Searching for the implants I want  

hotwifemandy 28F  
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12/8/2018 8:35 pm
Searching for the implants I want

I gotta start by saying I am sorry for bringing this topic up so much, but the idea of having larger breasts has consumed me for me for quite some time. So if you are getting sick of the subject, feel free to skip this post.

If you are still here, thank you for listening to all of my blabbering about breasts. Maybe that means you don't mind the subject, lol. Or you are just really nice. I love reading the comments that you've left in the past about this whole quest of mine. I really do appreciate the feedback, whether it's what I want to hear or not – and also some of you that I know just a being kind and telling me that I don't need to change one bit.

Part of my research has taken me to trying to find pictures of women that have what I want. Bodies that I am sooooo super jealous of. Especially their breasts. I try to be reasonable and find other petite women with bodies somewhat similar to mine – realizing that these women are miles more sexier and fitter that I could ever be. I guess it's fun to dream.

One frustrating part of all of this conversation with guys and wanting honest feedback is getting men to understand what I am looking for in implants. Measurements and cup sizes alone are hard for everyone, including me to visualize. So, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I've found quite a few women that I absolutely worship their beautiful bodies. I thought it might help to share them with you. These women are absolute perfection! Having bodies, especially breasts like theirs would be an amazing thing for me! I know, I must sound crazy. So I better stop their and get on to the pics before I scare some of you off. Thanks again for listening!


Capri Cavalli 34DD

Courtney Cummz 34D

Juelz Ventura 32DD

Tasha Reign 32DDD

Dylan Ryder 34DD


Hardentongue 55M  
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6/8/2021 4:12 pm

Personally I reckon your boobs are great, small or hand full boobs turn me on!

jimak2 46M  
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2/11/2020 7:32 am

Prior to having surgery, all of those models had perfect breasts and much less so after.

Hotwife717171 59M/51F  
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9/25/2019 11:54 am

First and foremost, the female body is to be appreciated and savored in all of its many forms. Like anything else in life, we form preferences or likes and dislikes as time goes by, sometimes merely by fantasy, and sometimes by actual experience. As a male, I am a fan of women's breasts, and I can appreciate them in all different sizes and shapes. What I find unattractive are obviously fake boobs. Based on my unscientific research, probably 80% of implants look fake in their naked form. Naturally, these fake boobs generally just look big and perky while in clothing, which may be exactly what some women are looking for. In the end, it is a woman's choice what to do with her body, but she cannot dictate how it is looked upon or perceived by others, only herself.

HotLustHunter 51M
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2/17/2019 11:24 pm

If I had to vote I would put Dylan Ryder and Capri Cavalli as my top two. You are so damn sexy as you are yet you would rock DD's without a doubt!!!

hotwifemandy replies on 3/5/2019 7:52 pm:
mmm i love when guys see this my way, lol.

thank u so much hotlusthunter!

all_about_you73 48M
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2/7/2019 3:02 pm

Like many others have said, I think your boobs are fabulous and don't need any modifications. I much prefer natural boobs over implants, even if the natural boobs are small or not so perfect. But it isn't about me, or anyone else who you might ask. It's about you and how you feel about yourself. I think you should do whatever it takes to make you feel good about yourself. I fully believe that if you find yourself sexy, others will come to the same conclusion. Best of luck in whatever decision you make.

And of the examples given, I like Dylan Ryder's the best.

hotwifemandy replies on 3/5/2019 7:52 pm:
thank u so much all_about_you!

rskinney62 60M

1/25/2019 9:20 am

All very nice, but I like Dylan Ryder's the best.

Visit my blog @ rskinney62 & have a SEXY day!!

hotwifemandy replies on 3/5/2019 7:52 pm:

desertnemo 40M  
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1/23/2019 10:42 pm

Hi, I'll repeat what everyone else is saying: you are gorgeous the way you are. But, fake tits can look amazing, too. I think Capri Cavalli's look really good, based on the pics you sent, and I think they would look pretty good on you. But, you are right, all these women have very nice breasts.

hotwifemandy replies on 3/15/2019 9:43 pm:
thank u for the comment!

