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take me part 447...expanded, but will edit, agian
Posted:Nov 26, 2021 7:00 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2021 9:14 am

I had only flown in a helicopter once, but not any as nice as this one. It held all all of us but Ingrid's brother was on the floor in the back with Taiiko, Kana, and Airi's feet on top of him.. I was sitting between Annie and Sara as they both leaned into me, and hugged.. The flight didn't take as long as I thought it would. We were landing in the back pasture, behind the barn when I said I wanted to learn how to fly one of these. Annie and Sara stared at me in amazement. "What, this is more fun."

"When you stop getting shot, mister, we'll talk about it." Taiiko, Kana, and Airi agreed. We landed and Yoshi's students pulled Ingrid's brother out, and onto the ground. He screamed in pain even though the herbalist had set is ankle, and leg, and secured it well. No one else cared. Andres and Yoshi walked up and hugged me

"Thank you for keeping my family safe Danael." I nodded. Andres said hi.

"I am glad I got to see you before you we left. It was a most interesting binding, and feast, one that will not be forgotten anytime soon.. My family is honored we here to share it with your family. Please come, to Spain, or, Argentina. It is getting warm there and there is excellent hunting. Argentina. I will bring your gift there. Annie told me that Gaia gave you the gift of language, is this true?" I nodded.

"I can understand spoken, and written, but I am still learning to speak them.... hear them for they are." 'Words?" 'He was confused as I shook my head. "No, thoughts, and feelings, expressed with words." He nodded and smiled. "I have guns but if you prefer to use a bow, and have one, then bring it, my friend." I nodded as Yoshi smiled. I like Andres as I liked Yoshi, and Henry, and the rest of them. He hugged me and said goodbye. I told him we'd see them in Argentina since we had people to meet in North America. Their people were everywhere. Everyone ran out and hugged me. I was still sore.

Chloe and Janey both said..... 'What is wrong with you?" Emily and Lieve both punched me and walked away. Jake shook his head, hugged me, and followed them. Deat and Melinda walked up and Melinda punched me in the chest, hard as I grunted.

"Did that hurt?" I nodded. "Good, because husband and daughters adore you, and I like you a little. Stop getting shot." She walked off with the girls, and I still at least twelve more to deal with, at least it felt like that. I looked at Deat.

"Don't look at me, brother, I'd rather have her pissed off at you. As far as all of this goes, I'm going pretend I didn't see anything because it's outside of my jurisdiction, and I'm vacation, with that said, my friend Klaus at Interpol said they keep files via email, which they can't trace, about men, and some women, and the sex ring with detailed information, and video...incriminating video. Europe's legal is a little more harsh than the US. My team, old team, has as well are working through them, as well and arrests are being made all over Europe. These people are starting to pay their price, at least partially. I'm not saying you knew anything about this, but if you did, know. Stop getting shot."

He hugged me and walked away. I was standing by myself. Seriously, and that was when Drako, and a malicious horde of small white beasts descended upon me, viciously attacking with teeth and tongue, and barking at me....but at least I was home. I lied down and was mauled by the cutest puppies ever, half of which peed on me, including Drako...the little shit. He knew better. They were licking, and nibbling as i was laughing. The girls were looking at me.

"What are you doing?" I kept taking pups off of me, and they would keep jumping back onto me.

"Defending myself." They shook their heads. Sara said,

"You're like . DRAKO! Take your friends and go play in the barn." I stared at her.

"How did you do that? Seriously."

"We have to deal with Ingrid's brother, tell us what you heard." I told everything I could remember.

"He said the operation was off?" I nodded but he finally agreed, but they did have automatic weapons. "And are you sure that Ingrid told him to stop?"

"Yes, that's what she said in Finnish and she would have no way to know that I could understand. Do you trust me?" They all stared me, all of them and it was all no's, or various iterations of the same thing until I got Sara. She looked at me, smiled, and said "Nope."

"Good, does anyone know his name?" They all looked around at each. "I want to speak with him and Annie, I need a car available to go to Oslo." They all stared at me. Please have the kitchen make him some lunch, and me some milk, please. They stared at me but nodded, and took me to meet Ingrid's brother. They took me to a stall in the barn. I looked at the men guarding him.

"Goddammit! Take the shackles off and untie him." They looked so I roared.... "NOW!!!! and get a cart, or wheel barrow and take him to the house." They looked at Annie. "Don't look at her right now, look at me and do what I asked." They nodded. "Are there crutches?" Someone nodded and went running and met us at the back door into the kitchen. They all looked me as they helped him sit down. Annie was angry, but she didn't leave. "Please make him something to eat." They nodded as I hoped the yak's milk was still there. "Can I get a blender, ice, cacao powder, vanilla, and honey?" They nodded as I smiled.

"What's you name?"


"I'm Daniel, and you don't really want to know who these women are. How's you ankle?'

"It hurts." They put a sandwich in front of him and and started eating. I looked at Annie as she softened, nodded, and went to call the mobile vet.

"You tried to kill us, Rasmus, more than once." He stopped chewing, thinking this might be his meal. I told him to relax. "When you're finished, and we get x-rays and deal with your leg, I am going to...."

"We." I looked at Annie and Sara.

