take me part 332  

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take me part 332

I woke up on the couch with a fire going next , which was nice. Jake and Taiiko were staring at me, lovingly. Sara smiled, and shook her head, and then I heard a rage of a voice, and I snapped. I didn't even know what he said past get up, and I pushed Yoshi into the wall as high as I could, and squeezed. I was going to kill him. A man I dearly loved. Jake and Taiiko me everywhere, but I would not yield. He smiled at me as Sara kissed me, and I collapsed, unconscious, again.

I woke on the couch, again, in a soft Alpaca blanket. was dark. I could hear the wood crackle, more need be added, which I did, and stirred the coals, as Jake came and sat by me. "You OK, Da?" I stared at him as I tried figure out even respond him. I had no idea, so I lied.

"I'm fine goofball, but what happened?"

"You tried kill grandpa, Yoshi. Taiiko ,and I, couldn't get you stop. You had him on the wall, almost to the ceiling. Sara stopped you. Annie, Taiiko, and I chopped the wood Ama needed. You've been asleep all all day, and half the night. Sara kept saying you were fine...that you had work to do.." I stood up as Jake bowed to Yoshi and walked away. Taiiko was behind him, smiling.

"You are not my student, Danael-san. You never were. Your is, but I needed know the man.... that would protect my granddaughter, and my great-granddaughter. I will be hard on Jake-san, but not as hard as I was on you. I had know, in the way I knew. I clapped, bowed, and said Hai, Sensei." He smiled, as did Taiiko, but Jake stared at me as they both walked away and Annie walked up. I sat back on the couch, watching his as she wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me.

"What just happened, Da?" I stared at him because I had lost my words.

"Your Da, and your 'afi,' did what they needed . Your Da was proven<b> worthy </font></b>of his granddaughter, and their . We unusual ways, . They are not too bad for most, but they are harsh for those of us lead. You are in that line, . 's why you, and Emily, will be staying here while the rest of us go Denver." He stared at her, and was getting ready speak.

"Jake, you do what your Ma says, . 's not a punishment. Is the wood done?"

"Not yet Da, but I can see ." I told him we would see to , as one. I kissed Annie and walked outside chop wood.. We walked outside in silence as some stew, or roast, was being prepared. "Da, why did you almost kill Afi?" I smiled, because he was learning the languages I was.

"I didn't . He was trying kill me. He wanted make sure that I could protect your Ma, and your cousin. 's weird, but effective." I took the maul from him. "" attention, and see where the axe is supposed be. You will need learn this thing when you learn Kyudo, and the sword, so learn now, Jake. Now is the easiest time.. Focus, ." He said Hai, and started chopping wood. I could feel then all smiling but I felt so far from a teacher.

We finished the wood pile, with Jake chopping, and me stacking. It was abnormal from Yoshi's culture but even he smiled at how much fun we were having. We weren't Japanese; Sara was right. Jake, nor I, would tolerate what they went threw, even if we respected it. It was settled.

Ama and Sara came out. Sara kissed me, as Ama kissed Jake and told him he smelled, and to take a shower before dinner. "You don't smell, love, but I I need to stay here. I want to make love with you, but Melissa would be hurt, deeply. please know that I wished I was sharing our original bed, in my home, and yours, but that is not the life we were given. We were given what we , sweets. We'll be fine, love. We all will, assuming we make past the next week, or so. Our work is starting. Your work is starting. I'll make sure our are fine. Bethany, and Christine, will be happy, until they realize that neither of the will be going back Colorado. I many more balls in the air, than you, love...but 's fine.

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And the Saga continues . Some one is always teaching and some one is always learning. It is the way of the world.

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And so the learning goes on and Sara is in control

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