The Proposal  

ginalicksucks 64T
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1/17/2022 9:02 pm
The Proposal

I was shocked as I read the message . A couple wanted me be their full time girlfriend! I had met a guy who told me he had been in an exclusive relationship with a couple for the last few years. I believe they moved for a new job and that is what led to me meeting him. Having been with more than a few couples the thought of having that much excitement on a daily basis had me spinning. The husband was super cool and we began chatting all day long for a few weeks. I could tell I was getting pretty involved even though we had yet to meet. The conversations continued from texting to over the<b> phone </font></b>and it was all awesome. I genuinely liked him. I had yet to have conversation with the Mrs. but it seemed clear that he wasn't hiding his bi side and that she was aware of him seeking an outlet. After or efforts to try and meet in person I became aware that the wife still knew nothing of me at all. I am bi and I love woman and also enjoy some men. I really needed her be in this as well or I was in for a fall. I finally sent a that I didn't want to continue as it didn't feel right. After a few days I realized I did care and should not have sent that. I sent a saying as much but the damage was done. We exchanged a few notes but nothing of substance. I will forever wonder how that may have turned out. Wow a threesome every night. Now that is mind blowing!!

JeffXcitedNow 67M  
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1/18/2022 1:07 pm

Awww Gina, so sorry that it didn’t work out, but if he wasn’t being up front with her (and you), it prolly sounds like a blessing as with that amount of emotional dishonesty from the beginning, it sounds like the real upside to this is for you to trust your judgement, back yourself in and give yourself credit for (it seems to me) making the right call. Well done my friend. 💋💋💋
I’ve known a few friends where this has worked out with a couple and lasted for a couple of years, so who knows what lay ahead in the adventures of gina. Focus ur energies into all of the good and positive things contributing to gina rather than what may have been. Enjoy the present as your future path will be wondrous.
Kiss hugs JeffX 💋💋💋

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