"We are going take you see your sister." He stared at us and nodded. "Take your time, and if you'd like more then let us know." I went to the counter and made chocolate vanilla, almost, milkshakes and used all of the Yak milk. We only got half a glass, even the kitchen crew, but they all stared at me. I took a sip of Sara's, and Annie's, and gave mine to Rasmus. Someone from the barn came in and said the vet was there. Rasmus finished, thanked everyone, and we walked to the barn.

"Who set these bones?" We told her. "Well, she had great skill because they are aligned well, and will heal, and the splinting she used was, well, amazing. I can wrap it in a cast easy enough but the breaks are already starting to. He should stay off of it for a couple days but he's lucky he had whoever set them, and bound them."

"We're leaving within an hour after you put it in a cast." She looked at me and Annie, who nodded.

"OK, then try and a wheelchair and keep him off of it as much as possible, and don't let him fall. It could still easily break." Annie told her to send the bill and give her the x-rays. The vet nodded. "If you need anything else let let me know."

"I will Cynthia, and thank you. " She kissed Annie, and looked at me, as she walked off. I asked if there was I should know, smiling. "Long time ago, Daniel, drop it. I'm already mad at you for getting shot. Can you have theme bring the SUV back her, please." They nodded and walked off. Annie walked up to my face. "Do know what the FUCK you are doing?" I shrugged as she punched me. She walked off saying SHIT!!!!!. Sara asked,

"Do you, love?" I looked at her.

"I don't have the answer, but he didn't want to do it. He couldn't fight those men. He created a monster he couldn't control, and he ran when given an opportunity. The other's didn't."

"Yeah, and you got shot and slid into Sweden, if you'll recall." I nodded.

"What does he have left? He has no funding and his sister, who was in charge, clearly isn't any longer. I thought if he saw how injured his sister is then maybe he would get it." I was silent.

"What, love?"

"I don't like killing people." She hugged me. "I don't know what to do with him, but he was OK with what Ingrid said about stopping. I figured he'd do well seeing what happened to his sister." Sara kissed me as she to talk with Annie and the SUV pulled up to the barn. Drakon walked out barking, walked up to me, peed, and walked back into the barn. Holy crap. We got into the SUV and drove to Oslo.

ps.... for those of you reading who have younger , or grandchildren, look for a boy called christmas. It's not terrible, and a decent story.... and christmas movies are suppose to be sappy.
take me part 446.... edit later, or tomorrow. It was edited. HAH!
Posted:Nov 26, 2021 3:34 pm
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2021 8:53 pm

I had met the people from the clans with Annie, and in an ideal world I would have spent more one on time talking with them during the party, but we were going to visit with each of them, like Andres, later. It would be a diplomatic nightmare. I needed to meet with Andres, and the girls were meeting with other people, but I also needed to attend to Ingrid's brother to see if that threat had passed. I could understand what she said on the phone and if she was lying then she was excellent at it. Given the shape she was in, the shape I caused her to be in, she'd be a fool to come after my family again, especially how generous Annie had been. I was neutral because people could do some pretty fucking stupid things, especially if power or money was involved. We were willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because Roan sincerely loved her. I was less concerned them and more about her brother and the men working with him, and we were running out of darkness. We flew to Helsinki.

I shifted as we were moving into Sweden and we ended up flying north of Stockholm heading over the Gulf of Bothnia and toward Helsinki. I had the location from 'Bob,' Javier's hacker friend, so I knew where I was going, mostly. It was north of the city in an industrial area, which was good because it would be mostly deserted. I was figuring out how to be the dragon, and what I could do, how much I could do without a rider, as usual I had way more questions than answers. I pushed to Kana to tell me to become invisible, like Malinka had done. She did but nothing happened. I was still blended, as where the girls, but we could be seen, albeit blurry.

I flew around the industrial area, searching, and found their warehouse. It was at the back end and on a small bluff. We flew around and I listened. They were all talking and Ingrid's brother told them the mission was over and they all said fuck that, they wanted their money, and to get even because we had humiliated them. I wasn't quite sure how he was going to pull that one off since it was Jaak's father, and his money, that had been funding him. They weren't buying it, at all, he never would have stood a chance against trained special forces with automatic weapons. I was listening intently but Ingrid's brother finally agreed, that was almost my downfall. I kept hearing Gaia...."even dragons die." I felt the threat the same time Taiiko did. She rolled off of me, fell, and shifted into her eagle and away, watching. I pushed to Kana and Airi to hold on raised myself to the threat from the roof so I could protect them being shot. Two men fired numerous times, my saving grace was they couldn't make me out that well but close to dozen rounds hit my chest before I scorched them as the men inside started shooting into the sky even though they had no clue what they were shooting it but they were scared and it's all they had. The last thing they saw before they died was fire. I was hurt but was able to destroy the building so there would be a lot of nothing for the investigators to find. God I was getting tired of getting shot. Kana and Airi said they were fine and that Taiiko flew behind the building. Ingrid's brother had run out the back when the men opened fired but Taiiko grabbed him by the chest and shoulders, and squeezed as he screamed, dropped his gun, and Taiiko flew off.

"Can you fly, dragon?" I told her yes but I wasn't sure for how long, certainly not back home.

