take me part 518.... edited and expanded.  

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12/17/2021 6:11 pm
take me part 518.... edited and expanded.

I was finishing the second elk when I felt something, walked outside and look to the sky as a Gryphon landed. Drakon walked next to me, barking as I stared at it. This was unexpected. She shifted and smiled. "You can tell this fierce beast," as she knelt and Drakon completely lost his mind cuddling with her as the horde joined in, "and your wolves, that I am a friend. I am Aya. Annie and I went to University together. I am sorry I couldn't attend your binding. I heard it was most interesting." I walked up, took her hand, and kissed it as Annie and Taiiko were walking up.

"I apologize for my stench. I wasn't expecting guests."She stood, and waved at Annie.

"You should never apologize for doing what needs to be done, Danael. Dragons smell like dragons, that's all. I decided to fly because life interferes with that." I nodded." My people will be here later."

"I see you have my husband, and our that that thinks he's a wolf, Drakon, along with his white pack It's good to see you love, come inside.... this is one of my wives, Taiiko. Love, come in when you're finished." I nodded. "We could have arranged a plane Aya...." I waved at the wolves and went to finish my elk The good thing about it being as cold as it was is that everyplace is a freezer. We put the<b> meat </font></b>in vacuum sealed bags and filled the freezer and put the rest in the trailer that Jakob bought. Drakon sat in front of me and barked.

"What? The first pretty stranger you meet and you melt...all of you?" He barked and walked back to his stall. I let them in and fed them as others were feeding the rest of the animals. 'I'll finish, go clean up and get something hot to eat and see if Emma made enough so you can take some home." They smiled and nodded as I finished feeding and picking up the bloody hay. The pigs and chickens ate well, and would for days. I put the pieces of meat, and entrails, and offal we didn't want, into 5 gallon buckets. I washed up a good amount of filth, closed up the barn, and walked to Ama's to shower and change. I stripped to my underwear and put my clothes in the wash and turned to go upstairs and Eba, Klara, and Annika were staring at me, at least I wasn't totally naked. Annika was smiling, and Klara and Eba were shaking their heads.

'What?" I didn't want to bring those clothes into the house." They smiled and walked away as I went upstairs and took a hot shower, changed and headed to the main the house. I ran into Klara. I thought she was going to be mad, but she wasn't. Bodies were bodies on a farm, especially in the summer when it was warmer. "Are you and Anna having dinner at the main house?'

"No, we ate already. Thank you for taking her flying. She hasn't stopped talking about it. Do you really think she can be a rider?"

"It's above my grade, Klara, but as I understand it females are dragon riders, and she's a female. I'm sorry for the display. I thought you were at the main house." She kissed my cheek and smiled.

"I'm pretty sure none of us minded, Danael." She laughed and went upstairs. I put my clean boots on and grabbed my cloak as I went to hopefully have dinner. It was later than I expected. I walked into the kitchen as Jakob and the crew waved. I truly liked these people. I needed to figure out a way people could own their own place. Emma walked up.

"Sit, mister, and eat." Where's Annie?" Annie and Taiiko are upstairs with Aya. Aya prefers to eat meals with her friends, and family, so they are waiting but they didn't work as hard as you." I wasn't going to argue and I figured if they were having sex it was only fair but I was hungry.

"Is there enough so they can take some home?" Emma smiled and nodded. It was only seven even though it felt like ten. Those with people at home got stew to go, and pie. I think the pie was probably more important. They all headed home, and I was alone at the table....it wasn't the first time. Taiiko walked in and said Aya was on of Annie's oldest friends. They went to boarding school and then university. Her clan is in central Asia." I looked at her. "I know, right. Isn't that where you died in the past?" Fuck. Emma gave me another bowl and more bread. I nodded.
'Well, that was a long time ago, sweets, and Aya seems nicer than the people that were chasing you back then." She grabbed another bottle of wine, kissed me, and headed back upstairs. Come up when you're finished, love.' Emma sat down.

"Jakob said the two of you spoke with Annie about a weekly family gathering." She smiled, and nodded. "Is that something you can do?" I wiped my bowl clean with the bread.

"Yes, I'll have lots of people who want to help because everyone will benefit, and we'll rotate but it's a good idea, especially as it gets nice out." I'm sure Annie said this but whatever you need to feed everyone, families included, add it in". She nodded. "I want everyone here to have either a turkey, or ham, for Christmas... along with pies. Teach some of the younger people how to make pies. Get what you need. Annie won't care, but I'll talk with her tomorrow before I leave.

"You're leaving,..." She brought me pie and milk. Man I made the right choice with Emma.

"I need to go to Gotland, and then to the past. I have a lot of balls in the air." She smiled, nodded and kissed my cheek as she took my bowl. "Leave that Emma...I'm serious. Go enjoy your evening."

"Aya's group isn't here yet." I told her I was pretty sure I could handle it. She laughed, and nodded as she headed upstairs and said goodnight to Annie as she walked in.

"Where's she going?"

"To do whatever she does in the evening. I told her I'd deal with Aya's friends. They're going to be tired and you can have a proper meal tomorrow...now, they'll just want something in their bellies, and probably a few glasses of something.... and there's pie. I can handle that." She looked at me and pounced as she bit me.

"How did we ever find you, mister?" They are on the way, and you're right. We'll eat in the kitchen...." Taiiko walked in. "The wine is in there with glasses and openers. Please put them on the counter, love. Daniel will be serving us in the kitchen." Taiiko smiled, and nodded as the cars honked and they both went outside to greet the guests. it wasn't a lot, maybe eight,

Your rooms are ready, and we have wine for you to choose from. We are doing a farm meal tonight, here in the kitchen, and we'll have a proper meal tomorrow to welcome you." They smiled, nodded, and sat down as Aya walked in. She looked me serving her family, and then Annie, as she sat down and said hi to everyone. Shifting beat flying any day. They all had a blast and Aya's people grabbed wine and headed to their rooms as I picked up dishes.

"We'll do that, sweets." They nodded as I shook my head.

"I've been doing dishes since before dishwashers. I can handle it. Go catch up. I need to talk with the wolves afterward" They clapped, kissed me, and grabbed three bottles of wine as I shook my head and started to clean the table. Everything was done as I locked the door and walked to Ama's. Fenrir was waiting.

"This new woman is a friend?" I nodded. "What is she?" I told him about Gryphon's as he listened, and nodded. "Drakon, and his white pack melted quickly." I laughed, and nodded.

"I told him the exact same thing."

"Thank you for the deer and elk. My said that what you left is helping is helping the animals. We'll keep paying attention, and watching your people. Thank you also for helping our pack in the past." I nodded.

"I'm trying not to take too many but it's a hard winter in both times, but they are almost over it in the past. I'm going back soon." He nodded and walked up so I could scratch his ears. He howled and wolves I hadn't even felt ran with him as I went to Ama's. I never felt Annie or Taiiko get into bed but when I woke up they were both draped over me, touching each other. I guessed they all did this because Irina, Malinka, and Sofi did exactly the same...and Chloe joined right in. It fascinating, but I was tired and went back to sleep. We still had a lot to do.

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