My first bi experiences  

godthisisfun 56M/43F
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2/12/2016 3:51 am
My first bi experiences

So many people have asked how I got started with bi play. Here is my story. My lovely slut will add hers later

My first oral bi experience happened when my GF at the time had a male room mate. One night when we just finished fucking and I was licking her clean we heard the front door open. The bedroom door was open so he came in to say hello and got a little surprise. He asked if he could join and she said yes. So he got undressed and to my surprise started to suck my cock, I got rock hard and after about 10 mins filled his mouth with cum. I quickly returned the favor and loved the feeling of my first cock exploding in my mouth. We spent the next few hours fucking my GF and occasionally sucking each other. An awesome intro to bi play

A few months after that the same GF and I were at a party and her room mate was there and talking to another couple. He called us over and introduced us all. Next thing you know the 5 of us and 2 single guys were heading to my GFs apartment. Once inside we all grabbed a beer and got naked. We ended up on the same bed sucking each other while the girls got in a 69. After awhile we all started to fuck the girls but since there were 5 guys and 2 women there were extra cocks. So my GF is on her hands and knees with me buried in her ass and sucking a cock at the same time. One guy gets behind me and starts licking my ass then fingering me making me rock hard. My GF reaches back and grabs my hips so I can fuck her ass deeper. Little did I know that by doing this she was spreading my ass wide, next thing I know I'm buried in her ass and feeling lube on my ass and a few fingers slide in. The one of the best sensations of my life happened, the guy behind me slid his cock up and down my ass crack and suddenly popped the head in my ass. Once I got used to it he slowly buried his cock in my ass then grabbed my hips and started fucking me. I came so hard I almost passed out. Soon he pulled out, came around me and shot his cum on my face, distracting me enough for my GFs room mate to slide behind me and start fucking me too! It was an amazing night and one repeated many times. God I miss that group!

0leStunner4u2 66M  
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6/14/2016 7:32 pm

man this is one Amazing Story let alone Live ... Damn

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