"Do you remember where they took the ship in Sweden? Take me there." I flew as fast as Taiiko could carrying someone. She was a large eagle, and probably could have lifted a deer, maybe a cow, but flying a distance while carrying someone was a challenge. I had carried three of them and I was tired, the fact I had been shot numerous times didn't help matters. I followed Taiiko to Sweden. Taiiko flew next to the ship we had given them and dropped him to ground as he screamed in pain. She landed as I made a very ungraceful landing and skidded forty feet before stopping. The people of the village came running up because they knew who we were and figured something was wrong because there was a man screaming in Finnish and I slid to a landing. I was tired and in pain, but I sat up. I didn't want to shift because the rounds were armor piercing and while they didn't go through the scales completely, they did partially. I was stronger as the dragon.

Taiiko and Kana started telling them what they needed. Luckily most people in the village understood English and ran to get lights, medical supplies, and a doctor if they had one. They didn't but they had an old herbalist. Airi stroked me and tried to comfort me as Taiiko and Kana removed bullets. The herbalist looked at me, and them, and went to her home for herbs, and some sort of paste, and started filling the wounds. A few went in pretty deep because they went between the scales, but most only penetrated slightly. They put bandages of the wounds and I lied down. I was tired and fell asleep as Taiiko told the men to locked Ingrid's brother in the hold of the ship, in the cage, shackle him, and deal with his injuries. I was out could as everyone gathered around.

"Do you have a phone I can use," Taiiko asked, " and a place we could sleep. The captain of the ship nodded and handed her his phone. She called Annie. They all knew something was wrong but didn't know what. Taiiko was on speaker phone when she told them I had been shot numerous times. Silence until Annie screamed in rage.

"I'll fucking kill them with my bare hands."

"Annie....ANNIE!. Give me the phone me. GIVE me the fucking phone." How is he?" Taiiko said I was OK but asleep and we had Ingrid's brother locked in the ship. He's a dragon, Sara, he'll be fine, probably by morning. He's tired and in pain but he didn't shift back, which was smart. Deal with Annie until we can figure out what happened. I grabbed him as he was running out the back of the building." Sara agreed. "We love you and we're taking care of him. I'll call you tomorrow morning." Sara said OK and hung up as the captain approached them.

"He's secured and the herbalist is attending to him. He broke at least one of his ankles in the fall and possibly his leg, and then puncture wounds. He'll live. We'll show you where you can stay and stand watch because we consider him our dragon too." They all smiled as he lead them to a small house that was empty. "We'll take care of him if he wakes and come get all of you." They nodded and thanked them as they went inside and collapsed onto the beds as the adrenaline faded.

Dawn was breaking as I woke and shifted. I was sore, and still tired, but I shifted as the captain and herbalist walked up. It wasn't long before the girls were there hugging me. I had my shirt off and the herbalist was looking at my wounds. She had never seen this before. "Amazing, absolutely amazing. Dragons heal quickly. She put a terrible smelling paste on the wounds, which were mostly healed. "You'll be fine but it was wise you stayed as the dragon." I asked what the paste was. She smiled as she told her apprentice to run a get three jars. "It's shark liver and herbs, mashed into a paste. Its excellent for most wounds, but it smells terrible." I thanked her as the young woman ran up with three jars."

"Thank you. I'll send you silver for your help." She nodded and said that I shouldn't shift back for at least a day because I needed to rest too. The girls nodded as Taiiko called Annie and I talked with the captain.

"He's fine, just broken bones and puncture wounds but he's scared and obviously not please by his accommodations, no one chooses to shit in a bucket. I'd say he got off easy." I nodded as the girls walked up and hugged me. Taiiko said,

"You need to stop getting shot, but reacted well and likely saved your riders. It's a good thing you have those scales." I nodded. "Sara, Ama, and everyone else, have talked Annie off the ledge. She was going to kill both Roan and Ingrid last night." I nodded. "Sara and Annie are on the way. Annie chartered a helicopter because they want us home, and they want to speak with him," as she pointed to the ship. "Yoshi will get him to talk and it will be good training." Kana and Airi both nodded. I never wanted them mad at me. They'll be here in a few hours."

"Please call them back and have them bring six ounces of silver with them," she nodded." Kana and Airi took me to the house they stayed in so I could wash up and brush my teeth. The captain handed me a clean shirt.

"It should fit since we have similar builds....well, when you're not a dragon." We all laughed. "We have breakfast for all of you, and raw milk." I hugged him and said thank you. We ate, chatted, walked around and looked at all of the things we didn't last time we there. People came up to all of us and shook our hands, or hugged us. These were Ama's people but it still made uncomfortable. They were showing us the ship, and how much work they had done when we heard the helicopter approaching. It landed on the expanse by the sea as Annie and Sara got and walked toward us. I was so getting bitten, which I did. Annie on shoulder and Sara on the other. They both said, at the same time...

"What did we tell you about getting shot?" I nodded as the captain walked up, smiling as Sara said,

"Thank you for watching over him, and healing his wounds. It won't be forgotten." Annie handed me the silver as I walked to the herbalist and handed her three ounces. She smiled and took two saying Gaia provided everything. I nodded as I walked to the captain and said thank you handing him the other four ounces.

