Take me part 359  

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11/1/2021 12:16 pm
Take me part 359

I losing track of the comings and goings of Sara, Ama, Joseph and now Aisha, and how/why did Sara freeze Aisha in place. I wondered if she could that to me, that would be interesting, to see if what she learning to do would affect me like everyone else. I getting lost in my thoughts when I finally heard Kana.

"Daniel! You are a pretty stubborn dragon. How is this going to work if I have to call you three times before you respond." I shook my head and said sorry as she climbed off. "Where are we? It's beautiful." I shifted.

"I'm not exactly sure but it's Gaia. I figure the other dragons are somewhere like this. I didn't see birds last time." Kana said I smelled as I nodded, and asked why we were here Marnine," and that when she walked up smiling.

"Hello Love, who is your friend? Never mind, you stink of dragon so she must be your ne rider." I could feel Kana growl and get ready to grab her sword. "Calm down one, I mean you no harm and your sword would useless against me anyway, even here. I've missed you Daniel. You must promise to come more often, especially now that you're a dragon, like me, because there is even more for us to talk about. Promise."

"I promise, Marnine." She clapped like Sara did when she excited. "We need to tal" She looked intently at me, and smiled.

"You learning way faster than I thought you would. Come, bring your rider and let's have tea. I am learning to make Madeline's. You have to tell me what you thin Since I can't leave Gaia has been gracious enough to indulge me. She just brought me some Pu'erh tea from China because it's your favorite. Do you like tea..... Oh goodness, where are my manners. I'm Marnine, and you are Kana. They made an excellent choice for a rider, Daniel, absolutely excellent, I must say." We walked across the stream and into her cottage.

Kana stared around and then looked at me confused. "Marnine, how is this possible? It's beautiful here." Marnine smiled and touched her chee

"I like this one, Daniel. This is Gaia, rider. Gaia is ever expanding abundance. I am basically in prison but she is generous enough in her love to allow me this, and tea, and baking supplies, and whatever else I might , within in reason." She walked up to and kissed me. "Of course I am being a good , mostly. Which I suspect is why you are here, Daniel? Please, make yourself comfortable, Kana. Here, this is Daniel's favorite tea but I have many others that you would enjoy so please as"

"Tell me about the mara?" She smiled.

'I get bored, love, and Gaia indulges me games as long I am not hurting anyone. The mara are not threat to you love, but I didn't think it would affect Alison the way it did, that an interesting twist. You should thank me because who knew you could speak Gaelic, old Gaelic, and cast out demons. You may never have realized that if I wasn't bored. I did have a good laugh when it hit in the cave. They don't expect to be seen, or bitten, or incinerated, but they are vile creatures." I drank my tea and had a Madeline, which was quite good.

"These are very good Marnine, I must say. You have a talent for baking." She beamed which made me wonder what her childhood was like. I wondered if was like Roan's.

"Thank you, love, it means the world to me that you like them, and my childhood was similar, only worse because of the time but that is water under the bridge. After I master these, I'm going to make shortbread.' She smiled like a happy .

"Tell me about Alison." Kana sipped her tea and eating the cookies like she starving. Marnine went into the kitchen as the buzzer went off and took a new batch out and put them on racks to cool.

"They are especially good when they warm, Kana. Help yourself, . Alison, first of all the information you received from you hacker friends..... before I continue I have to say that you have an odd collection of friends, and associates, but it's not surprising given who you are. Hackers, bikers and outlaws, Me and Gaia..... she is pretty smitten with you, by the way.... samurai and ninja's, demons, dragon's and who knows what else. It's quite the impressive roster. Where were we, love?"


"Ahhhh, yes, sweet Alison. I truly didn't know the mara would follow you, or move into Alison. The information you got from...'bob,' I love that by the way..... it's accurate but the reason she mentioned wasn't because of her, it was because of her dead husband. You hellion's were quite naughty, I must say. I don't care, mind you, because Philip a pig, like all of them, and we are glad that your systematically ending them. Gaia will be a better place for it. I do have to say that watching you maneuver your way around Deat is absolutely wonderful....better than any movie."

"You have been watched by us since you were a because of who your parents were/are, especially your Ma'. It obvious that our paths would cross so I started laying the groundwork early on. When these....things.... moved into the states, and set up shop in Denver, I got interested and arranged for Alison and Ingrid to meet. You have to understand, love, that it before who I am now. Your women were a threat to me. I still don't like it, but I am getting better."

"Anyway, Alison, bless her, is as sweet and innocent as Sara. It's one reason Sara acted the way she did. Who knew she such a warrioress?" I raised my hand. 'Yes, well you would know, wouldn't you? Alison is the unfortunate victim of a series of unlikely coincidences all converging at the worst possible time. Before my time here, I wouldn't have cared. I actually would have...."

'Excuse me for interrupting, Daniel, she's right, these are are way better warm. Kana set a plate down between me and Marnine. She kissed me and went back into the kitchen."

'Thank you, Love. You scamp. You and your women, it's quite amazing. where I, ahhh, yes. Watching that information, which is true on its face, would have been a bonus, but now it's sad because Alison and Janey are perfect together. I am very curious to see how fix this like your mom told you to do."


'Yes, well I taught her well, didn't Between you and me, and the birds, I am kinda routing for her. I know, it's terrible but it's as close to love as can get, except for you. Ingrid is as conniving as they come, and she excellent at manipulation. Alison easy because she's so innocent. You have a ton of things to worry about, love, but Alison isn't one of them. Think about it. Her and Janey have been lost in each other since you got to that forsaken island. Why Ama likes it is beside me."

"I like it too, Marnine."

"Well then you are both crazy, she said laughing. I am so happy that you liked my cookies.." Kana came out and said we needed to leave. I nodded. "Kana, please come back when you can. I like you." Kana nodded. " I'll help you get back, love, if you can't."

I shifted into the dragon and Kana climbed on my bac Aisha must be sad, and jealous. I'm very glad we didn't fight, Daniel, but I did chuckle at the number of trees you destroyed, and almost sliding of that roof hysterical. You've learned a lot. Do come back, love. I enjoy your company." She scratched my chin and kissed my chee "Focus on where you to be. I nudged her because even though she wanted us dead, I did have a soft spot for Marnine. I quieted myself, focused, and we were at the cave. I flew and searched Ama's just to be sure before landing by the house.

I shifted back as Sara and Alison walked out. Kana looked at me and went inside. Alison walked up and hugged me even though I smelled. "Thank you, Daniel. We talked while you were away. You are my family and I'd rather die than hurt any of you, especially Janes." I nodded as Sara smiled, holding her nose.

"Subtle." They both laughed as we walked in. My gut said that Alison telling the truth, but I still on guard, and likely would be long after the ceremony.

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11/1/2021 4:29 pm

Puff , the War Dragon, has a permanent rider, so it looks like. Marnine, though trapped in Gaia's domain, she is still playing with Daniel with her " Mara"s " . The Plan will be coming together in a few. Wonder how it will play out!

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