NEW HERE but been around the block  

dfwEandClara 60M/42F  
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6/14/2021 5:43 am
NEW HERE but been around the block

Ever had that feeling that you've been here before? I used to come on Heated Affairs 15 years ago as a single guy and lots of women and couples would tell me that basically I was getting fucked because I had a big dick but wasn't one.
I see nothing has changed. Still got the little dicked Motherfuckers<b> whining </font></b>when we turn them down. Gentlemen, at least the gentlemen amongst you are polite and understanding and therefore, providiing they have a reasonable dick may well get laid. BUT we are not looking to play with LOTS of people. A few select single guys and women and a few couples is all we'll play with over an extended period of time.
We already have an amazing sex life and don't NEED other pussy and dick, and definitely aren't interested in guys who ARE dicks no matter how big they are. She would rather a nice 7" attached to a nice guy than 10" attached to a dick.

masonandmary 58M/66F  
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7/20/2021 2:11 pm

well said!!!!

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