"Please compensate whoever gave up their house last night and share the remainder and let us know if there is anything else we can do." He tried to give it back because of the ship, and their share, but we'd have none of it. He nodded as we said goodbye got on the helicopter, with Ingrid's brother and headed home. I was glad I wasn't him.
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take me part 445.. edited
Posted:Nov 25, 2021 5:16 pm
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Annie and Sara smiled, hugged and kissed us, and said not get too drunk. I pushed and felt Taiiko flying. I could also feel the wolves patrolling, there wasn't any problem but I had split duties. I needed to check on Ingird's brother, and his friends, but I also needed to spend time with Andres because Annie's family had known them for so long and linked early on. They didn't need tell me what they were asking me to do....what was more important for me to do. I was a mutt, but my blood ran through strong lines. I knew what I needed do. We walked into the kitchen as the staff was cleaning up. Alissa, the 'real' person in changed walked away from cleaning as Andres and I were becoming friends. She opened the fridge, took out a plate, and set it on the counter. Andres watched in silence.

"There is yak milk, for later, but we all added a bit off your plate so that we all ate. You didn't need to do what you did, especially after today...especially after what you did for Miriam, Roan, and Ingrid. A clan is only as strong as it's weakest links. You either purge them, like Marnine, or you give them a chance to fix things." She kissed my cheek, smiled, nodded at Andres out of respect, and left, with both of us silent and stunned.

'You still hungry?" He nodded as I grabbed the large plate, napkins, and forks and he grabbed the bottle and glasses as we walked to the least crowed fire.

"You have good people, but you treat them family. You aren't worried about that?" That said a lot to me, because of the history. I shook my head no as I set the plate on the table and handed him a fork for the sides. We each grabbed half a steak sandwich with some sort of amazing relish, and mustard. I didn't know about him but l loved it, and all of the sides. "You're not worried about them taking advantage?" I shook my head and said not at all.

"People do things because of the way they are raised, or treated, mostly, very few are born bad. I haven't met a bad person here yet, or associated with Yoshi and Taiiko...or in Denver. We're family. Annie treats their workers well, as do Yoshi, and Taiiko, as does our family in Denver. I've got no interest in being lord of the manor, and if I was, they wouldn't have offered us a plate from theirs, because I would have just taken it and not cared." He was quiet for a long time as we finished the food.

"One thing is for sure, you have better cooks, but not all clans think of it that way. Mine didn't until not to long ago." I nodded. "Andres, change takes time. We will not lead by force unless we must. We choose to lead by example. You've known Annie for most of her life, would you expect her to be any different?" He laughed and said no as Unc, Henry, Yoshi and Deats walked up and sat down. We past the bottle of brandy around and talked about all manner of bullshit as we laughed. Henry said, and the three nodded...

"Don't ever give us that hell's brew of whatever it was again, or we will all hurt you." Andres looked at me confused so I told him what I found overseeing the meat. He howled, as he said...

"Raw eggs and pickle juice." I nodded as I said and hot sauce. He laughed again as everyone else started to smile. Deat said...

"Was that really what it was?" I nodded. "Well, it worked and made us puke our guts multiple times, and the pancakes and bacon was a sound idea." We all nodded.. Guys. We spent the next hour or so finishing the bottle, and becoming friends with Andres. I excused myself, hugged all of them and told Andres we were looking forward to Spain and hearing about the origins of his family. He nodded as I picked up the plate and walked to the kitchen. I cleaned them and drank water as I walked out and behind the barn. I could feel Taiiko, Kana, and Airi follow. I didn't need to say anything because we were all linked, I just shifted as they got on and I blended, because I was still working on the invisible bit Malinka showed me, and we flew to Finland. If we had time, I wanted to stop at Gotland on the way back, or to the folks in eastern Sweden. It was going to be a long night. I just hoped I didn't drop any of them.
take me part 444... edited, maybe.
Posted:Nov 25, 2021 3:27 pm
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I nodded because I knew was no way I would win against them. They all smiled as Taiiko said,

"See, he's not dumb, I'm going with you as she walked away." We all looked at her, and then I looked at Kana and Airi, and said 'HAH' as I turned and waked the party too. They both growled and pounced on me as they bit me, and tickled me. They rolled off as we all stood.

"Still..."HAH!" They smiled, kissed my cheeks, and we walked toward the festivities. The girls all smiled, even Ama, because they thought I bolted. I tried to because I hated these things. Sara and Annie walked up with a tray of champagne.

"It's from Ama. I nodded. We've been telling Andres of your time in the past because you share heritage. His ancestors lived in the area ours did." I stared at them. Annie spoke.

"It's fine, love, I've known his family my entire life. Our clans linked against Marnine when she was bad. He's family." We nodded and hugged.

'Do you know where, Danael ? My family originated in the Rus states but moved toward what be on the Black sea now."' I shook my head but said I thought it was farther north, and a bit to the east.

"Is your family still ." He nodded.

"Yes, spread out, but also in Spain, and in South America. I'm not sure, but I think we are more spread out than any other clan, except the unaffiliated ones. Annie said you plans of uniting them into a new clan so they no longer feel isolated. Is this true?" I nodded, as smiled, and grabbed my forearm, as I grabbed his. "That is good Dragonbear." Sara looked at me as she mouthed...."FAMILY." He laughed. "Where were you in the previous time?"

"Farther east, and to the south. I lost track of time but I knew the basic direction we needed to go. I had no idea where we were when both Mongols, and the Norsemen, cornered us, but I knew I needed get Ceba to the Norse."

"You fought them both. I nodded but sadly the Mongols got to us first. They were closer so I made Ceba run. I thought if I could kill them first then I had a chance to keep us going but were too many, but she was where I was meant to take her.

