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Has been pornstar
Posted:Jan 14, 2022 5:24 pm
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2022 2:26 am
Has been pornstar..
In reply to an ad in the paper reading 'be an adult star' I made an appointment and checked out the scene.. It was an old bungalo made into a porn studio with a sitting room of leather couches and porn playing on the TV where I would sit and wait to see my casting director Mirella. There was a desk to check in beside the hallway where there were 2 small rooms made into offices where I would go and meet Mirella.. it was a sweet pussy juice aroma in there although they tried to cover it up with candles or something.. they were quite horny as they were doing their edits and productions in the one room that I walked by to get into the office where I was meeting her. We had to meet a number of times as I had to pay for an audition photoshoot and I made payments on the whole thing. Anyway, the day came when I had my appointment for the photoshoot with a porn actress and I was nervous a bit about it but went through with it.. they took me in the back door into the basement where we made a large number of poses naked together and I didn't get hard all the while.. she was hot and all but I was totally sober and a bit shy I guess.. nevertheless I got a callback to talk about doing a scene.. then I was presented with a 2 page HUGE contract with lots of autographs and initials required.. so I went through with the signing and agreeing to be on the cover of the DVD as well as other things.. I didn't even read half of the contract just portions where I was signing and such.. Anyway along came the day of shooting and I had a few drinks on the way downtown to quell the nerves a bit, then called in when I got to the meeting point. I then got a call from the cameraman directing me to the hotel room where he was waiting with the girl in the yellow dress. We had a brief introduction then she went into the bathroom so I could have a little chat with the cameraman. We chatted a bit about what we were going to do and I remember him telling me that when I'm ready to 'pop' just let 'er fly.. then she came out of the bathroom with her yellow dress on and nothing else. I took off her dress and admired her for a pause while she showed herself off to me, and then I stripped down to my socks for whatever reason they stayed on.. I started getting hard thinking about what was to cum she then grabbed my mass and stroked it a few times until I was rock hard.. we fucked like we'd known each other for long time.. first she lay me back so she could ride me as I grabbed her fine ass and helped her stroke stay latched on my cock as we fucked for some time then it was my turn I wanted her in my favorite - doggy style - so she knelt on the end of the bed and I stood up and took her from behind all the while playing with her ass watching it bounce so playfully those lips wrapped nicely around my rock hard cock as I stroked her into gasm.. then we got back on the bed for a session of missionary position stroking her good for some time before I knew I was going to 'pop' I made 1 last deep lunge, pulled out ripped off the condom and fired my hot load all over her belly up on her tits as well.. I just knelt there glowing for a few moments then the cameraman snapped me out of it saying to get her some tissues.. oh ya ok.. then as I was waiting on the chair beside the bathroom where she was washing up she came out and grabbed my spent cock and proceeded on with the blowjob scene.. so right away I was hard again and she sucked me good so we threw on another condom and fucked some more before he said we're good we've got enough! So I was an adult star although the contract ended up void when the company folded and left town for bad press or whatever.. I still enjoyed the whole experience, and that's what we're here to do is experience!

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Posted:Dec 17, 2021 6:13 pm
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2022 2:26 am
Grooming day sexcapades
Grooming day - Part 2
Posted:Dec 2, 2021 3:07 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 5:01 pm
It has been a few weeks since that heavenly Olympiad day with Alexia and her friends Sylvia and Nancy. I still walking around with a glow on (and a hard on most of the time) days after and some people who noticed thought that I on something I thin Since all three girls were married, it made things a bit difficult but they still kept in touch with me. Alexia and Sam had returned from a week long vacation on a cruise ship something the day before our next sexcapade about begin.

