take me part 288  

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9/11/2021 3:43 pm
take me part 288

Yoshi headed barn as Taiiko and I walked inside. She was smiling and happy. It was a lovely place and would make a good home. I was still trying figure how with three places. We walked into the laundry room and I started taking the laundry from the dryer as she asked.

"Did you really like the house, Daniel?" I nodded and told that I did because it was quite special. "We'll need to do some work because we have a large family." She was right about that. "Once the cooler weather comes the gardens won't need as much attention so we'll have more people to help with remodeling, and you and Yoshi. It needs work but it'd be good training for the ones of us who want to learn the old ways in woodworking." I nodded.

"Before we leave I'd like you to Yoshi for the bonsai trees, and whatever you spent for the combs, and boots. Please, and let me know what's left." She looked at me oddly. "We can use some of that for the house because it does need be remodeled." She jumped on me and kissed me and said she would as she started go through the wash see what couldn't go in the dryer. I would have just thrown everything in. I suppose that was why I was banned except for towels and underwear, and I couldn't go above medium. I grabbed the basket, kissed her, and went into the bedroom to fold. I was half way through when Taiiko walked in and started helping. She looked at me, and was silent as she went back to folding.

"What sweets?"

"I'd like you to tell me how you so have much bitcoin." I stopped folding and sat down on the bed and pulled her onto my lap.

"Does your gut trust me?" She nodded. "I'll tell you but it's involved, and is still resolving itself. Can I tell you about on the plane, love? We have things to do this evening because we have to get up early. I don't like secrets, Taiiko, that's why I am trying to be as open as I can about Chloe and Annie while we adjust to a new normal." She nodded, but was silent. I waited.

"Will they like me, and accept me, Daniel?" I kissed her forehead.

"Yes, Love, they will. They all will. Sara said they would be in love with you inside of forty minutes. I don't think it'll take that long. Sara's going to the one who feels left out because you and her are similar and I'm sure will become friends, but her and Melissa sleep alone which is fine because a bed can only hold so many people." Yes. she laughed and kissed me.

The more I was involved with these women the more that was presented me. These were fiercely independent, capable women. Strong. Competent. Self-assured. Yet they had the most gentle hearts of anyone I knew. It was amazing. I felt almost like I was walking in a land I stumbled upon, and could barely speak the language so I was trying find my, and that was just involving our own dynamics with them. I was definitely swimming in water over my head.

"Go pack love, I'll finish folding and I trust you Daniel. Implicitly. I kissed her and went into my room. I pulled out what I was going to wear tomorrow and hung it up. I got comfortable clothes for later so I could wash what had been wearing and put the rest in my suitcase. I only had one, when Taiiko walked in with folded clothes and stared at me.

"You're done?" I walked up to, took my clothes and zipped up the suitcase.

"I am now." She glared at me as she ran, and launched, laughing. I took the hit and we fell onto the bed as she bit me and I tickled her. She sat up laughing.

"STOP!" She stared at me. "I haven't even started." I said that I'm a guy. She shook her head and slid off, which I felt it because I was getting hard. "Wait right there." She ran back into her bedroom and came back carrying things wrapped in paper. I stood next to her as she put them down. I got the girls something. I wasn't sure what to get Jake." I told her I had that covered. She smiled and nodded.

"I wanted to bring them something from Japan. Ama was the hardest, and also the easiest after you combed my hair. I didn't think it would be appropriate to give her what I am giving my sisters." She started opening the paper. I stared because I new what they were. Kimono robes in various colors. "Do think they'll like them? I knocked her on the bed.

"Of course, they'll LOVE them goofball." She laughed as she got up and hugged me, smiling. I know Sara likes red, and Chloe and Annie like green and blue, but I can't remember which is which." She stared at me. "I know, I know."

"Give me your phone. mister and since you're packed, go do something." She called Sara.

"Hey Love, we all miss you and can't wait to meet Taiiko."

"Hi Sara. It's Taiiko." I could hear the scream from Sara as I walked into the hall. I walked into the kitchen and she turned and looked at me. I held up hands like I was confused. She smiled and pointed to a pile of onions and daikon radishes. I nodded. Henry was going to love this woman. She walked up and took the skin off on of the onions and started to dice it in larger pieces. She took the radish, sliced it, and then looked at me. I smiled, nodded, and got to work. Taiiko walked out after about twenty minutes and bit my shoulder. I felt her coming.

"I am totally, and completely, in love with Sara, and you were right. We'll be friends. She told me about the colors and I have them marked but I need to take one of mine for Emily. I forgot, so you are forbidden from the laundry room because I need to was it special. I Love you mister. I'm going back to pack." The older lady looked at me. I smiled and shook my head as she walked up to check my progress. She patted me on the back went back to the stove. Words are highly unnecessary sometimes. Yoshi walked in as Taiiko came back from the laundry room and hugged him, and them me.

