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Paulxx001 65M  
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11/27/2021 4:52 am

You know MY opinion about YOUR thoughts on the bug and the vac... blah blah blah.
But I will say one thing; I'm getting fucking tired of people telling me what to do, ALL under the guise of that virus.

I'm at an electronics store the other day (*wearing my mask and I'm fully vaccinated *), and I don't spread that liquid goo — that greets me at the door — on my hands. The owner, who's standing there says, 'Ya can't come in unless ya sanitize your hands.'
I reply, 'I'm double vaccinated, do you want to see my passport?'
He goes, 'Doesn't matter. Ya gotta wipe your hands.'

For fuck's sake! 'Go fuck yourself,' I thought. 'I'll be touching nothing in your store, except that ten-foot RCA cable I'll be buying.'

Or should say, 'Would have been buying.' I walked the fuck outta there. Some of this shit is getting outta hand and going nuts. Things are spiralling out of control.... everywhere.

Didja watch the news yesterday? 🤔

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