like a pro. Like a slut. One came in her mouth – Amy recognized him as the boyfriend who got blown by his partner what felt like seconds before this happened. She got curious as to where the girlfriend ended up – as if on cue, the girlfriend appeared beside her, smiling and tilting Amy’s head towards hers. She gave Amy a cute wink before kissing her deeply with Amy’s mouth full of cum, using her tongue in Amy’s mouth to swap spit and cum between their two mouths. Guys, random strangers she never met, were cheering and Amy melted into the kiss as Alex picked up speed, drilling her with his long, thick cock.

Amy could still taste cum in her mouth as the girlfriend pulled away from the kiss, kneels down beside the original exhibitionists, and takes the next guy in line into her mouth. Amy couldn’t believe it – now there were two girls, a public show and a blowjob slut. To Amy’s utter amazement, it doesn’t last long and the next guy grabs the blowjob slut, throws her against the seat in front of her, tears off her pants, and starts railing her, right there in front of Amy. She had a front row seat to watching this girl get fucked by a guy she doesn’t even know, all while she rode Alex like her life depended on it and desperately sucked off strangers, savoring the cum and pleasure they rewarded her with.

Amy could see out of the corner of her eye that even the bookworm girl was getting in on it, and was shyly jacking off a boy next to her, whispering something in his ear as she soiled herself. It was really clear that this was her first sexual experience ever, and Amy felt so proud to know she had caused it.

Amy wanted to do this every day. She wanted to degrade herself like this to everyone. Amy was such a good girl, such a good slut, knowing it was her job to pleasure all these men, knowing they were cumming for her.

She was the best slut they’ve ever had. She was making them so happy. But there was one more thing she could do for them.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Alex exploded inside her, releasing more cum than she thought a person could even hold, and Amy came like she never thought she could. She literally screamed as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her, bringing her the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. After her climax subsided, Amy knew exactly what to do. She gently got up off of the spent Alex, walked calmly to the back of the bus (making sure to put a saunter into her walk to show off her amazing and cum-splattered ass) and bent against a chair near the back, arching her back and offering her pussy to anyone that wanted it. She was truly the bus slut now, and given the line forming for her, she was going to be busy for the rest of the ride. And what a long, bumpy ride it would be.


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