take me part 515...edited  

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12/16/2021 8:58 pm
take me part 515...edited

We held hands like before and walked into the mist, and we all rolled into the backyard of Ama's, as she watched us out of the door, shaking her head. Jake and Emily got up laughing and ran inside as I helped Chloe up. "Does this happen every time?" I nodded.

"So far." She hugged me. We brushed the snow off each other and walked inside as the were bombarding Ama and showing her what they got from the chest, and how Pytor scared them, and how there were doors in walls, and..... She smiled and nodded like and grandmother would, and then said she got shark for dinner, and we were ALL eating it, and walked into the kitchen. Chloe and I could barely contain ourselves and they turned around and looked us. Chloe said, with a straight face.

"You heard Ama. Go do your chores, both of you." We waited until they were well away from the house until we all burst out laughing. Chloe went up and hugged Ama. "That was better than sex Ama, and I like sex."


"What can we do to help, and what are we having?" Haagerstadt loves Shepard's pie, and works hard. He also liked those biscuits your aunt made, and her apple spice cake. Can you make those?" I nodded. "Chloe, you can help me." She nodded. We spent the next few hours enjoying each other, and having fun. What a difference from what it had been. I kept pushing, and checking, but there was nothing.

"What did you think of the cave, dear?" Chloe stared at her.

"I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around it, Ama. It was amazing, but what is in there is astounding. Pytor and I both think the bulk needs to go a museum." She smiled.

"A lot of that has no provenance. Do you what that means?" Chloe nodded as I finished the batter for the cake. "How do you explain a Rembrandt no one has ever seen for four centuries?' Chloe nodded. 'We'll wait until all of you get ensconced in your roles and rethink it because it might be time to bring most of it out for the public to share. We can talk with Annie. I'm curious why you chose a cross from the chest." Chloe looked at her, and me.

"There is power in it that I didn't understand. It seemed special. I wasn't looking for anything but I picked something because of the , and my hand found that. It's beautiful, and solid silver...other than that, I'm not sure." Ama looked at her and smiled. We went back to making dinner, and I searched my computer and found it. I put on, "This too shall pass ," by Jamestown Revival....hometown boys....and we started a night of music like we use to have in Denver, except it would be mostly Jake and Emily's music.

"Jake and Emily came crashing in the front door, laughing, and Haagerstadt followed shaking his head. Chloe and I looked at him, and he nodded. They stopped when they heard the song..

"We saw them in Denver." We nodded. Emily screamed and ran to get her phone and the music was out of our control, mostly. I was still their dad and I needed to hear some Dylan. The song ended and Jake and Emily searched and put on something we had never heard before, and they started dancing by the fire as we all shook our heads. Haagerstadt stared at me.

"Ask her," as I pointed to Chloe and she punched me.

"What smells so good?"

"My biscuits and cake...." I got hit again, harder.

"It's Shepard's Pie Haag, because we appreciate all that you do for us, and our family. There are biscuits and cake too." He looked at us and sat down and stared at us, at Ama.

"You made that for me?" She smiled and walked up to him.

"I made two...one for us and one for you." She kissed his forehead as he looked at us.

"Don't even think about it Haagerstadt. I'm still hurt." Emily walked up and hugged him. You'll always be our family Haag." Always, and they put on some god awful music that both her and Jake liked. Ama brought out some wine and we ate, and laughed. Chloe brought the cake out and served it as I put Dylan on my computer..... It's Not Dark Yet". It seemed fitting given everything we had been through. I also put on on Hallelujah," by Jeff Buckley for Chloe.

Chloe stared at me. I was SO out of my league with these women, especially Chloe. She walked out crying. Great, leave it to me to fuck up my last night here. I was going after her when Emily stood in front of me. "She's fine Da'. Go do the dishes. Seriously." I nodded. I cleared the table as Haagerstadt watched the dance with Ama. I was better doing this anyway. I always preferred doing this, in the kitchen, alone, while everyone was enjoying themselves. Someone needed to be the cog and I didn't mind being the cog. I was finishing up when Chloe walked up and hugged me.

"Those were two powerful songs mister, especially that last one." I nodded she stared at me. Quiet.

"When my<b> parents </font></b>died, I lost my brothers, and my uncle and cousins along with. Uncle Billy is back but not my brothers. I had Sam and Maggie, and the two Franks. My life didn't change until I met Alison, but it wasn't because of the blowjob, it was because I met Sara, and then your family. My heart split open when Jake asked me if I would be his dad, even wider when Em did. Chloe, I adore all of you, and our life is...odd, but I so don't deserve you. .." She flat out punched me and brought me to one knee.

"Get up! If you ever say that again I will you myself. Do you understand that?" I nodded. "Good. Our past is our past....leave it there, mister. YOU are the best thing to happen for all of us. ALL of us, even in our past. Stop being annoying." She kissed and went to watch Jake and Emily as I finished cleaning.

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12/16/2021 10:26 pm

Wonderful family time

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12/17/2021 12:25 am

pretty much.

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12/17/2021 4:45 am

CaptNemo said it Best- Wonderful Family Time.

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12/17/2021 3:03 pm

I agree, I could not put it better. Its the best family time.

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