Seekswomen4fun 56M

1/14/2019 5:54 am

Those are all very lovely women but you very hot just the way you are. Since you are practically my neighbor I would love to have a before and after session with you.

RockKickAss69XXX 53M
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12/30/2018 8:00 pm

All good choices!
Up to you which are best to suit your needs.

proteus_2a 56M
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12/15/2018 2:38 am

Aside from your real ones, I think #2 is best
But like anyone here says, you gotta do what you gotta do

Best of luck my lady

Cheers - P

mr_macfisto 44M
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12/12/2018 7:36 am

To paraphrase somebody above, the only opinion that really matters is yours. But since you asked, I don't think you should do it. You are a stunningly beautiful woman right now. The risks that come from any surgery just aren't worth it. You'll have permanent scars that can't be airbrushed out from the mirror. Specifically about the photos you posted, of some of the biggest names in the porn industry, even some of their boob jobs look a bit like a lump just tacked on. And there are many implant jobs that look a lot worse than on these girls.

If you go ahead with it I truly hope it goes well, and I'll be happy to keep up with new photos in your blog.

v6k_ 48M
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12/10/2018 6:01 pm

As for me, DD and higher looks too big... D size is my favorite and your pics show me I'm right. I vote for ## 3 and 4. #2 also looks good though I'm afraid it's more than D.

Aus4770 52M
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12/9/2018 3:45 pm

Mandy you definitely have nothing to be jealous about. Your body is amazing.

DoctorBooty 41M  
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12/9/2018 11:00 am

Well I like them all, especially the ones that seem to look more perky, those will look better over the years. Tasha Reign's look more natural to me, and certainly theres a desire for that sometimes too.

But I guess the most important thing is to find the right doctor to do it. A lady I met from here went to DDs and they were too firm, didn't feel right to the touch. Another had beauties and they felt perfect to my hand.

GimmeAThrill 53M  
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12/9/2018 10:58 am

Whew! It's hard to choose, right? I mean, especially since it's hard to predict what will look best on you! So, thanks for these and can't wait to see what you end up with.

Smart as a horse and hung like Einstein.

iwant2lickuthere 54M  
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12/9/2018 9:36 am

I'm thinking yous look great in either D or DD cups.

ManseeksWomenfwb 54M

12/9/2018 8:27 am

Those are all beautiful women with amazing breasts. I think you have n incredibly hot body too, no need to change anything. If you decide to go forward, whatever you decide, I am sure you will be gorgeous

ruleher101 55M/52F
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12/9/2018 7:49 am

personally,you are beautiful the way you are.I would love to have smaller breasts.however i have come to terms with what i was blessed with and have a great man that loves me ALL NATURAL nothing fake about me..

CleavageFan4U 65M  
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12/9/2018 6:52 am

I'd certainly never complain about someone "blabbering about boobs" - I've been doing it in a blog for almost EXACTLY 10 years now!!

So, even though you didn't really say so, I guess you're soliciting inputs on which of these ladies tits we like best? WOW that's hard, but since it gives me a reason to repeatedly stare at them - OK!!.........

I'm back :

#1 -DING DING DING - they'd be my choice, large nicely shaped, "soft" looking, not too pointy, good cleavage action
#2 - too pointy
#3 - same - too pointy
#4 - too perfect - does that make sense? - look too fake
#5 -too far apart (I am CleavageFan after all!!)
#6 - too small / why bother?
#7 - a good choice, my 4th overall
#8 - too big for her body
#9 - a good choice, my 2nd overall
#10 - a good choice, my 3rd overall

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txslowpoke 68M  
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12/9/2018 5:11 am

man cant do what god does to perfection..... an so many imitations proves this

Heathen_G 63M
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12/9/2018 4:55 am

Is your husband behind your low self image ? Is he losing interest? If you go with pretend boobs... eventually he will lose interest in that, too.

