take me part 593... edited.  

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1/21/2022 9:15 pm
take me part 593... edited.

I took my cloak off but there were no words Hammish, or I, needed to say he just handed me a knife to prepare the deer for his family. I kept bringing more, and more people into our family and I wasn't exactly sure why but I guessed it was I always considered myself a misfit since I was and never fit in with my brothers, or in school. It wasn't the education, it was the people. I did much better at home, and in my dad's shop. I knew enough about a lot of things, but not great at anyone. I always wished I had one thing that was my passion. I was saying that to Hammish as Ilsa and Aisha walked up hugging a boy with tears streaming down cheeks.... his wall was broken and he knew what he had to lose. He walked up to Hammish, and Hammish is a large man, as we all stepped bac

"I'm sorry papa." I don't know how he did it but Hammish knelt without tears and looked at his and said,

"You never disrespect anyone, especially a woman, is that understood?' He nodded. "If you to be a part of this family then you are loyal to us. Do you know what that means?" He nodded. "Good, you uncle easy on you." He nodded. "Danael, please give him you knife." I nodded and handed over the knife. Only Hammish and Ilsa knew his new name, their name for their , so we just waited, as it should be. "You know where the grates are, and the tongs, and the benches. Ilsa will help with extra pots, and whatnot because i don't have a clue." Ilsa said it just well, as we all laughed. Hammish and his walk back the carcass and started to carve pieces to cook, dry, and salt, as Aisha and I grabbed the grates and Ilsa grabbed the tongs, and whatnot, and we walked to the wagon. Ilsa said,

"You are going to be a good father, Danael. Loving. Firm, but not too firm because rolling never hurt anything but pride." Aisha smiled, and nodded.

"I'm having girls." They stared at me as I started loading the wagon and I took the wagon to the house to load benches and pots and whatever Ilsa wanted. Neither of them responded because they couldn't, girls were totally different, especially the ones I would have in my life. I curious what name they chose. We finished loading the wagon and Ilsa hugged both of us and whispered in my ear that I would still be a good Da'. I smiled and kissed her cheek as Aisha and I climbed on the wagon and headed home. I hoped I wasn't going to be pulling a wagon as the bear. The snow wasn't too deep but it still a full wagon and only one mule. We made it to the road and I knew we'd never make it all the way. I looked at Aisha. "Hop off and take Bobs' reigns." She nodded as I jumped down and walked behind the wagon and started to push. I didn't understand it but was stronger than I should be as me, and my senses were enhanced, and I was just... different, but I'd take it now as we lead the wagon home.

We walked next to the porch and started to unload as the girls came out, smiling, and Malinka and Sofi helped. There wasn't that much. We unloaded the pots, utensils, bowls, plates, and cups, as well as the grate and wood. Sofi took Bob, the mule to the barn.

"Back him in, sweets, and brush him down and give him some hay and a handful of grain. He earned it." The girls walked inside as I started to clear the fire pit. I had been there enough that I remembered where it was. Aisha came out to help and I shook my<b> head. </font></b>"Stews go take longer than grills. Grilled meat is special here, soups, stews, and meat pies...and dried meat... is what was sustaining. I'm fine. Hammish is bringing the back strap and some chickens, and pheasants he found. We'll roast those out here because there are still some roots we can use since it's an important day, and that was when Sara and Chloe walked out, and the old witch, Abieta, walked up.

"I'm Sara, and this is my sister Chloe, please come inside and warm yourself Babcia" She smiled, looked at me, and nodded as they walked inside. "We have tea on and you are welcome to anything that we have." They walked inside as Aisha and I looked at each other.

"That was unexpected, which might not be good." I nodded as we built a fire and set the grates. The pots were for the inside because soups and stews was what sustained people, but this was a celebration and that called for grilled meat. Hammish, Ilsa, and the boy showed up as a loving family, in sync, which made me smile. It was still early as the sun hadn't set, and it wasn't spring yet. Hammish gave me a cleaned turkey, and a two pheasants to put on the spit, why waste a chicken, as they helped Ilsa inside with the rest. Aisha and I took the extra tables down, and benches from the barn, took them inside, and we put them around the room and went outside as the wolves showed up....all of them.... and friends of Hammish and Ilsa's started to show up. It was good that all of us knew how to be in the kitchen. Hammish and the boy walked out to help with the grilling, which didn't need four of us. I grabbed him and said to follow me as Hammish and Aisha stared and smiled.

"You are going to learn how to cook and it begins with slicing. I didn't know there were going to this many people, or wolves, or a witch. You must be a pretty big deal in the future but now you aren't, one right nowso you do what anyone tells you because they are feeding us. Understand?" He nodded. "Good, you stay by me unless they tell you to something else. It's not hard, just focus and attention, and it's fine if you make a mistake." I felt like Henry. I wasn't sure how I got myself into this but I was curious why the wolves, and the witch, were here. I shook my<b> head </font></b>as we walked inside to pots over all the fires.

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Another great read thank you Daniel this story just keeps us interested and waiting for the next bit.

So the witch and the wolves very curious and Daniel is getting stronger, perhaps he is about to learn something.

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1/23/2022 3:37 am

Daniel sure is having a lot on his plate at this time. I love reading & then rereading the paragraphs to make sure I didn't miss anything. Great reads Daniel, waiting on the next bit of text from you. Thanks, JOE

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