take me part 414....edited  

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take me part 414....edited

We landed at home and Malinka kissed. me. I love you Danael, so does Irina. I know I am childish at times, but thank you for coming into our lives, but you smell three times worse than before. I'll deal with the animals." I smiled as i walked toward the cree

"Dragon." I turned. "You are building us a new house, and barn?" I nodded. "What do we do with these"

"We fix them, and then rent them out, so you have a monthly income, or at least something. People need a place live and there are many industrious family's for a homestead."

"Dragon." I turned again. "Try and stay the night so you can sleep with us. I don't mind sharing, I just you with us for as long as possible." She smiled and walked into the barn. I walked to the creek and fell when I I in the trees. Great.

"Daniel. DANIEL." I shook my head and said I fine but could I get some mil Christ I tired of falling. I pushed myself up as they were all at me.


"You were in the past." .

"O.. so we can nip this in the bud, I have one woman that is jealous, and it's not like I chose this. They are starving, and the wolves are starving, and I'm trying to keep them from killing each...and everything else... and I'm trying to secure our family's legacy... I hope. Aisha will be coming back here, at some point, and she'll need a place to stay." Britte said she had a room and bath. I nodded. "Now how your walk?" They all talked at once as Bethany and Christine laughed.

"O..O I trust Bethany, and she's right. The has to go somewhere, and wealth isn't ." Annie at me. "What, love."

"Will you trust this to me and Bethany."

"Of course, loves." They came up and kissed me. "Good."

"What don't I know?" Henry and Sabrina walked and said A LOT." They all went into the kitchen, laughing, as I shook my head...and dropped.

I looked around and Teesha sitting, at me. "It's hard being a dragon." I stood up and walked to the stream, stripped, and washed with mud.

"You have no idea, Teesha, but I'm learning." I could feel Malinka leaving the barn. "You'll look after them when I'm gone?" She nodded. "I am pregnant." I stopped and was sure I looked insane cover in mud.

"Seriously?" She nodded. "That's wonderful, Teesha. The black wolf?" She nodded. "I am so happy. I will help you get you packs through the winter. There are many animals to the north, and east. Winter was hardest here. North has many animals, and MANY trees. Humans will keep coming but you won't live to see it because it will be many moons, but they will come...countless numbers of them. It's a good place wolves, now. It didn't smell wolves but i wasn't focused

"And you?"

"Humans take, and move outward as more move in, and do it again. I am trying to protect many packs across time and that means I need to work in that world, even though I'd rather bear, or left in peace with my family." She nodded as I rinsed and Malinka walked up and scratched her ears.

"What were you talking abou... You're pregnant? We're all pregnant." She hugged her as I walked out of the stream. "We're all pregnant, dragon." Teesha and I looked at each other because we both knew they were leaving since it was better for their pack, but neither of us said anything. I got dressed as Teesha nuzzled both of us and trotted off. I was going to be the dragon all night long, but I wanted to be clean for supper.

"Is she leaving?"

"I don't know, love but the packs almost died, many of them still might. Hunting was good and there were no humans." I needed to figure out how to land buy here, and then how to keep it safe when I couldn't control when, and where, I went. Malinka and I walked the house.

"You smell like mud. It's better than the dragon, but it's still mud." I side kicked her butt and she squealed. "How?...." Irina and Aisha walked toward us as we approached the barn.

"Is everything OK?" They smiled, and nodded.

"Now is the time to hunt, dragon. You can eat later. Shift Dragon." I shifted and Aisha was my rider once again. Kana was going to be pissed. "Fly, dragon, show me the deer." We circled them for a bit while Aisha watched, and thought. I was more dragon than man. "Drop me off there. She started putting fallen limbs across the path, and then facing them up. Their safety was their doom. This was the only way out. Aisha called me.

"How is this going work with Kana?"

"We fight to the<b> death </font></b>and whoever wins owns you."

"Owns? And Kana would so kicked your ass." She laughed and said attention.

"Freeze what I laid across the path." I did, high, and solid, and on both sides. "Set fires a hundred yards away on all sides." I did as she asked. " The wolves were there as well "Fly up and behind the herd. You won't like this but life isn't kind. Make yourself visible. I'm sorry." I did as she said and the deer bolted to the entrance of the canyon and ran into each other out of fear, and panic. The wolves wouldn't mind, nor the starving humans, if the meat didn't taste pristine. I hated this.

"Freeze them, but just enough so they die. You can do this, dragon. 's not just fry, or popsicle, you can control this. Focus because we need to skin them." I nodded as I killed countless deer. We landed and Aisha got off as I shifted and looked at what I had done. "Do you know how to skin?" I shook my no. She handed me a knife. "I'll teach you dragon. The first hunt is the worst, hardest, but you did well and your people will survive, but we need to skin these and take them where they needed to go. We'll talk after." Aisha showed me how to skin. We skinned a dozen.

"They don't need be gutted for the wolves. It's cold enough, and they need whatever they can eat. Take them to your wolves and come back for more, and help me. I would bring Malinka next time, even pregnant....she will become a better rider than me. Fly dragon.Time is not on our side." I flew and dropped carcasses for wolves where Teesha told me, to wolf howls. I spent the night skinning deer, and transporting deer. Even though I didn't trust them, the coven came to our aid and helped Hammish and Ilsa, and Irina and Malinka. They knew who I . I dropped deer throughout the night to the wolves, Irina, Hammish. I so confused.

I shifted and sat on the ground. Aisha called me over. It"'s cold enough, Dragon, that we didn't need gut them. They'll do that, and keep what they can, and feed the rest to pigs, chickens, and dogs. This is the last. 'I'll show you how to gut ."

We took everything out and left it on the ground where it fell. Aisha took the heart and cut off a piece. She handed it me and I ate . She did the same and put it in her pouch as she rolled up the hide. "Shift, dragon." I shifted as she strapped the last of the hides to me, and patted my nec

"Nature is not always kind, dragon but Gaia will replenish what taken. We leave this last one for that. She will use it because it's a hard winter, but tonight we celebrate." She climbed on and we flew over the wolves. I could feel Teesha, and we landed. She looked at Aisha and lowered her head. I confused.

"Her kind knows my kind, as they know your kind from now on."

"Do you have enough for the packs, Teesha?"

"More. Thank you dragon. Most packs will leave in the spring, north, as you suggested. We are staying." I looked at her. "Our family's are linked. You saved us and humans need wolves." She came up and nuzzled me, before she howled, and ran into the night. I looked at Aisha.

"You have good friends, but we have work to do, dragon." We landed and walked the barn.

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Irina is pregnant, The daughters will be Riders. Daniel is thinking about setting up a " Preserve" to protect the wolves. Will be moving the house, barn , etc closer to the spring / creek. and I'm thinking, he is thinking of introducing agriculture / livestock ranching on the land.. He has saved the people of the area and the wolves, thru for this winter.

Still many little twist and turns, keeps the story exciting, anticipating what is next. Keep writing interesting Parts.

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