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1/14/2022 5:24 pm
Has been pornstar

Has been pornstar..
In reply to an ad in the paper reading 'be an adult star' I made an appointment and checked out the scene.. It was an old bungalo made into a porn studio with a sitting room of leather couches and porn playing on the TV where I would sit and wait to see my casting director Mirella. There was a desk to check in beside the hallway where there were 2 small rooms made into offices where I would go and meet Mirella.. it was a sweet pussy juice aroma in there although they tried to cover it up with candles or something.. they were quite horny as they were doing their edits and productions in the one room that I walked by to get into the office where I was meeting her. We had to meet a number of times as I had to pay for an audition photoshoot and I made payments on the whole thing. Anyway, the day came when I had my appointment for the photoshoot with a porn actress and I was nervous a bit about it but went through with it.. they took me in the back door into the basement where we made a large number of poses naked together and I didn't get hard all the while.. she was hot and all but I was totally sober and a bit shy I guess.. nevertheless I got a callback to talk about doing a scene.. then I was presented with a 2 page HUGE contract with lots of autographs and initials required.. so I went through with the signing and agreeing to be on the cover of the DVD as well as other things.. I didn't even read half of the contract just portions where I was signing and such.. Anyway along came the day of shooting and I had a few drinks on the way downtown to quell the nerves a bit, then called in when I got to the meeting point. I then got a call from the cameraman directing me to the hotel room where he was waiting with the girl in the yellow dress. We had a brief introduction then she went into the bathroom so I could have a little chat with the cameraman. We chatted a bit about what we were going to do and I remember him telling me that when I'm ready to 'pop' just let 'er fly.. then she came out of the bathroom with her yellow dress on and nothing else. I took off her dress and admired her for a pause while she showed herself off to me, and then I stripped down to my socks for whatever reason they stayed on.. I started getting hard thinking about what was to cum she then grabbed my mass and stroked it a few times until I was rock hard.. we fucked like we'd known each other for long time.. first she lay me back so she could ride me as I grabbed her fine ass and helped her stroke stay latched on my cock as we fucked for some time then it was my turn I wanted her in my favorite - doggy style - so she knelt on the end of the bed and I stood up and took her from behind all the while playing with her ass watching it bounce so playfully those lips wrapped nicely around my rock hard cock as I stroked her into gasm.. then we got back on the bed for a session of missionary position stroking her good for some time before I knew I was going to 'pop' I made 1 last deep lunge, pulled out ripped off the condom and fired my hot load all over her belly up on her tits as well.. I just knelt there glowing for a few moments then the cameraman snapped me out of it saying to get her some tissues.. oh ya ok.. then as I was waiting on the chair beside the bathroom where she was washing up she came out and grabbed my spent cock and proceeded on with the blowjob scene.. so right away I was hard again and she sucked me good so we threw on another condom and fucked some more before he said we're good we've got enough! So I was an adult star although the contract ended up void when the company folded and left town for bad press or whatever.. I still enjoyed the whole experience, and that's what we're here to do is experience!

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