I guess Alexia didn't have a satisfying time I don't think because when she came back I could see a certain heavy lust in her eyes as if she really needed get properly fucked. So the next morning it time once again me trim my balls, and shave my cock like I regularly do. Sometimes I do this a more regularly than necessary but that's only because It's a good excuse me jerk my meat off. Before I even get the buzzing clippers even near my bag, before I get my underwear off even sometimes I start getting hard with anticipation. It usually takes me a while get the job done though. I start out with the shaving the shaft part which is the part that you really have be careful with. Then I get out the clippers. Half the time I spend with the vibrating clippers rubbing up my balls and asshole while I stroke myself with the other hand. Anyways that day as I preparing the task, I intentionally making a lot of noise, bumping around & stuff hoping that Alexia again would give me another pleasant surprise walk in situation. I could see her in my mind with that fiery lust in her eyes still, and wanted so much get into satisfying her.

I just got the shaving of my shaft part done and sure enough, as I grabbing the clippers she nonchalantly walked through the slightly opened door. All she wearing just a short bathrobe that barely covered her ass when she standing up straight. So I said hi exactly how she had when I ended up walking in on her before our first sexfest. She came back with a low sexy tone asking if I wanted any help. As I sitting there on the vanity my dick in my hand still I replied Yes of course. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my coc I told her to be careful as I handed her the clippers. She stroked me a while as she gently rubbed the vibrating clippers around my balls and spread eagle ass.

My dick getting really wet by this time and when she noticed the nice glaze she decided that she had enough of the grooming and started licking my knob. Ever so well she used her tongue around it and then down the shaft to my bag. She started sucking on my left nut trying to swallow it so I thought as she kept stroking me. I feeling great when she turned on the water and started splashing it on me and giving my balls and asshole a good scrub. I thought sure that she going plunge her finger into me when to my surprise she rammed her tongue right at my asshole and kept licking it and the sensitive skin between that and my bag. Man I could feel my dick swell so hard that it probably could have cut diamonds! And I know she definitely noticed as she kept jerking me while she still going on my asshole. She started playing with the end of my knob with her finger a few moments before she came up and took my rock hard mass with her lips. Then it like she switched places with her hand as I felt her finger start into my ass. Her blowjobs alone were satisfying enough without her fingers working too. She came up and said that she wanted me to let her know before I going to cum so that I could jerk my load onto her face and titties while she lapped up the sweetness. So she resumed as she and it wasn't long until I was shrieking out that I was there. Instantly she grabbed my hand as she popped her finger out of my ass. She dropped right down to her knees with her mouth wide open and tongue out as far as possible. I grabbed myself and the rush was so intense on the first shot that it hit the back of her throat. My legs were trembling so much I could hardly stand up. She resumed sucking me until I was dry and using my dick to wipe off her face so she got it all lapped up. It seemed she liked how I tasted as much as I liked how well she did. I sat back up on the vanity and pulled her near.

We started necking, I grabbed her firm nipple as I started fondling her ass with it's perfect roundness and soft tight skin. Then I reached around behind her ass to start playing with her holes. She was so wet that her heavenly syrup was starting to run down her leg at this point. I started wiping from her clit slowly to her asshole and back again. Her juices were flowing and her whole crotch was soaked so it was a bit easier to get my finger in her tight butt. She let out a whimper as I popped the second knuckle in her. I figured after the way she popped hers out of my ass it deserved a good turn, so I thought I better get that hole primed to take my mass. I was determined get in there this time, and it took some working to get my finger in there enough so I could start pumping it. I kept working it in and her groans as we kept necking told me it was probably going to happen. She wanted to sit so I popped my finger out of her ass as I agreed to switch spots. As she sat up I grabbed her by the ankles and spread them wide. Slowly caressing down her legs as she held them up to once again get my finger in her ass. Her pussy was just screaming out me get sucking on it so I started gently tease it with my tongue as I kept working in her ass with my finger. She couldn't stand the teasing any more so she demanded I slam my tongue into her moist hole as hard as I could. She let out a nice long moan as I did then I proceeded up her tight lips to get sucking on her swelling clit. I kept eating her going up and down to start licking around my finger which was now deeply planted in her ass. She started to squirm and moan wildly as I kept up the mound munching fingerbang.