"They killed you?" I nodded and told him the leader." He looked at me and smiled. "That would be high honor, for the Norse, and was a good day for the tribe, even if not for you. would aided the woman you brought them because was good magic." I nodded. "And what of your death?" I told him they left me for the wolves and bears, like the rest. He looked me. "Did they kill you first?" I said yes. "Then was a good death, Danael. "Come, let's sit by the fire and talk more." He took Annie and Sara's hands. "Your family must come visit us in Spain, if Ama can spare you, because I another gift after this story. belongs on Ama's island, secure, but let us share a Brandy as I tell you of 's origins, and about my family's." He slapped my back as we went inside find the Napolean Brandy, which might actually been his. was going be a long night but the girls were smiling. I stilled needed fly.
take me part 443,,,edited,
Posted:Nov 23, 2021 10:04 pm
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I was quiet as we drove home because we still needed to deal with a feast but I was trying to figure out if I could trust Ingrid and Roan, or if they had just buried their anger. I wasn't sure, but no one died at the binding, and the amount that was draped over our wrists was
amazing. I was going flying tonight, and I'd take Kana and Airi to appease them. I loved these women but boy were they a handful.

"You OK mister?" I looked at them hugging each other in the passenge rseat and nodded. God, I loved these women.

"I'm fine, but I'm not sure we can't not them." Silence.


"You can bury anger deep, so no one cans see it until you want them too. I hurt them both. They're only alive because of of you. I would have killed them to keep you safe. I'm not proud of it, but I would have done it."

"Like Ceba?" I choked up, and nodded. Annie looked at Sara and she told her about Ceba as I drove. I had things to process, it seemed. Annie looked at me. "Danael, you to let her go to save her life. You didn't have many choices. You're too hard yourself." Annie nodded

'You're the father of all of us?" I thought.

'Maybe at some point, but not then. She was already pregnant. I loved her, but I had to get her close to here." Silence as Annie slapped me, which was unexpected.

"Annie.... stop." He was doing what Gaia wanted and we are alive because he did it. He died saving her, Annie. Mongols, and Vikings. He's a dragon Annie and he moves through time." She still didn't like it. We pulled in and the drive was packed...the yard was packed, and
the backyard was packed. We took the trays and dishes into the kitchen. The girls left, laughing, and I asked what I could do. They looked at me, and pointed. Peel. I smiled. It was probably an hour when ALL the girls walked into the kitchen. I was mostly clean.

"We're taking him, sorry. What is wrong with you? We have guests. Roll your sleeves down and try to be presentable because these are the other clan leaders." I growled. "Be nice Danael, we need to work with them. I nodded even though I hated it. I'd rather be in the
kitchen, or the barn.....or in the past. We walked up and Annie was getting ready to speak.

"I apologize for my rudeness, truly. I'm not use to all of this and the people in the kitchen needed help when I checked on them. I lost track of time. I meant no disrespect. Ice couldn't have melted in my mouth as Annie and Sara stared at me. We talked with all of the leaders, and while it was a feast, and a time of enjoyment, we all made bonds. I still hadn't eaten as all of the girls walked up holding white puppies, smiling.

"WAIT, you haven't eaten?" They all hit me as the puppies barked...great. We walked into the kitchen as the sun was going down. It was only around six.

"All we have is food for the people that work her ma'am. We can use that." I shook my head.

"Is there milk, cheese, and bread." She nodded as people brought it. I drank two glasses of milk and had cheese and rye bread. I was happy. I picked up my plate and glass, but they stopped me. I nodded and said thank you. I wanted to help them clean, because of Henry's, but they wouldn't let me. "Enjoy your families." They smiled as we walked out. I was SO out of my depth.

Annie hugged me. "You did well with the clan leaders. They were impressed. You are very good with these people because they don't you yet and you take them off guard....none them help their staff. You did well dragon. I sorry you didn't eat.

"I ate."

"Cheese and bread.... and milk." I kissed her, and smiled. There were more guests than we thought and the I wasn't taking the staff's food. It's like I can't find something to eat, besides, like the cheese and milk here, and especially the bread. We walked to the party, and drank more than we should have. I was distracted on so many fronts but I tried to be there. It didn't matter because the girls were the girls and charmed all of them. I walked behind the barn and got ready to shift when Kana and Airi walked up...and stared at me.

"We're going with you dragon, but tend your guests." Taiiko walked up and nodded. "They're right and I've already. My vision isn't as good as yours but they're still pretty good." I nodded to the yard.
take me part 442.... edited
Posted:Nov 23, 2021 8:32 pm
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The girls were playing with the dogs, and needed to get ready, so did I, but we had indoor plumbing, and hot water. I walked to the back of the barn and looked around as Taiiko walked up. "If they are there, we hunt together." I nodded as we shifted, and flew. There was no one around except wolves. The encircled us and howled as we passed. We had
good friends. We flew past them, just in case, but there was nothing. We landed by the trees and Taiiko attacked as she pushed herself onto . We made love on the ground. I knew the wolves were close but they didn't seem to mind. I came in her as sher lied on me, and bit. "We miss you.." I nodded, turned her over, lifted her hips and fucked her until I was hard again. She bit me again when we done.

"We have to go, mister." I kissed her and nodded. "Thank you. We all miss you." I nodded. We walked to Ama's so we could get ready. I didn't think anything was going to happen but I was still on edge. People were already showing up because we were doing the hand binding at noon. We had married ourselves, and with everything that happened, this was easier, and we would have the day, well most of us. Annie, Sara, and I needed to go to Roan and Ingrid, and I might needed to deal with Ingrid's brother, but that was later.

