take me part 597...edited?  

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take me part 597...edited?

"Are you hungry?" He looked at me and nodded as I walked the kitchen. Aisha walked up and hugged me and I winced. She took my shirt off and called to Irina and Ilsa.

"I need something very astringent to clean these and then a poultice. Do you that?" Irina nodded was they into the root cellar. I asked what was. "You were lucky because you several deep gashes but they were glancing. You're remembering how how be a dragon, which is good, but you are still in this life even if your sprite isn't, that is dangerous." I nodded.

"Can you get him some stew and bread, please?" Aisha stared at me like I had lost my mind. "I need information from him and he's hungry, and scared." She nodded. When people tried hurt my family was always personal but when was over I didn't hold a grudge, but no one I loved had been killed either. It didn't mean that I wasn't annoyed, or angry, because I was, all we wanted was be left alone live in peace. Can you also with Wolf and see how his pack his?" She nodded as Irina and Ilsa came back with herbs and clean rags. They pushed the herbs into the wounds, which made me wince again but also to understand that dragons can wreak havoc on other dragon. They wrapped my wounds and helped with my shirt and then stared at me, worried.

"Alfher, and Annika, will be fine. They are teenagers, which complicates things and they don't understand what happening, that they tremendous power. None of us understand why, exactly, but they do and we help them understand how use . We also need teach them, especially Alfher, how be part of a community. It's going be bumpy but that is why Chloe did what she did. They both need know that are bigger dogs in the yard, especially Alfher because of his anger and pent up rage, and because he has Elven blood in his lineage. You and Hammish will be good parents and love is stronger than anger, and he has the rest of us roll him in the snow if needed." They laughed and hugged me as I got most of the rabbit stew, and rye bread. "If is any ale left can you bring us some, Irina?" She nodded and kissed me. I walked back the fire and sat down eat. He stopped and looked me as I put the bread done and Irina brought glasses and ale.

"Please, finish your meal. might be some left if you are still hungry." He nodded as Irina looked at me. "Please, love." She scowled but took his bowl into the kitchen and spat in it as she gave him the rest of her stew. Irina held a grudge and was not to be trifled with, but none of them were. She glared at me and plopped the bowl on the hearth to show her displeasure, and disgust, and she walked away. "Help yourself to more bread." He nodded as I watched him because he had military training and while the language was similar, the dialects were different." I was intrigued because I wasn't quite sure where we were. I knew, roughly, but I hadn't climbed high enough to gain perspective.

"What is your and where are you from? You dialect is different." He stared at me. "Please finish before you answer because Irina is a good cook." He smiled and nodded as we finished our meals. I wasn't sure of the exact year either because I hadn't asked but I knew it was mid, , late sixteenth century and in what were the Baltic states, mostly, but I thought we were farther north. I was curious. I was also curious why was SO much interest in where we were. We finished our stew and leaned back drank some ale, much as friends would, but we were far from friends.

"You were in the military, yes?" He looked at me, trying gauge me, as he finished his cup and pointed the pitcher. I nodded because he was scared but trying his best not show .

"I was a Captain in the Duke of Lithuania's elite mounted brigade." He poured more ale as the girls watched from the kitchen. "I retired because of injuries and serve the Count of Latvia and Estonia now since they merged with Lithuania." I nodded

"So you lead armed thugs now?" I could feel him bristle, which told me I was right....they were mercenaries for hire. He offered the ale and I extended my cup as everyone started to come in and busy in the kitchen.

"I work for the Count and do as he asks." I nodded. "Why the interest in this town, and this property?"

"I do what I am told to do, which is why I am away from my family. I no interest in being here, especially now, but the Count sent another group of men that never checked in so the Count tasked me with finding out what happened them, and finishing their mission."

"Did you?" He stared at me, blankly. "Did you find out what happened the other men?"

"No. The people in town were less than helpful, all they said was that were many wolves in the trees, and was a harsh winter." I nodded and told him that had been a brutal winter.

"What was your purpose for bringing all of the men you did this place?" Annie walked up, sat next me, and put his saddlebags, and pouch, on the floor as she glared at him. He became visibly uneasy. "You are an educated man, at least enough know that she is a threat you, they...I moved my hand toward the kitchen as his eyes followed.... are all a threat to you and I am the reason you are still alive, and the hope you of seeing your family again." Aisha walked up and whispered in my ear. "Please excuse me, I'll be back as quickly as I can. Please, more ale which he did."

"Wolf has three of his pack injured, seriously, the rest are mild." I pushed Sara and Chloe as the witch Abieta walked out of the darkness saying get Irina and Ilsa. Aisha ran inside. "Take me them Wolf." He walked into the woods as Abieta, Irina, and Ilsa followed with their pouches.

"Can you go to the energy falls?" Aisha nodded.

"Go and find out how long it will take for the dragon, just in case." She nodded as I walked back in to find Annie glaring at the Captain. I couldn't help but smile because they could all be a force of nature when they wanted to be and she apparently wanted to be. I sat down. "I apologize. Where were we, ah yes, I asked you to tell me why you came to this property."

"I just do the Count's bidding, nothing more." I nodded.

"And a large force coming at us, from all sides, unannounced?" He stared at me. "I will say to you again that I am the reason you are alive, and the hope that you see your family again. Tell me about your . I adopted , which are a handful let me tell you, and my own on the way so I understand the urge for return them. Annie, would you please bring us another pitcher of ale, and a glass for you, love, but not too much." She smiled, and nodded.

"Men end up doing what they but 's the women, and , that bear the brunt of our decisions, wouldn't you say?" He was quiet, looked at me, and nodded. What is your , Captain? I am Danael." I extended my hand as we shook. Annie walked back smiling and poured more ale for us as she sat next me. The girls were beginning understand the languages as I did, at least when I was around. We hadn't investigated because was always something else going.