Now hard again I then started rubbing her crotch with my knob, spreading her cream around a bit before entering her snatch. It lubed me up enough to start probing her ass. She was an anal cherry so I played hard with her clit as I slowly went in. It took a while before I could get the stroke in and when I did she let out a cock tingling groan as her eyes rolled up into her head. I slowly started upping the speed of my strokes giving it all to her each time, then started giving her pussy the finger as I kept plunging her ass only to make her moan even wilder when she came... she came so hard that she ejaculated right into my hand and was screaming out oh oh again and again. Seeing her squirt like that really fired me up, and I knew I was going blow. As I kept pumping I moaned out her I'm going to cum! I'm going fill your ass! she yelled out yes! as she felt my hot load fire deep into her now broken cherry tight ass. She never said a word as we stayed in that position trembling together a few minutes. We just hugged as I kept my cock in as far as I could. She then said in a low satisfied tone that was amazing to which I agreed and said Yes, that it was.

We then wobbled our way back to her couch and lay there in a quiet hazy sort of afterglow cloud a while before we had clean up and get back our normal game. I don't know what if anything she told Sam about her condition, but when I left she was propped on the toilet a while working things out with her ass. I guess l have go over and find out another day maybe..
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Grooming day
Posted:Nov 1, 2021 1:37 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2022 2:47 pm

My name is George, I’m 30, tall and handsome but in my mind am still 21. Recently after a nasty breakup with my to be fiancé I moved into a room + Den with a shared bathroom and kitchen. There is a sexy couple living in the other room down the hall and they also share the facilities as well. I could tell that Alexia’s boyfriend Sam wasn’t too terribly happy about the new tenant living there since she was very outgoing and flirtatious. We hit it off really well right from the start.

During the first few weeks we would have those occasional long lusting eye contact moments and in passing the occasional ass rub up while reaching up in the cupboard or something. She was tall and stacked with blonde hair and I kept thinking how much I would like to find out if it was true blonde. She wore loose fitting clothes most of the time so, it wasn’t until after a few weeks when they were getting ready to out one night when she wore these camel toe tight spandex pants while her tits barely covered with a top that showed off her cleavage quite nicely. I noticed she was wearing a thong and realised really how nice of an ass she had. I couldn’t help but stop there and stare in awe for a minute or so when both her and Sam noticed me checking her out, my eyes swelling with lust.

Then one day after, I had to use the washroom as I was heading out the door to wor Since the door halfway open I just walked right on in and to my pleasant surprise there she standing up in the tub, kind of bent over with one leg up and her hot ass pointing at me as she shaving her sweet pussy. She just casually looked over her shoulder and as if she waiting there quietly for me said “oh, hi…” As I stood there staring for a few seconds I began to get hard and then I asked her nicely if she could use any help. She readily replied in a tone that made me start to swell “Yes!… you have about five hours before anyone will be home so why don’t you get your ass in here”. Oh how I like dominating women who know what they and her ass hotter than I had fantasized. I told her I have to call in sick I’ll be right back, then she said ok but you better bring the phone back… I have a couple of girlfriends that to get in on some of this action. I just hanging there in awe because I had seen some of their friends and they were all hot as well and I’m thinking damn I’m glad I moved in here!

A few minutes later, without a stitch of clothing on I returned to the bathroom. My manhood swelling to the point of being rock hard with anticipation for what to cum. She immediately pounced on my meat with her tongue doing an awesome job on the crown of my cock then lunging it right into her throat again and again. I couldn’t hold back, the whole intensity of the moment with her had me spewing my hot goo all over her face and tits in no time. Then after a while of rubbing my sweet lotion onto her skin she quietly moaned now you can help with my pussy while I make a few calls. Who I to argue?