I walked to our room, one that hadn't I spent much time in recently, and started to cry, as the girls walked around and hugged me. They had pressed my kilt, and shirt, and socks. Yoshi oiled my moccasins because I was unorthodox, and left me a pouch and . I smiled because I had a little bit from everywhere.. They all kissed and said to shower in Jake's and Emily's bathroom. I knocked as they were coming out front.

"Get kicked out?" I nodded. I had to figure out the mist because I had too many places to be, and too much to do. I showered and opened the door as Kana and Airi were staring at . Fuck.

"Tell us dragon."

"Can this wait?"

"Tell us." FUCK!

"Can I have a towel, please, because I do have some place to be." They both growled. "Dragons need riders, and I am a dragon in different places. You'd like them." They stared at me. "I think you need to to talk with either Aisha, or Gaia. They set it up, now unless
you're going to take advantage of me, I have to get ready . They snorted, chuckled, and walked out. Jesus Christ. I got dressed and walked back to our room as the girls dressing in pastel dresses....long, flowing dresses. They looked at me, smiling, as I cried again. Thet were exquisite Jake, Em, and Anna came in and hugged us.

I couldn't believe it. They each a band of woven flowers and branches on their heads, and they all placed one on mine. We should have done it in front of the people but we didn't care. We walked to the main hall as I gave Ama, Miriam, and clan their gifts, and Ama gave me the rings. We'd take Roan's later. I didn't need to do anything else. Everyone walked out front around us stood in a circle. I think they were protecting us as well. Ama brought Miriam and our family's and they all stood in front of us. I pushed but felt nothing. We could have had words in either Gaelic, or Norse, but we chose silence. A wolf walked up, and a fox, and they both sat as Drakon walked up and did the same. We intertwined are arms so we were linked and Ama bound us. The people that wanted to could drape our hands with something. We were there for a long time. When they stopped, close to two pm, Jake, Emily, and Annika walked up and started taking everything off that was draped over our hands and I placed rings on everyone fingers except Sara. I just handed it to her so she could give it to Melissa. And we were bound.

Everyone clapped spent time meeting and talking, and being diplomatic. Ama would tell me later that many of things we were draped with were centuries old. I stared at her but she nodded. "You, and the girls, bring these people hope Danael. They give you their past so you can help them build their future." I cried for the third time as Ama hugged me. "Take food to Roan and Ingrid and think about her brother." I nodded. I have their gifts in the SUV."

"Their?" She smiled. Ingrid likes pretty stones too. She kissed my cheek. Sara, Annie , and I headed to Oslo as everyone else was starting to have a feast. We pulled up to the rehab center and walked in. Annie went and talked to them and there were men with gurneys. we unloaded the food, the Bonsai tree for Roan, and parked the truck. It wasn't a huge place, but it was nice, and pricey. Ingrid was lucky. I walked inside holding the bag Ama had given me. I didn't look in it. I was still uncertain how I would be with her, or her brother. Annie wanted him, and his friends, dead, but she was angry. I walked to the desk.

"Thank you for the food." I smiled. "They are at the end of hall, on the right." She pointed as I nodded. I walked in and cried for the fourth time that day because I had hurt Ingrid worse than I thought. I walked out as Sara followed me. We walked outside.

"You didn't know?" I shook my head. "You almost ripped her arm off. She'll be able to walk, with a limp, and get some use of her arm. We have the best surgeons working with her, and therapists. You did what you did to keep us safe. You could have killed her, them, and you
would have been justified. Come back inside, love" FUCK!

I walked back inside and Roan walked up to me and kissed me. "This is the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. Thank you Danael." I nodded and told her Ama could tell her how to care for it. I walked to the bed and looked at Ingrid.

"Thank you for including us in the feast. You didn't have to. I nodded.

"How is it?" She smiled ans said you haven't eaten yet?" "No, we eat last." She nodded and held up a fork saying it was good. I sat on the bed as Annie and Sara sat on the chairs with Roan. I was quiet as she ate.

"Are you going to keep trying to hurt my family? The only reason you're alive is because Sara said I couldn't kill either of you." I handed a leather pouch. It's from Ama. She said you you like stones. She stared at it, held it and handed it to Roan as I stepped back. It was a piece of Jade that Karina would be jealous of. There was a note which Ingrid showed Roan, and then handed to me. It said.... "BE NICE." I figured Gaia was trying. I handed it back and nodded as Ingrid and Roan held what was obviously a very old piece of Jade. It was a wonderful gift but I was a little confused, which was normal. I looked at Ingrid.

"I want your brother, and his friends, to stop. I don't want to end them, but I will if they keep trying to hurt my family." She looked at me and nodded as Roan handed her the phone. She spoke in Finnish, but I understood what she said and she told him it was over. I didn't
completely believe it, and would check, but it was a start. I looked at Roan. "The same goes for you. I won't do this again, no matter how mad Annie and Sara are. Understand?" She nodded.

"I'm glad you like your tree...." Ingrid was leaning in and looking at it. "It was grown by a master, and I got one different tree for your mom, and Ama, and the clans....and you, obviously. He had a Rowan tree so it was kind of a no-brainer." They laughed. "It's at least twenty years old." They stared at me in disbelief. 'I know, right, but look at the trunk...."

