Being nice  

hiagainitsus 59M/55F  
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3/29/2016 4:29 pm
Being nice

On this site I have noticed that some of you guys are not very nice. I am wondering why. Just because this is a sex site doesn't mean that you should be on here acting like a total ass.
I have had some of the meanest, rudest, people on here. If you walked up to a woman on the street and said some of the things out loud to her that you have said to me, the wife of the couple, you would most assuredly be facing criminal charges and have to register as a sex offender.
If you are on this site and looking to have sex with women, remember these are real women, mostly your everyday average girl. We work hard, and play hard, and want to meet someone who's personality does not match the "dick pic".
If you don't want someone to treat you like a waste of time on here, don't treat them like a piece of meat.
This site is a fantasy site, many people on here are just looking for the fantasy of having sex with strangers, others are really real, and looking for real meets, and real people who are decent to talk to, good luck with all of your endeavors on here.
Remember to be nice, respectable, and try to act decent.

playground6960 61M/55F  
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3/29/2016 4:35 pm

Agreed !!!

Like_2Meat_U 62M

3/29/2016 4:47 pm

Always best to be respectful and polite

notnew2it13 59M/58F  
17 posts
3/29/2016 4:50 pm

Very well said. Honesty, respect and the Golden Rule are the things that we look for and are attracted to. Though we have had messages from disrespectful and rude people, they have not been the norm. Most people, especially couples, are very friendly and courteous in their messages. We appreciate that and reply to every one of them.

Again, very well said.

ohioguy606 75M
326 posts
6/4/2016 3:39 pm

I agree 100% on being nice! The best sex has always been with the nicest ladies!

Ravenswood38 54M
4 posts
9/25/2016 1:26 pm

I 100% agree.

im4fun1 66M
72 posts
2/8/2017 12:54 pm

It is too bad that a few people ruin things for everyone. Sorry your wife was treated so poorly.

ahotm4f 61M  
18 posts
6/9/2017 2:16 pm

Very well said. There is no excuse for rude behavior. Just because one has the anonymity of hiding behind a keyboard it does nor give one the excuse to be rude.

wanna4playU 54M  
265 posts
6/17/2017 6:13 am

what a concept!

horndoggy06 68M
209 posts
6/7/2018 2:06 pm

very true. by the way, i can't get the message that you sent me last week.

reallyready46 62M
1383 posts
6/16/2018 8:05 pm

Well they say you catch more flies with sugar than vineger.

toledocolony 62M
6 posts
6/24/2018 11:36 am

Its like everywhere else, seems no people have respect for you no matter what and it shows they do not care about society, and more over shows there ignorance

68explorer 70M  
3 posts
7/25/2018 8:29 am

Those same guys who are rude/obscene also are the ones that cannot seem to find someone who will marry them or are divorced very quickly and do not understand why. I suspect that them are all very young as well. If one is a real adult, time & experience will teach manners not learned at a younger age along with patience to enjoy the experience/ride

MisterXTC1000 57M
368 posts
9/14/2020 7:45 am

So many assholes and fakes on this damn site it has just gotten out of control. I appreciate what you are saying 100%.

missingthe_y 62M
67 posts
1/28/2021 6:47 am

Sadly I've seen other blogs with the same message. I suspect many people are trying to figure out what kind of response will elicit interest and try different approaches. Others are.. well... assholes. On a different note, Heated Affairs has made it difficult to contact or reply to people without paying up front. Hopefully people who cannot reply to messages aren't lumped into that same catagory.

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