The bathroom very large and had a huge vanity with two sinks, so I propped her up in the middle and went to wor Ever so gently I would make a pass with the razor and with the other hand teasing her clit ever so gently. Her pussy beautiful, so I decided to start eating her hot mound instead. That when she got on the phone with Sylvia and Nancy. It didn’t take her long on the phone once I started sucking on her clit and probing her tight holes that she squirming and her pussy pumping as she started cumming. Sylvia and Nancy were getting wet themselves just hearing us on the phone. She so wet. I don’t think I hardly lost my hard on from her blowjob, and by this time I rock hard again and ready to go. I started slowly stroking her now engorged clit, teasing it with the end of my dic She demanded I give it to her now! So I teased her a minute more just giving her the tip of my swelling dick before I lunged deep in her gushing box. I took her ankles up around my neck and pounded her like an animal and she too loved every minute of it. She got a sore ass after a while so she got down and bent over the vanity so I could take her from behind. She demanded that I take a good handful of her curly blonde hair and give a good tug so I did as I slapped her ass with my other hand in rhythm as I stroked her. I loving watching her hot ass bounce as I kept slamming deep into her. The doorbell rang, and the excitement as I thought of Sylvia and Nancy arriving made my manhood swell even harder.

As she went to get the door I flopped on the couch to catch a breather and enjoy the afterglow. The girls were in the kitchen for a while before they came out already butt naked with some drinks. I in heaven I thought... I must be dreaming! Sylvia and Nancy were both very sexy brunettes. Nicely trimmed just how I like. They didn’t to wait to get the games going and hardly gave me time to have a drink before they both started necking with me while they started working on getting me hard again. Sylvia stood up on the couch and stuffed her perfectly bald mound in my face while Nancy kept working me lunging my now hardened, nicely glazed cock into her throat. After a while they decided to switch places and now I lunging my face into Nancy’s beautiful ass. All the while Alexia sprawled out on the loveseat watching with her fingers banging away on her dripping hole. Then I decided that it time to get inside these twats as well.

Alexia came over and started working her tongue on Sylvia while I started plunging into Nancy. Then after an orgasm or two from Nancy I moved her over so that she could work her ass on me while I planted my face into Alexia’s hot pussy once again. Oh the juices tasted amazing. Nancy could work that ass of hers I tell you. She kept my cock at a good stand. Then it Sylvia’s turn on my manliness as she pleaded between orgasms for Nancy to switch with her. I hesitantly pulled my face out of Alexia’s hot ass and got up with Nancy on me still, longing for more. At this point I thinking that my balls can’t possibly have any cum left in them. I got Sylvia bent over the back of the couch so I could see her ass bouncing off me while I played with her tight anus, gently wiping her juices up into it as I started to probe with my finger. She told me I wasn’t getting my cock in that tight hole so I kept on with my finger making her squirm even more. I love eating pussy so I decided it time again to eat. I got Sylvia to ride me so that I could get my face into Nancy’s ass again. Her pussy really flowing and I had to keep swallowing her hot juice to avoid choking as she started to grind herself into my face. It like the nectar of the gods. I started playing with her asshole and slowly entering its tightness. I hadn’t noticed that Alexia dug out an anal dildo and some oil until she started oiling up my ever-sensitive asshole. Oooh, Sylvia almost not missing a beat, turned herself around on me to get her fingers into the action as well then, I felt it enter me. At that point by reaction I ended up giving Nancy my whole index finger up the ass, to which I heard a loud squeal from her as she came once again. It felt amazing, my whole body tingling and it only moments after that that I knew I going to erupt. I let out a shriek of ecstasy saying that I going to cum and instantly all three jumped up, Alexia grabbed my mass and started stroking wildly as they all got their faces in to get a taste of me as I blew out another mighty load almost yelling out in ecstasy. It so intense I thought the top of my head going to pop off and I couldn’t stop squirming since the dildo still being worked in my ass. It a phenomenal feeling. All I could do just lay there and glow for a while rethinking what just happened, and how this the best day of my life. It worked out that we hardly had enough time to recoup and get dressed before Sam to get home. He getting jealous since he thought that me and Alexia liked each other so much.

Before he got there we all agreed to let on that Sylvia and Nancy were with me and that they had all been friends from a while ago, so when we all ran into each other again, we decided to stay a while, visit and have a couple of drinks. He bought it once he saw Sylvia and Nancy start necking with me on the couch. Yet if that couch could talk… I could tell that he jealous. This time it of me for having these two at the same time. Yet if he only knew how good it …

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