take me part 591....edited but shorter for a bit.  

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1/21/2022 3:33 pm
take me part 591....edited but shorter for a bit.

Irina and I walked out from behind the blankets and into the kitchen holding each other. It may seem odd but I truly loved each of these women. I would have been happy spending my life any of them alone, but instead I chose to spend it with all of them and get hit, and bit, by on a regular basis. I can't say that I didn't deserve it, at least I dodged the Siren. I kissed and squeezed her bum as she nipped my neck, kissed me, and pointed outside.

"You have to earn your keep, mister," and she nudged me toward the door laughing. I got my cloak, walked outside and it still snowing. It made wonder about home as Wolf walked up and nudged me.

"This is a long winter, brother, thank you for the extra deer because of the pregnant females. We think this storm will break later this day, or night, and then begin to thaw. The animals will come back to the forests then ." This is Utta. She has agreed to come and help your women with our ways in the forest because of your help during the winter. You have nothing but friends in our pack and we to maintain that friendship." I nodded as I took a knee and Utta stuck her<b> head </font></b>in my chest as I scratched her neck, shoulders, and ears. We will come back tomorrow but I wanted you to meet in case you needed to leave." They howled and ran off as I went to the barn to deal with the animals. It good that spring coming and that we had the fields fenced off because we needed to grow hay, and grains, and vegetables, and raise livestock, and herbs. It would be a full time job if I here all the time, but I wasn't, and this wasn't place wasn't done, and not the only thing on our plates, my plate. We needed to grow more hay..... a lot more hay, and cut wood, and find clean water. I wanted to find salt pockets, if there were any, or sea water, but then I stopped myself because I was being an idiot, even though we needed everything. I shuddered to think what the town was like.

I was just pushing the cart to the manure pile as Malinka and Sofi rode up with half a deer in the back of the cart that we needed to break down. They stopped, jumped off and ran at me before tackling me and taking my clothes. They took turns getting me hard and since Malinka was the oldest she sat on me first as Sofi sat and pushed onto my mouth. They both leaned forward and kissed each other while they squeezed their nipples until they both came. They were , and lovers, but they both wanted me as well. I thought about bringing back one of Sara's toys back but decided against it. We lied together talking, kissing, hugging, sucking, fingering, until I hard again and they traded places until we all came again, thank God I fairly and healthy, and being part dragon probably helped. as well

We were lying in naked in fresh hay just loving each other. "Wolf came by earlier and brought a female, Utta, would said she would help you in the forest, and learn their ways, but the wolves are family to us...period." They nodded, screamed in excitement, and bit me. We got dressed and made sure the animals were O "Sofi, take the mule and go ask Ilsa if they can come for dinner, and that when the mist opened and the girls walked out pretty as you please, no one stumbled, no one fell, and Malinka and Sofi went crazy as I smiled and shook my<b> head. </font></b>I hugged them all, got onto the wagon and started<b> head </font></b>to Hammish's because there no way the girls were leaving their sister-aunts when Sara and Chloe walked up.

"We to meet this witch but we have to wal Bring Hammish, Ilsa, Aisha, and the boy here. We have a name to celebrate." I nodded, smiled and leaned down as they kissed me.

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