Your boobs look fine. Getting pretend boobs isn't going to fix anything, in your situation. ...

hogknot 55M  
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12/9/2018 3:14 am

A good friend of mine had it done earlier this year. I always thought hers were fine and she didn't need anything done. She said she always wanted larger breasts and hers is the only opinion that matters. She did have it done and is very happy with the results. After about 6 months they look and feel good now. The biggest decision is what size you want. If you have been looking you know it is about CC's.

nicebuttocks1950 72M  
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12/9/2018 2:11 am

Good morning to you. I think I can understand your desire for the perfect breasts. I am a breast man, and really do love a nice pair of breasts. However, what is more important to me is the woman's reaction to my fondling, licking, biting, nibbling, pinching, pulling, , or otherwise playing with her breasts. As a man, I too want the perfect attraction for women. All that being said - I would not mess with what comes natural for you. Whatever your were born with will be just right!!!!!

nicebuttocks1950 72M  
330 posts
12/9/2018 1:45 am

Good morning to you lady. I think I can understand your desire for the perfect breasts. I am a breast man, and really do like a nice pair of breasts. However, what is more important is the woman's response to their being touched, fondled, kissed, nibbled, pulled pinched, and whatever else she might like. My own advice is "Don't mess with whatever you were born with!!!"

boobwhisperer69 59M  
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12/8/2018 11:16 pm

They all seem reasonable to me! But what matters is your happiness!

PAWAPh 46M  
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12/8/2018 10:34 pm

Hello, Mandy.

*I Do Hope You Get Them...

...They'll Make You Feel Better Anyway*

»I'm An Ass-Man«

Tits Are A Plus, Butt Is A Must!

Great Profile Photo, Darlin.


hotwifemandy replies on 12/8/2018 10:59 pm:
haha, cute post...thank u!

pytimesx 62M
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12/8/2018 10:18 pm


hotwifemandy replies on 12/8/2018 10:37 pm:

MrRareity 62M  
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12/8/2018 10:01 pm

I think you have a great body it's very well proportioned as are your breasts. I like the natural look and I think you look sexy, sensual, and beautiful just the way you are. As a man who has been with women who have had implants I don't like the feel of them over natural breasts. Natural breasts are soft, the nipple get hard, and they are great to such on. Implants aren't as soft and the nipple doesn't get hard. Why mess with something that looks as good as you do? Is it worth the risk of going under the knife? Have you asked yourself why do you really want them? I think you look sexy as hell and I wouldn't change a thing about the way you look!! John

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hotwifemandy replies on 12/8/2018 10:09 pm:
thank u for your well thought out post. i have wanted larger breasts for the majority of my life. i don't think i will ever be satisfied until i do.

billyray234 58M
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12/8/2018 9:56 pm

very sexy, with the implants

hotwifemandy replies on 12/8/2018 10:00 pm:
not totally sure what you are saying.

Grits2017 63M
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12/8/2018 9:53 pm

well Mandy i like your's as is but Courtney's get my vote because the way her nipples stick up

hotwifemandy replies on 12/8/2018 10:08 pm:
thank u

Heathen_G 63M
7974 posts
12/8/2018 9:25 pm

Women , with perfectly good breasts, should not be altering their breasts on a whim of jealousy of other women. That would be a mistake you'd have to live with for the rest of your life.

hotwifemandy replies on 12/8/2018 9:28 pm:
thank u for commenting, but grrrrrr!!!

SingleItalianGy2 50M  
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12/8/2018 9:11 pm


There is never a RIGHT or's all about what makes you happy and keeps a on your face. So go with what ever feels comfortable.

hotwifemandy replies on 12/8/2018 9:15 pm:

Gert_B_Frobe 39M
25 posts
12/8/2018 9:02 pm

capri and courtney's boobs aren't really that great. If you're going to do it go for the look of one of the others there

hotwifemandy replies on 12/8/2018 9:11 pm:
thanks for replying. curious what you like and/or don't like.

8155 62M  
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12/8/2018 8:56 pm

Well this looks like something you really want to do so Daddy supports you ,.You are always going to be Daddys Favorite Hotwife Slut

hotwifemandy replies on 12/8/2018 9:11 pm:
thank u!

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