take me part 523....edited?  

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12/19/2021 1:03 pm
take me part 523....edited?

Emily walked into the kitchen, screamed, ran, and launched at me as Chloe sat up. "You're back. Can you stay?" I shook my head as Aya extended her hand.

"Hi Emily, I'm Aya." Em looked at us and then Chloe as she sat down.

"We an odd family, sweets. They were checking in with us because of the storm coming but they need to go back after breakfast." Em smiled and grabbed my hand as Aya sat down and both of them had a new best friends. It was so strange that it boggled my mind. Jake and Haagerstadt walked in and hugged me. I looked at Haag.

"We're fine, and the animals are fine, and we can help others through the storm if we need to. I nodded as I went in to help Ama.

"You scared the crap out of me this morning." She laughed and said she wasn't trying to. "That's the crap Joseph does. She smiled as I went to the fridge and got stuff for home fries..

"I can do this Daniel. We both looked at Chloe, Aya, Jake and Emily and smiled.

"It's better that I do this Ama." She kissed my cheek and nodded. I had a completely bonkers life, with way too many women in it, but somehow it worked even though the logistics were a challenge, and not getting any easier. I was waiting for the lard to melt so I could do the home fries as they walked up and my phone rang. Aya took the spatula as Chloe got the cast iron weight out.

"They like them crispy." Aya smiled as Chloe hugged her. Jake and Em were by the fire with Haag. I smiled and shook my head.

"Hey cuz....hold on." I put on my jacket and walked out front. What's up?"

"Hey love." I told Tina hi.

'We wanted to check in. Where are you?" I told them and said that everyone was fine." We're going back after breakfast." Silence.

"We're going back?' Jesus Christ.

"It's a long story Tina. Talk with Annie, she started it." They both laughed.

"Everything at home is OK...."

"Yeah, but cold This polar vortex thing is brutal on the northern latitudes but we good folks and we're prepared. How are you?"

"Not as bad because glanced off of us but Newfoundland was getting slammed. 's still cold here, but 's winter." We laughed. How did your sirens like the stones?"

"Holy crap, they lost their minds, especially Karin. Her friends loved the sodalite but that Lapis was spectacular." Steph clapped.

"I know, right. I didn't want to send it."

"I wanted to keep it too, and it made Karin speechless, which is no easy feat for a siren. She gave me a sword that I still need to at and just gave me a large chest with German writing on it that I haven't looked at either. The mineral clusters aren't as as impressive as the Lapis, but are equally amazing and I'm curious what she thinks about them. I know I like them. You have my permission interesting things because 's kinda fun see how excited she gets. I got myself into a pickle with the sodalite for her friends so I need two tiers of gifts. I need to get my head examined."

"We've known that for a long time, love....ask Billy."

"Shut up." They laughed as the said goodbye. I walked in, smiling, and shaking my head as Chloe walked up and kissed me.

"I like her, mister. You choose good women." I smiled and nodded as we sat down. Aya on one side of me and Chloe on the other. 'When are you going to Gotland, and to the past?" I had my mouth full of food, as did Jake and Haag. The girls all laughed.

"After I see how bad the storm is. I'm going to Sara when we get back. Don't worry, I won't leave without you." Jake and Emily looked at us. "Your mom misses her sister and we things do in the past. Don't even start. You responsibilities here right now. We'll go another time." Bummed would be putting it mildly. I never bought into the belief that if you went back in time you would screw up the fabric of existence. I was pretty sure we needed to screw up the fabric of existence. I just wished they had high-speed internet so I didn't need to take notes.

"How are the potato's? Chloe said that you all like them crispy." We had our mouths full, again, and nodded as all the girls laughed and shook their heads. Aya and Chloe both kissed me. It wasn't far from what good families were always like, I thought. Life is various gradients of hard but at least with us we had moved past the man being the 'head' of the family, because I'd get my clock cleaned. It's why I always gravitated to powerful women. Everyone woman in my family was strong, and capable but the dynamic was still similar.... was just more respect and sharing of responsibilities. It was like with the storm. We split duties and worked seamlessly but they would fall into me at some point because my essence was different. I was raised to pull power and do what needed to be done, but I suspected it was enhanced when I shifted to the bear, and then to the dragon. I don't know but it was interesting to watch. I guessed because of the way I was, it allowed all of them to be they were...on all levels. Guys aren't one dimensional, but we certainly aren't as complex and intricate as women are.

We enjoyed each other's company and I hugged Haag and Jake as they went back outside. Emily jumped on me and bit my shoulder and stayed like that as I hugged her, and Chloe teared up. Em missed me. She let go and kissed me.

"I'll be back soon, love. Promise." She nodded. Chloe did the thing except she didn't jump on me. "I'll and let you know." Chloe nodded. We said goodbye Ama and walked out I front. I called the mist....I wish I could figure out how walk through as easily as I could , at least weren't any trees. We waved, held hands and walked in, and back Norway....and rolled into the side barn. We laughed and stood up as Annie and Taiiko were staring at us, shaking their heads.

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