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take me part 503...edited

I walked to the barn, limped to the barn, to check in with Jakob. They all looked at , and smiled. They didn't know what had happened but they knew something had. We had a lot happen around here. Jakob walked up and touched my shoulder.

"You're injured." I nodded. "You'll be OK?" I nodded.

"How are things?"

"Fine. We are almost finished repairing the barn. The wolves still patrol and two come up daily to play with the pups. People here are more at ease than before."

"Tell them they can trust these wolves, but they can't trust all wolves. It's best to be cautious with something that can you." He nodded. "How are we with meat, and feed?" We are fine with meat for here, but I'm not sure about town or what Annie is doing." I nodded. "We have feed coming but shipments are delayed. We are a priority but it's still up to two weeks. You told me to buy what I thought we needed so I bought a full trailer full of feed, grains, seed. I bought a lot. I also bought a used trailer that I saw. It was cheap so we can transfer everything into it and keep the rats away. We won't lose if this winter is as bad as seems it will be because other people will need to buy things. I haven't told Annie." I smiled.

"You did the right thing Jakob. I'll speak with Annie. You keep doing that, and trusting your gut. We'll be away for a time and it's good that your instincts are keen, and you protect this place and our people. You did right. How are Drakon and the pups?" He smiled.

"Tired. The wolves wore them out, I think to let us get our work done." I nodded.

"They're the babysitters in the pack. It's their role. Start planning for spring and sourcing what we need. Winter won't last forever. If you can find used two by eights, or tens, or twelves then buy all that can. Try and find crusher run...do you have that here?" He nodded. "Have it delivered while it's winter, and if we need rock, or dirt, or whatever, buy it know that the ground is frozen, just put it out of the way. Lay tarps on the ground, and cover the dirt with tarps. When this melts its going to be all slosh, better to have everything we need already delivered before then, and we can make pathways for us to walk on." He nodded.

"That's smart, Daniel. I'll start looking into it since we have time." I nodded. "Should I run large purchases by you or Annie?"

"Just let us know Jakob, we trust you. It's more for us to understand for planning. Running a farm takes , and planning. We know that. I also want you to think about doing something for everyone, maybe Friday, or Saturday, evening... we can brainstorm about it. All of you work hard, everyone works hard, and I want there to be time where you aren't working, but are enjoying each other's company. I'll talk with Annie about that, and raises. Let me know what your ideas are. I need to check in with the wolves, but don't hesitate to either , or Annie, or anyone. They only punch . Thank you." He smiled. I walked into the field as Fenrir and his daughters walked toward . 'Where's your ."

"They are checking on game. We have plenty thanks to you dragon but it's good to know where they are, and what other predators are around."

"Are they coming after what you have?"

"Not even bears, or wolverines, would attempt that. Our food supply is safe, and protected. You're hurt." I nodded. "Bad?"

"Not anymore, but I'm healing. I'm going to be away for a bit. Do you have what you need for half a moon cycle?"

"We have enough but if you go hunting leave us two or three, if you can, and drop at least six around like you did. These storms aren't stopping." I nodded.

"I'll be back tomorrow and I'll check the herds." I knelt down and petted the girls. "I'll see you when I get back.

"Good, don't get hurt. You're a good friend." They turned and trotted off as Drako and the white horde marched up. He was teaching them well. He sat and looked me.

"What?" He barked and I got on my knees, which wasn't easy. I wasn't sure how I would get up. He licked my hands, and then I got pummeled by white fluff balls as he walked toward Annie.

"You showed him who the big, dumb, idiot is, mister...that's a good Drakon." He barked and followed her back to me as I was getting licked and nibbled from all sides. I looked up.

"They're getting heavy. We need to discuss what I told Jakob." I grunted. "You mind helping me." She smiled.

"Drako, take your pack to the barn. Da' needs to rests." He looked at her, and then me, and barked. The puppies followed him back to the barn.

"It would be nice if one of you would tell me how you do that. I'm going to need help because I didn't think about getting back up when I lied down." She smiled, and shook her head.

"It's a good thing you are well loved, Dragon, now tell me about Jakob." I filled her in all that he told me, and everything we discussed, and what I told him. I told her about the wolves, and everything. She was my partner. She nodded the entire time I was speaking.

"Even in pain you think of this place, and these people. I chose wisely...We chose wisely. I'll Bethany and let her know that Jakob is authorized to make purchases, even large ones. I like the initiative, and he was right in his choice. The same is true of you and the things we need for spring because no one is thinking about that now. I'll speak with with people that deal with the plantings, and crops. We can put it behind the chickens, but we should keep this crusher run by the barn, same with the wood." I nodded. "I'll talk with Emma about doing the thing on weekend for her staff... I'll talk with all of them. It's a good idea, as are raises. I need to see what the is, and all of that, but I agree. Are you sure it's a good idea for you to stay in your cave?" I nodded.

"You're not....graceful when you exit the mist, love." I stuck my tongue at her. She kissed it. It's true. You have a tendency to roll several times, and you're still healing." She was worried, which, truthfully was probably what she should have been.

"I'll be fine. What's the worst that could happen." She screamed and punched my shoulder before walking off. "No problem, I can get up. Where's the cane?" I finally got up and walked into Ama's kitchen. Eba was there alone. "Do you have any cooked meat?" She nodded. "Would please make a couple of sandwiches, with spicy mustard and lettuce, if you have it, and cheese, and pie, if you have it...and a thermos of milk. I need to go away tonight." She nodded. I kissed her cheek. "Thank you Eba. Klara is working out?"

"They are both amazing and I'll miss them but she'll be in charge at Ama's, and she's more than capable. Annie found someone else for me to train for here. I'll have it ready in twenty minutes." I nodded as I went to change. It was too cold for for sweats, even though I'd be warm enough as the bear, and would heal faster like that. I put things into my pack but left room for the food. I was tying my boots and grabbing another bag for the stones when Annie and Melissa walked in.

"Lift your shirt, mister."

"I just got dressed."

"Do it!"

"Yoshi sent this for the wound. USE it." I nodded. "He sent these for tea, make one when you get to Ama's, and then another tomorrow before breakfast...and eat breakfast or I will hurt you." I smiled and nodded. She hugged me. "Don't do anything stupid." I smiled. She hrrrrmmmppphhh'd, and walked out. Annie kissed me.

"Try not to fall coming out of the mist. You are still hurt." I nodded. "I love you goofball. Say to hi to everyone, and I'll see you tomorrow. I need to go." She kissed, long and deep. "Don't get hurt again." I nodded. She rolled her eyes, punched me and walked out mumbling to herself as I smiled. I went into the kitchen and Eba had everything ready. I thanked her and packed it, and the packed the stones that Stephanie sent in the second bag and put them over my shoulder. I wrapped the wool cape that Ama me around me, grabbed the cane, and walked outside. I called the mist and focused on Gotland as I walked in.

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