take me part 473...edited  

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12/4/2021 6:35 pm
take me part 473...edited

Annie, Sara and I went into the kitchen and I got milk. Everyone smiled at me because it had become a standing joke. I didn't care. I needed it. I was changing too fast, and I had the mist to deal with. Sara had Ama helping her. but I had Joseph, occasionally, and Marnine, who provided excellent backed goods, and tea.... and Gaia sometimes. I was on my own, mostly, but I had been a lot of my life. I was raised like that.... you take care of yourself, and do what needs to be done......"

"Daniel?" I looked up.

"Did you hear anything we said?" I shook my head and told them what I was thinking about.

"Sorry." They nodded. I drank my milk.

"What are we going to do.?"

"The same, but with more diligence. The wolves helping is huge, like it is in the past. The girls there are safe because of them, and Hammish..."

''....and because of you." I smiled.

"Maybe. We keep doing what we've been doing but we get people to deliver. I don't want anyone leaving this estate. PERIOD!!!! Deat sent me a fax, and an email. He's helping as much as he can. I'll get in touch with 'Bob.' He's already looking into it." I stared at them. "These are the<b> nasty </font></b>ones. Everyone needs to be on guard. Tell them all, but I think they want me. I don't think they even know it was me, but I'm a link the only chain they have, but no one leaves here." They nodded as they got the phone and spread the word to our family.

Kana hit me...hard. "You flew without me."

"I can fly without you, love. I wasn't sure if I would have to dive, again. What would I do with then?" She huffed, and hit me again as she stormed off. I really was a lucky man, even though I got hit a lot."

I walked to the barn as people were playing with the puppies. Drakon walked up and sat. "What?" She barked.. "They're your pack." I walked out of the barn she barked, and the puppies followed.. It wasn't easy because of the snow, so we couldn't go very far but i pushed to the wolves and two juveniles walked up. The pups were scared but Drakon stood in front of them, half OK.

"It's fine. they are friends." Drakon looked at me, and them, and barked...and the pups when crazy and played with the wolves, so did Drakon. Sara and Annie walked up.

"You have a lot of , mister." I nodded as we watched wolves playing with puppies. Drakon walked up and barked, as the wolves sniffed him, and ran away. She was the pack leader, without a doubt. They all followed her to the barn. They ate, drank, and fell asleep in their stall. It was pretty cute. I looked around and grabbed the fork. I was picking up manure when Jakob walked in.

"Do you ever sleep?" I shook my head. "I'll do this, Danael. I gave most people the weekend off because we have wood, and hay, and enough of us to deal...."

"You're married, right?" He nodded. "Go home, Jakob." I'll see you Monday. See if you can get some pie." He smiled, and nodded. I didn't mind picking up poop. We needed to keep our people sane, and breaks were required. The girls would argue that the same applied to me, but I had too much to deal with. I finished with the barn, and checked on drakon...they were exhausted thanks to the wolves. I closed the barn and walked inside. Emma stared at me.

"Don't you sleep?" She smiled and shook her head as I got milk out. Kana walked up and looked at me. "I need to go Gotland." She smiled, nodded, and met me by the barn with my harness. I shifted and she put it on me, and loaded deer. She climbed on and we flew to Sweden. I hovered as Kana untied the deer, and they dropped. There were eight. It wasn't terribly late, but time was getting skewed because of all that we needed to do, but it didn't keep the from running, and screaming, at me. I had no idea how long I was there. We said goodbye and I flew north.

"Where are we going, dragon." She smiled as she hugged my neck and we flew to the village that helped me. I shifted and they invited us to eat, and then we became a ride for , which was OK.... It was the weekend. We left late but it was a good night. We landed home. I pushed, and it was OK.

"Go to sleep....

"I'm sleeping with you. I talked with Annie, and we're all sleeping in a bundle.' She kissed me.. "Deal, mister." I walked around, and pushed, again. Only the wolves were around, but we still had problems that I needed to deal with and they weren't going away.

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