take me part 505....edited  

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take me part 505....edited

I stood up, soaked, with all three them smiling at me, trying not to laugh hysterically. Elisabeth had her legs wrapped around me and was pressing into my crotch as she kissed me. "Will....you.... STOP biting. Will you stop." I pushed her off, and back into the water as I climbed out...which was a mistake. "Now I'm soak." Elisabeth shifted and started to slink out of the water. "DON'T! Be nice. I'm hurt. Don't you do it!" The girls were all laughing as Elisabeth, in dragon form, stalked me. "Stop! Christ." Sara laughed and stepped in front of her.

"Stop and shift back Elisabeth. Now." She did. "You can kiss him, and grab his balls if want, not too hard, but that's all. He is hurt and you need to back inside with Airi, and Kana. She nodded as she walked up, grabbed my balls...hard... and kissed me for a full minute... smiled, and walked away. Kana and Airi looked at me.

"You do realize that she's only sixteen, right? They howled and walked to the kitchen." Sara smiled and hugged me.

"Don't worry, she'll out grow this, probably. This is all new to her and you're the only dragon she knows. It'll pass. Aisha is working with her, but it was kind of funny."

"Your not soaked, and what's the deal with the dragon's..."coming out of the woodwork left and right?"

"I was wondering that myself. I think Gaia and Dreka might have plans we don't know about. Dragon eggs can lay dormant for millennia and you seem to create girl babies, maybe those eggs were waiting for riders. I don't know but I have wondered about it because Janey wants a baby, not for that reason, but it's the likely outcome, and so does Kana, and then there's our family in the past.... and of course Elisabeth."

I stared at her as she burst into laughter. "I was kidding, but you should have seen your face. Priceless."


"She loves Airi and how else are lesbians going to get pregnant, and if you say IVF I'll punch you. She hasn't said anything? " I shook my head. I was going insane. They had finally breached the walls and done it.

"All of you are driving me insane," and that's when when Karin popped out of the water. Jesus Christ. 'Hi Karin." We walked up, and I shuddered to think what was about to happen. She looked at both of us, and smiled.

"We are family, just so you know. What is it called?"


"Lapis! It's stunning and I'm still speechless, as are my friends. The box doesn't compare but there are special things inside of it. I wish you could live under the water, Danael. I smiled and reached my hand out. She took it and smiled. Thank you both, again. I'd like something pink next time. She laughed, and dove.

"Well, she's not shy, I'll say that about her, and she's adorable. It's impossible not to like her, but you do realize she's not the only one you're going to have to buy stones for now that you gave her friends something." I stared at her. "Oh my God I can't believe how dense you can be around women." She shook her head as she walked. "Change your clothes when you get to Iceland, it's cold there and I'm coming with to our past, by the way. Say hi to everyone for me, and enjoy your cave. I know you like it and miss being the<b> bear. </font></b>I love you. We love, and remember what I said about walking out of the mist...and try not to get shot." I looked around. Fuck.

I called the mist, focused on Ama's and stumbled out, but didn't fall, until I ran into Haggerstadt. Shit. He bent down and helped me up, and hugged me. "I'm hurt Haagerstadt, not so hard, please, but it's nice seeing you too." He slapped me on the back, which almost made me fall again.

"You're here!" I liked him, a lot. He was a gentle giant, until he was angry. "Come see our new animals. You'll like this. The ground is frozen but we have a lot of fencing to do in the spring, and hay to plant, and a barn to build." He looked at me and smiled as I laughed.

"Subtle, my friend. I'll work it out." The animals were fine in the existing barn but that wouldn't last. Ama was totally shifting this place, not that I minded because I considered this home. I loved Denver, and grew up there, and missed it, but I was pulled here. "How are Jake, and Emily?" He smiled.

"Amazing." I smiled and nodded. "Emily works with Ama but Jake works with me. He's smart, and strong."

"I'm sorry to take them away but they needed to go back to Denver and reconnect with people because I know they want to stay here. We are all fine with it, after this trip." He nodded. "They love it here like I love it here."

"It's a good time for them to be gone since it's winter, and brutal. Ama and I can handle things. and Klara and Annika are coming, which will help. Ama is liking that young people are here." I nodded.

"I need to go say hi, and change clothes because these are starting to freeze." I hugged him, walked to the house, and walked in.

"Da'!!!!!!" They hugged me as I winced, but I'd deal. "What are you you doing here?" Chloe walked up and kissed me, punched me in the shoulder, and walked back into the kitchen. I waved at Ama. I was going to have to stop getting shot. The took me to the couch and filled me in on everything, and how excited they were about Klara and Annika, and.... "We don't want to go back to Denver. We want to stay here, Da'." I looked at them.

"You can stay here...." They yelled. ".....after you come with us and see everyone for a couple of weeks. There's a lot to do and we need your help so you save the drama because you're going. Ama and Haagerstadt will be fine, and you'll have a good time. Besides, you need to pack and help your mom's." They were starting to..... "Save it." I kissed them both and walked into the kitchen to say hi to Ama.

"Come to stay in your cave, bear?" I nodded. "You did what you needed to, Danael, that threat is over, or has shifted like Roan and Ingrid. I am impressed by that because it was unexpected. There is still much to be done, by all of you. It's good that you ended this part before leaving. Your antics made the news even here. It's still on it nightly because they are nasty bunch and pitted them against each other. It's only a matter of time before snake fights snake.

"I need to go to the island cave to keep things for us safe." She nodded as I took two canvas sacks out of my pack and set them on the table. Chloe, Jake, and Emily stared at me because Ama already knew what it was. I took the cash and few gold coins out as well and put it in front of Ama...."for the community center." She smiled. "Go ahead, you can look." All three of them started opening the bags. "Can I take them through the mist so they can see their legacy." She stared at me because she knew I was getting more powerful, and learning to control things, mostly.

"Since you created it Dragon, I don't see why not." I smiled

"Da'.... these are diamonds. We're rich!" I smiled.

"We are rich, , but it's got nothing to do with those. All three of them took handfuls out and put them on the table. and moved them around. I totally understood because I did the same thing with gold coins.

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12/14/2021 2:44 pm

Good read, will be interesting when Daniel goes back to the past. What awaits him???

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So Daniel is growing in strength but he must recover and stop getting shot....

He is learning to control the mist and take more through it with him and Sara is going with him back in time, I wonder what those back then will make of her.

Will Daniel create as much havoc back there and will he find anymore dragons, what powers is he gaining now, more questions awaiting answers!

This is great reading it is not losing its appeal at all thank you.

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