That feeling  

dewaltus 49M
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9/21/2021 8:14 pm
That feeling

So lately I have begun to notice that instead of having the normal<b> visual </font></b>signs of arousal that it is more internalized now that I am more acutely aware of my p-spot and how to have that type of orgasmic release.

Fortunately or unfortunately I am one of the ones whom does not maintain a full erection without a physical touch while having my prostate massaged.

However, the learned ability to squeeze ones prostate while being fully engulfed within another body and feeling that ultimate release is amazing.

Through lots of practice, trial and error, there is no greater feeling than having both a p-spot and normal orgasm occur within seconds of each other.

Whom would like to experiment and try to achieve that type of orgasm just as your partner achieves theirs.

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