time for her to be my toy part 1  

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10/20/2021 6:11 pm
time for her to be my toy part 1

Time for her be the toy part 1

gomm327 /20/2021
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We had been satisfying each other for a while and conversation came around fantasies. Sammy said she wanted explore the more non vanilla side of things. We exchanged some ideas and she left at that,. I decided see how much she would like follow up on her desires. On a rainy afternoon I texted her and said that I wanted her come over in the morning and prepare be my plaything. Her immediate reply was a extatixc oh yes please. I layer out my plan and prepared for what would be a busy morning. As she headed my way the next morning I sent her a saying simply for her come in and that she should undress and get on her hands and knees on the floor.

She replied with a question mark and I replied its time for you be my toy. She arrived a few minutes later and I made sure I she could not see me. She undressed and got on her hands and knees. I let her wait for a few moments. Watching her made my cock get hard quickly. I came to her and said now come to me on your hands and knees and you may kiss my feet. She did so and I sat on the loveseat as she kissed my feet. I said logo kiss up my leg to my knees. She did so but went past my knees wanting to get her lips on my cock. I stopped her and said that is not what I told you to do. Now you must be taught a lesson,. Taking her hand I walked her to the bedroom and she headed right to the bed. I said "not yet". Li led her to the wall and said place your hands on the wall. She did so and I instructed her to hold them above her head and further apart. She did as I said and then I took a penny and placed it under one finger she had on the wall doing the with the other hand.

I told her that she must not let the penny slip off the wall. Then had her move her legs back so she was leaning more towards the wall. Then I blindfolded her so she could not see anything. She now would use her other senses. I took a heavy flogger out and whipped through the air. She could hear the sound of and I could see her tense up. I 5old her relax and just let this happen. She relaxed some and I moved get a great view of her as she waited for what would happen next. I let the flogger strike her across her curvy as. Not too hard. She let out a gasp but held fast the pennies. I swung again and tagain striking her and she gasped again. Then I stopped for a moment and told her to count out each blow I would deliver.

She said yes sir. Good I said as she slipped into the role as my submissive more. I struck her ass again and she said one sir. Then two three. Each blow a harder. I was careful not go too hard as I wanted her to feel but not bruise her as her husband would question marks if he saw them. After getting ten lashes I stopped and slowly ran my hand over her ass gently feeling the heat from the blows. Sliding my hand further I felt her slit for the first time and she was dripping wet. I see you like this I said and she stammered oh yes. A smack on her ass bare handed and a reminder to her to say sir was needed.

After this I swung around in front of her and looked right at her wet pussy. Slowly I slid a finger into her and she moaned softly. I took an ice cube from my cup nearby and extended it till it slid over her nipple hehe flinched and a penny fell to the floor. She said oh sorry and I retrieved the penny and told her she had just disobeyed my command. She stammered as she said oh sorry sir. I took her other hand and led her to the bed. I told her to bend over and lie face down on the bed. She slowly lied down keeping her feet on the floor. Once she was bent down I took a outstretched hand and cuffed it then tied the cuff off so she could not move her arm much. I repeated this with her other hand and then surveyed her body as she lay bent over and totally helpless to do anything.

I was hard just seeing her bent over and tied down. I came behind her and said she was bad for dropping the penny. She must be disciplined. I took a feather and slowly ran over her ass and up and down her legs. I knew was tickling her but she remained still and did not move. A quick slap came next striking her ass and then each ass cheek as she counted for me. I wanted her so bad but had remain focused. After a few minutes I took the feather and again ran all over her slowly letting on her ass and back and legs. I told her to climb forward on the bed and remain on her hands and knees. She quickly complied and I had her move so I could access her from both sides of the bed easily. was time for more fun.

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