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take me part 469...edited

It always disconcerting when thunder and lightening happened when it snow. I wan't on the floor long, but it didn't matter because these people cared about . I was going get shit as Kana walked and looked .

'"Eat, dragon." I nodded and sat back down. I drank glasses of milk, and had a full breakfast. "You need sleep." I had too much to do but I looked at her, and nodded. She took Ama's house and helped get undressed. I falling asleep as I fell the pillow.

"How?" She smiled.

"He's my Dragon." They nodded as I slept..... for eighteen hours. Annie, Sara, and Melissa were all in bed with me when I woke , which was different. I figured it was because we were all separated. We were like uprooted Aspen trees. We were disconnected from our source, and people were trying kill us again....at least . I looked at my phone. It am. I got of bed and the mist appeared.

"Focus. Balance. attention. I walked in and tumbled out and rolled four times. GODDAMMIT!!!!" The animals stared a me as I walked the house. It was barely light here. Time was stange. I needed be in too many places. Wolf walked .

"You're injured, dragon." I nodded.

'I'm fine. It'll just take some time. How are things?"

"Same. You haven't been gone long, maybe a day." I looked at him because I didn't understand time. "Your women are fine. The men leave them alone. You are here enough scare them, and the big man, and we watch over them them." I nodded and said thanks. It was early and I didn't want wake them. "Go back your pack. I'm going feed the animals and go back" He looked at and trotted off as I fed the animals. I had more do in the future. I finished as the mist appeared. I exhaled and got thrown out as I rolled into the barn. Jakob looked down at .

"What?" He helped .

''You're awake." I nodded

"How are things?"

"Mostly good, but not great. Annie and Sara are dealing with it. We have wood piling , and it's still snowing.

"Are the chainsaws serviced?" He nodded. "Can you spare someone he...." He shook his head. I nodded.

"They went home." I nodded.

"I'll deal." I loaded the chainsaws, the tool bag, gas and oil and hooked the trailer. I was still sore, and my head hurt, but I had work do that couldn't wait. I walked into the kitchen as Emma looked at .

"You're early." I nodded as she put milk in front of . She filled my thermos with coffee.

'Thanks. I'll be back eat later." She nodded as I walked back the truck and drove the north fence line. I spent the two hours before dawn cutting logs, and I spent the next loading them. I could be very productive when I needed. I had the truck, and most of the trailer loaded as the crew came out keep cutting. We nodded as I loaded the chainsaws and headed back the barn.

"Have them sharpen and tighten the blades, and check them over. I'm going eat." Jakob nodded. "I'll split wood later.I walked into the kitchen as Annie and Sara smiled.

"Emma said you were here earlier. We don't know if you're coming, or going, mister?" I nodded.

"I think I'm doing both but we'll have more wood by the end of the day." They nodded. I like chopping wood but Jakob got the splitter out. We'll unload when I'm done. Emma put a mound of food in front , and stared.

"You eat ALL of that." I nodded as Annie and Sara smiled.. I walked back the barn and they were starting unload the wood. I loaded chainsaws in the older truck and went back out. It was still snowing, hard.

Jakob.... have someone scrape the snow the north.....just the snow." He nodded as I went back cut more wood. I wasn't sure how long I had worked, but the logs were cut, and loaded. They were still working in the trees. I made a fire, and left my notebook "Get warm. I'll be back" I set thermos by the fire. I honked and drove off. I went into the kitchen and Emma had stew and pie ready. I smiled and nodded. "Coffee?" she nodded. "I'll be back" I started unloading wood. It didn't take to long because I wasn't stacking. I changed out chainsaws and went to the kitchen She gave the cast iron pot, and bread, and a casserole of some sort, and pie.... and multiple things of coffee, along with a basket of bowls, plates, cups, silverware, and napkins.

I loaded it, strapped it down and drove where I made the fire. Everyone was there, and hungry. "Two hour lunch." I gave them everything, as they smiled, and finished cutting the logs they brought down. They worked harder than I did. I cut and loaded all of the wood as they finished and I loaded the gear.

"How was the pie?" They all laughed and walked into the woods. I drove to the house and unloaded the cookery. I set it in the sink and started cleaning as people started slapping . "Sit." Emma put some milk in front of me, which I downed, and then a warm piece of berry pie, and<b> vanilla </font></b>ice cream. I stared at her, and smiled.

"I figured you wouldn't have any." I nodded as I ate.. "Did they have enough?" I nodded.

"Until dinner." She nodded. I finished my pie and went clean my plate and got slapped numerous time. I said thank you instead and went unload the truck.

"There you are mister." I smiled because I missed them. Jakob is delivering wood. Yoshi is bringing people back in a few days when Melinda and Deat go home, until then, you need attention." I nodded and walked the barn trade out chainsaws. Jakob had a very good crew. I walked out as Annie looked at .

"They all need raises." She smiled, and nodded and unloaded the wood.

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