We talked while Annie and Sara smiled. I didn't like hurting people, or animals. I was sad as we took trays, plates, and whatnot back to the SUV. I got in and was quiet. They waited. "I think they are in a good place. Sara's right, people deserve a second chance. I don't think they should be banished, but it's not my . Roan obviously cares for her." They smiled and nodded. "Was there enough food?' They laughed and said people were taking food home, and they gave food to the other patients. I smiled.

"It's not a large place, but it's the best in Norway. It was Annie's sister." I nodded.

"'I'm hungry." They both laughed and nodded as we drove home, but I hadn't figured bringing so much the rehab center, how many guests there would.
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I finished eating breakfast and laughed when they walked in. None of you thought that last night was a bad idea? And you wonder why women think men a stupid...... more pancake, less bacon. Come on Drakon. Drakon?" He didn't even look at me, the little shit. I washed my stuff and thanked them and went to check on the meat these four idiots were suppose to be dealing with, and felt the wolves approaching. I shifted, roared, and ran as the girls came running out. Annie saw me running and went back inside to tell everyone in case we needed to fight. Drakon tore after me as Sara grabbed him by the back legs. I met them at the tree line so there was more space and waited. Fenrir, Loki's , came out but there were a lot wolves.

"We mean you no harm, dragonbear. I wanted to apologize. My father has always been an annoyance, but he's my father." I nodded. "We wanted to wish you a good feast." Drakon ran up and growled at him. Fenrir was larger than I was, and I was a large bear. He lowered his nose and they sniffed. "I'm sorry about your kin, young dragon." He walked up to Sara and lowered his head. "We're sorry miss." She scratched his ears as I shifted since they meant us no harm. He looked at me. "Thank you for watching over our kind in the past. We'll do the same here." I rubbed his cheeks. He howled and they ran back into the. I looked at Sara, stunned, as I picked Drakon up and we walked back to the house.

"You have a friend Danael....a good friend.... maybe not Loki so much." We laughed as the girls walked up ready to fight. "It's fine... Daniel and Fenrir needed to meet and let go of the past." We walked back to the house when a horn sounded out front. We looked at each other and trotted to the front drive. There were trucks waiting in a line.


"I'm Annie. What is this?" He shrugged .

"This trucks has dogs and those two have goats, sheep, and small cows." The girls ran to the truck with the dogs. I climbed on the lead truck with the livestock and told them where to go as we drove behind the barn. There were Highland cattle and sheep, and cashmere
goats, multiple breeding stock of each. The people at the barn came out as we started unloading them and taking them into the barn and gave them hay and a bit of of sweet feed to ease their angst. The looked at me. I shrugged as I looked at the man in charge. He handed me an envelope.

"I was just told to deliver them here."

'Have your men eaten, yet?'" He shook his head. Handed the letter to Sara and Annie, told him to follow me as we went to the house. The people in the other truck were already eating as the girls were dealing with Great Pyrenees puppies, and their parents. Drakon was over the moon happy. "Go inside and eat...and thank you." They smiled, and nodded as the walked up to . I knelt as the female walked up also. They both sniffed and put their heads under my arms as Sara knelt. They licked our faces and went back to their pups, and drakon. Sara hugged .

Drakon has his family back. What else did Gaia ." I stared at her.

"You won't believe it." The same was sent to Iceland... Haagerstadt would be busy, as would Jake and Emily. Sara stood and hugged me.

"This is a good omen, Dragon. Gaia is blessing our wedding, but I still needed to deal with Ingrid, and her brother...and his friends.
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Drakon curled on his wool next to the fireplace and fell asleep, instantly. He would have a good tomorrow. I checked on the girls. The were all curled together but I wasn't tired. I headed to the barn to check on the animals as the wolf walked up. "You don't sleep .much" I nodded as I asked if he had a name. He shook his head no and said they didn't need them as I nodded. "You have many humans here. worried for my pack" I nodded.

"They are doing work here. The big man the end of the road. His name is Hammish. Daniel. He'll be here in a few hours and I'll introduce you as your pups play with ours. Hammish and his wife Ilsa are good people. He'll tell these men to leave your pack alone. I'll see if I can find a deer after I check the barn, are you the same place. He nodded.

"How is it that you speak with wolves?" I told him I thought it was because I could change into a bear, and a dragon, but wasn't quite sure. I'll be away for a time. Will you after the women?" He nodded. "Go back to your pack and I'll bring meat if I can find it." He butted my leg and trotted into the darkness as I went into the barn to check on the animals. The girls were almost finished with cleaning the hides. I threw hay in for the goats and mules some meat for the pigs. I closed the barn, shifted and flew, which meant another cold bath.

I flew over the ridge, to the east and looked. I wanted to get a sense what animals where around. It was still bitterly cold, and wouldn't shift probably for a month, maybe longer. I found deer and took an older and flew to where the wolves were, hovered and dropped it as they howled. They needed meat like we needed meat. I looked for a large . I didn't like it because they needed their herd healthy but there a lot of men here working, and they needed food. I took the largest I could find and flew to Hammish's. I set it down, shifted, and told the it was . I opened the door as Hammish yelled.

"It's , Hammish. You have better knives and I have meat." He said he'd be there after he got dressed. I did find good people. I was sharpening knives when Hammish came in carrying lamps.

"It's easier during the ." I laughed and nodded.