"I am Jukka. Do you always let your women lead and fight with you, Danael?" Annie and I both laughed, and everyone in the in the kitchen chuckled. "Do you think I any choice, Jukka? I'd rather them by my side any day. Jukka is Estonian, is not?" He stared at me, again, which is what I wanted. I wanted him be unsure about everything.

"Yes, my people come from Estonia and Finland. Our lands were in southern Estonia but..."

"But the Duke had other plans and, what, you family had to move?" He nodded. "Yet you carry out the on others." He nodded and lowered his head. "Tell me about your family, Jukka." He spent the next hour telling me about his family, and where they came from, and how much he missed them, and his ...two sons and three daughters... which Annie took my hand and squeezed, hard. "What would you and your family like to do, Jukka?" The ale, stress, and fear, where having the desired results. None of us wanted to hurt this man. We didn't want to hurt anyone of them, but they would hurt us and we were having none of that. Jukka stared at me and let go.

"My people, on both sides were Vikings. They were/are craftsmen and boat builders. I would like take my family back Finland, back my people. They took our lands because they were fertile, good lands. Land we built houses on. Land we raised families on, and they took . They said they were giving us more land, and silver, compensate, but we start all over again but why, so they will come and do the ? I am angry. " He poured more ale. Jukka wasn't a zealot. He wasn't power hungry, or craven. He needed provide for his family and they were suffering the fate as a lot people, and was even more come because was no good place for anyone go in the Baltic region.

"You're people would take you in and you could land?" He nodded.

"My family owns a lot of land along the coast, and inland, and the north, and east. We are farmers, craftsmen, and fishermen/boat builders. I left when I was and stupid because I wanted see the world, and adventures. I created a good life for my family until things changed." Sadly, some things never seemed change. "They would love us back because of how long 's been."

"How is that a dragon helping you, Jukka?" I poured Annie and I more ale. Jukka had too much, which is what I wanted. I wanted him to let his guard down so I could get information. I didn't want to hurt this man. I liked him. I would be friends with him and my brain was going a mile a minute.

"I don't know. I think the Duke made some arrangement which is why Lithuania was growing, but I can't really say. was a special group that dealt with the dragon but they are dead, they are all dead but me, which means I'll die, as will my family, when the Count learns of what happened because he won't take responsibility for it, that will lie with me. I'm dead either way, as is my family." He started cry as Annie glared me and dug her nails into the back of my hand. Everyone else had pulled benches up behind us and were intently listening. reminded me of Karin because as strong and powerful as they were, they were also gentle and caring. Jukka stopped crying and poured more ale, which was fine because we were all tired and I'd rather him sleep through the night even if he did a terrible hangover.

"Jukka, do you know why they want our land?"

"They want all land, but this, in particular, because of the trees behind you. They want build ships and those trees are large, and straight. They may other reasons that I don't know of but the Count might know. I'm sorry. You are much like family and I am ashamed that i was a part of this, Danael, and Annie." We nodded. I touched his shoulder and told him was OK. Once again, I had more questions than answers but I was beginning think that Dreka was using the remaining dragons for his own means, and that pissed me off, but that would wait.

"I need information Jukka, and your guidance." He looked at me. "Would you be willing trade?" He looked around, and then back at me, smiled, and nodded. Not now, but I need know everything you can tell me about the Count and the Duke, and everyone in between. I want know where they are and if you know where they keep their riches. I need know where your people are, and if the are scared of dragons. I need know a lot, Jukka, but we some time. However, I need know where your family is because we can take them Finland and can help you start over." He stared at me in disbelief. "Most importantly, I need boats built, and someone help with that. Not deep water ships, I want cargo boats, and passenger boats, and fishing boats, that can sail around the Baltic down Denmark and up the fjords trade.... shallower hulls." He stared at me and nodded. "Vikings are the best boat builders, yes?"

"Yes," and he passed out, dropping his empty cup. Annie and I moved him what would be a version of a couch and she put a wool blanket over him, and added more wood on the fire because was still cold.

"You're something else mister." She kissed me, and smiled. "What are we going do?'

"We're going sleep. Irina and Ilsa walked in. "How are the wolves?" They are holding their own but they could use these falls that you speak of and that was when Sara and Chloe walked inside.

"Ama wants talk with you. Your dragon friend is doing better and will be fine." I nodded as they looked at Irina. "Where are the wolves?" Irina grabbed her cape and walked out into the light of a full moon as I pushed to Drakon. He scratched on the door as Emily let him.

"I need you to stay here and watch this man, Drakon. He can go to the kitchen, the outhouse, and back here, otherwise make him aware of his boundaries. Tell your mates that I'll be staying in the barn...." everyone stared at me ..... "because beds are limited. They can go where they want, and thank you, and them." He yipped and put his head against me and went to the door as Em opened it. He trotted back to the barn. Annie gave me a glass of milk, which I downed in three gulps, I'm sure, and I hugged all of them, went outside because I still couldn't open the mist inside, and walked in to meet Ama at the energy falls.

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1/26/2022 6:51 pm

Good read and transition from the fight, which even all the women and kids got into it. Now for the next adventure, I stated way back that the Duke, what ever, was somewhat involved in land ownership. Daniel will befriend the Captain, move his family back to Finland. Then will take down the Count and the Duke, take all their riches and expand the Clans influence thru out the area.

He will be dealing with Dreka , when he is finished with the Count / Duke.

Just my thougts.

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Good read on the situation Claws, The fight was over shortly & all of the mercs were destroyed. Now on to who sent these men. Great chapter Daniel, Thank You, JOE

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