"Are you going to be OK with us leaving tomorrow. I'll be gone about a week, at least, Yoshi. I've never had sisters." She was so excited. He nodded, kissed her forehead and walked back into his study. She walked next to me and bumped me with her hip. "Move over, mister, and hand me a knife, and the daikon, as she kissed my cheek." We sliced and chopped in silence until Taiiko was was done and went to to help cook. It was about five-ish. I grabbed the shoes I wore when I helped muck out stalls and left the boots on the porch and walked to the barn. I figured this would be fun since I had no clue what they would be saying.

The people in the garden smiled and waved, as I did the same and walked into the barn. There were two people, only one was mucking stalls. I tapped him on the should. He turned around and smiled as he clapped my shoulder. I didn't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that. I motioned for him to follow me. I stopped at the door. He looked at me confused. I did sign language. I took the manure fork from him and motioned to me and then it and the stalls. He nodded. I pointed to him and then the garden and did a picking vegetable gesture and then I pointed to the house, used walking fingers, and rubbed my stomach. He laughed, nodded, and went to help the others in the garden. The other person was smiling because we all understood...the sooner we got done the sooner we could relax and share dinner. I went to pick up poop.

I had two wheelbarrows loaded when I realized I had no idea where to take it. I walked up to the guy feeding the sheep. He needed to milk the goats, and the cow, still. He turned and smiled. I touched his shoulder and pointed to the wheelbarrows and shrugged like I had no idea. He nodded and picked one up and walked outside as I followed with the other. We walked around the barn, toward the woods to a growing manure pile, not unfamiliar to homesteads everywhere. I nodded as we walked back into the barn and we went about our tasks.

I finished with the last of the manure and set the wheelbarrows against the wall and hung the fork on a nail in the wall and tapped him on the shoulder again. He had just finished milking the goats and was getting ready to milk the cow. I shrugged like what should I do. He pointed to the slop buckets for the pigs. I nodded. He took three large flakes of hay and pointed to the sheep, the goats and the cow, and made a fluffing action. I nodded and went to grab the buckets. I had fed enough farm understand. I was finishing up with the goats as I walked in the cow as he was finishing. I waited until he grabbed the milk and stool. I opened the gate, he nodded. I closed it, walked in front of the cow and start separating the flakes of hay so it was easier to eat, and then patted her on the neck as she started to eat. Some cows are a pain in the ass but most are nice and curious. I went out and locked the gate, checked the others. Everyone seemed fine and content, especially the pigs. My friend with no name was putting wet towels over the milk to keep the fly off and motioned for me to follow him. We went to the garden to help finish up. They were laughing and having a good time, but working. It didn't take us long. The people from the garden set the produce in the in the barn because it had a fan, and covered it with muslin, put their gloves and tools up, washed up and headed to the house. The three of us who were working in the barn went to get the milk. They both patted me on the back before we headed to the house too.

I was feeling Taiiko because I didn't tell her were I was going. She was
busy, and I'm sure she was confused when she found my boots. The three
of us were walking, laughing, smiling. I had no idea what they were
saying but they were so happy that it was infectious. I looked and saw
Taiiko staring at me, and then start to cry as she walked in and I
thought, oh shit. Yoshi walked onto the porch and smiled as the garden
crew took there boots off and went inside. He came back out as we
walked up with the milk. I looked at him.

My friends walked into the kitchen. Yoshi took my bucket and said,
"Taiiko is fine Daniel, she didn't know were you went until she saw
you. It overpowered her. Thankfully you didn't use your new boots.
She's in her room. She's fine. I'll take that," and walked inside. I followed him.
I knocked on Taiiko's door and walked in. She stared at me, still with tears in her
eyes, looked at me and led me into the bathroom. She started to undress me
and placed my clothes in a pile. He ran hot water in the sink and grabbed a wash
cloth and began to clean me, neither of us said a word. She led me to the bed and sat me down as she undressed, she knelt and started to suck me. It wasn't necessary. I scooted back on the bed and held out my hand.

She smiled and crawled to me. She grabbed the base of my cock and moved it along her lips and then started sitting on me as we moaned. She reached for my hands, and we interlocked fingers as she started to ride up and down. She was getting faster when she leaned forward onto me and we kissed as she pushed she move forcefully, insistently, onto me. It took maybe seven thrusts and I came into her. She smiled and hugged me as she nibbled chest and shoulder. We were like that until I was no longer hard. We walked into the bathroom and she cleaned me, and then herself. We took my clothes to the laundry room and walked into the kitchen and dining room as dinner was being served. She never said a thing about why she was crying. She didn't have to.

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