take me part 472....edited  

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take me part 472....edited

Annie was right behind me, and we went in opposite directions. Sara kept eating because she knew if they made it past the wolves, and me and Annie, she would destroy them. The only one stronger than Sara, at that time, was Ama...and that was a crap shoot but I wanted to end this before it got here. I pushed to Fenrir about Annie, and he pushed to his pack, as we hunted.

Annie and I, along with some wolves, took the front and Fenrir and the pack spread out. Most were coming from the front, and I was a mad bear, running. I hit them so hard it was like a freight train. I took out four, and Annie did the same, but more angrily. Fenrir, and his pack took out the other three. I was getting pissed. I needed to know who these people were. We stripped them of everything as Fenrir walked up.

"Thank you." Annie scratched his ears. "Do you want these?" He shook his head.

"Take them further North because it's harder." I nodded as I shifted to the dragon, grabbed two, and flew north. I dropped them all around and landed. I knew those men had families, but they were coming after mine. I felt bad, but I felt bad about a lot of things. I landed when I was done as Annie and Sara walked out.

"I scanned and sent these to Bob, as well....nothing yet." I looked at Sara as she walked up and kissed both of us.

"I had nothing to do because of you, but if they ever do get through....they won't exist." Annie and I looked at each other, and nodded. They were messing with the wrong bunch. Kana walked up.

"Osaka is shut down. Did you end them?" Annie said...

"These. The wolves are helping us. Daniel and I will patrol the perimeter as well. Kana, focus in between." She nodded. "God help them if they get past us.

"They won't Annie." I wished Lieve was there with her drone. They were persistent but the animals in the north country had food, but I didn't know who these people where, or who was behind them. I had fake ID's, and dead bodies....and a man named Francis, and that was when Deat called.

"How are you?" Alive, and cold." He laughed. I'm sending you a fax, but it's not from me." I said OK. "Are they still coming at you?" I told him yeah. Silence. "You will need to cut the head off of the snake brother, and that is Francis. He used his real name. I'm sending you everything I could find. I'm faxing it, and sending it via email. They won't stop brother. They are convinced you are the enemy, whether you are, or not, they will be oming and I can only help so much without putting us in peril."


"Your friend...Bob should be able to use what I sent to find them, what you do...I don't care because these are bad people, and I'm on vacation."

"How's Glasgow?"

"Snowy, but amazing. I can't believe you've never been. You'll love it here. Watch you back, Daniel, and end this. I'll cover you as much as I can. Melinda is SO excited. Be safe." I told him I would. I was glad I didn't need much sleep, but having to be in two timelines was an issue. Sara handed me an envelope. Crap.

"What is it?"

"Something purple, I need to go see Karin. I really don't need an angry Siren right now." They nodded. I opened it and while the polished stone was amazing...I liked the rock. Sara looked at me.

"You choose good gifts mister." She put it a bag and handed it to me as I shifted. She smiled and shook her head because I was an enigma. I flew to the North Sea, which I didn't mind. Kana was going to be mad but I had things to do. I hovered and pushed to Karin. She popped up, smiling.

"Hello dragon. You're back." I handed her the bag and said something purple." She stared at me, and clapped as she reached for the bag.

"It's heavy. I nodded and told her there were two gifts. "TWO!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited." She jumped up, grabbed me, and kissed me. She took the heavy piece out first, which was Fluorite as a stone. She loved that.

"WHAT. WHAT. WHAT?" I told her what the stone was.. NO ONE has anything like this, in any of the oceans. THANK YOU, DANAEL. She reached in the bag and pulled out a polished piece of Fluorite and stared at me, because it was beautiful, and purple, but also green, blue, and pink...just not as much.

"Danael....." She dove and I hoped that didn't mean we were married. "I put it in my extra special place but I want you to have these since you have women. They are fancy, and they'll probably like them. You bring me stunning things that no one else was, love. I'm the envy of everyone." I smiled because while she was as dangerous as Marnine. I like them both.

"Bring me something yellow, and you can have another of the chests you like." She jumped up and kissed me before saying bye, and sliding into the ocean. I flew home. I landed, shifted, Annie and Sara walked out. I handed them the necklaces. They stared at them.

"These are priceless, Daniel. They're too old to even figure a value." I nodded. Sara spoke.

"I take it Karin liked her gifts?"

'LOVED.LOVED.LOVED...them." They both laughed.. "She wants something yellow, but she'll give me another chest. Apparently, she is the envy of the Sirens because i keep giving her unusual things." They both looked at me.

"You know she is falling in love with you, right?" I stared at them "DANIEL..... Jesus Christ. Do you have any concept of who you are? She's a Siren, and they are not to be trifled with.....maybe a dragon can, but pay attention. I called Stephanie because I had a soft spot for Karin, like I did for Marnine.

"Hey cousin, what's up?"

"I need Citrine. The stone, and polished, like the fluorite. She laughed.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"I have a Siren that likes to trade.. I do,and I'll have them sent. Stay safe because it's a bad winter." Annie and Sara looked me again.

"What do we have?"

"A lot."

"Hand them out so daughters will have the, save one for Em and Jake." They nodded. It seems to make sense to me, just keep them safe because probably are priceless" I was wondering about the girls in the past. They stared at me because I didn't care about these things. I brought a chest of gold and locked it in a cave. I had too much to do, but I wanted an alliance. I called Steph back.

"Are you stalking us?" They both laughed.

"Can you call you gem guy in Halifax and see if he has any more of that Opal? I need four necklaces like you made. It can be silver."

"You do have girlfriends."

"I have wives, Gaia help me." They laughed and said goodbye.

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