"I have to leave soon to finish something important and not sure how long I'll be gone." He nodded. "There's a new pack of wolves, smaller, but we are working together. They know to leave you alone, and your animals. They'll be home a later. Make it known to the men that they leave them alone. I brought meat to them too. Malinka will be mad because I didn't take the hide." He laughed. "This should last until I get back so they can feed the men." He nodded as we skinned it, gutted it, and started to butcher. I took the buckets of blood and put them of the way as Hammish cut it into pieces, and I hung them to cool. He was WAY better it. I put some in clothe and got a mule ready and tied them onto him. I took some for our pigs and helped him finish as Ilsa came

"You smell, and you're bloody. Irina will be angry... your clothes." I told her it was to cold to do this naked. She laughed and said to stop.

"We have wolves again. A new pack is here. They are coming to Daniel's for an introductions." She nodded. "We're fine but I want to meet them, you come too." Ilsa nodded.

"I'll have Malinka and Sofi come down and help you with the hide." He nodded. "You and Malinka can fight over who gets it." He laughed and put his hands up as I climbed onto the mule. I'll See you soon and enjoy the heart." They nodded as I rode home. I hung the meat, put the mules in the stall...ours were getting used to having visitors, and gave them some grain when I felt the wolf walk up.

"You've been busy dragonbear. Thank you for the deer. In this weather, that will last until we can find game." I nodded as I gave the pigs a treat. "You treat your animals well, not all humans do.

"They provide for us, and help us, and give us joy...and that goat there." He looked through the fence. "They deserve respect just like you deserve respect." He was silent.

"My pack is thankful and they wanted you to know. They are sleeping with full bellies.." I smiled, and nodded as he walked . It was amazing how large he was. I went to the stream, bathed and walked home naked, which was dumb, but my clothes smelled worse than I did. I walked inside as Irina stood in front of me, hands on her hips.

"Where have you been, and why are you naked?" She grabbed a blanket and took me to the fire to get . Drakon didn't budge. I told her what I was doing.

"Two deer?" I nodded.

"One for the wolves, and one for you and the men. I have to leave and not sure for how long." She nodded but I could feel the sadness in her heart. "I'll be back but there are things we need to deal with in that time. The wolves are coming this morning they can meet you and the girls and because their pups wanted to play with Drakon." She laughed. Hammish and Ilsa are coming too. Hammish will see to it that the men leave the wolves alone and if see you any them around it's because I asked them to watch over you.

"You don't think we can take care of ourselves..."

"It's got nothing to with that, sweets. Friends watch over friends. I want them as friends which means you have to trust each other." She kissed me and grabbed for my balls.

"Still hiding....I'll make tea and porridge." I smiled as she walked to the kitchen and I marveled how I could be so lucky to have women like these in multiple places. I needed to figure what to do about Ingrid's brother. I figured I'd wait until we saw her and then go from there. I hoped there would be no more killing. I shook my head as I walked in the kitchen because Malinka and Sofi were having sex...again.. I hugged Irina. "We'll miss you but Sofi isn't my ." She laughed as I pinched her butt. making us breakfast. I lifted her nightgown, and a leg and put inside of her as she wrapped her leg around . Her clit was rubbing against as we made love and came.

"Who needs breakfast?" She laughed as she kissed me. "You do, mister. take your dog and get more wood." I did. Drakon followed and growled. 'It's OK, drakon, they are friends. He looked took three steps forward and barked. The wolf bent down and sniffed him but Drakon didn't back away.

"He's part wolf?" I nodded. "It show's. He yipped and five wolf pups around Drakon's age walked up. They sniffed each other and went tearing to the front yard as I took wood to the front porch and sat. It was good timing because Hammish and Ilsa rode up in the wagon, the female wolves walked around the house, watching, and the girls came and laughed the pups playing, and roughhousing.

"Are you the one in your pack that understands ?" He shook his head no. I introduced everyone as Malinka walked down the stairs and sat next to and extended her hand. The wolf smelled and licked her hand as the females, and other males did the same. The rest of them did as well as we all watched the pups. He yipped and their pups ran to him as everyone but him ran back to the woods.

"You're men are coming. We trust you, but not them. We'll watch over you women and your pup." I nodded as he ran to his pack.

Ilsa stared at me. "That was amazing." I told her that I thought he was part of Teesha's pack, but I wasn't sure but they're friends. Hammish said he'd tell the men to leave them alone if they saw them or they would answer to him, and make his pigs happy. It would have worked on me. I built a fire in the ring as the girls brought porridge and tea. I hugged the girls and told them I needed to go but that I would be back....none of them were happy. I hugged Ilsa as Hammish and I walked to the barn.

"I shouldn't be to long but Irina speaks and has silver if you need it." He nodded. "The wolves will watch over the girls and when I get back we can figure about breeding mules and making wagons." He laughed.

"I think the mules can figure it out. We need to focus on securing this land and then building houses. We'll need more tools, and mules....and wood, but there are lots of trees." I nodded.

"Talk with Irina about the silver and I'll bring more." We walked into the barn so he could get his mule. Joseph was sitting on the bench waving his legs.

"Hello, Joseph." He jumped down as Hammish reached for his knife.

"He's my friend, Hammish....our friend." He nodded. "I think he is here to help get back without falling, I hope so. He put the knife back into it's sheath, hugged ,and got his mule.

"Come back soon, dragon. We have a lot to do." He nodded Joseph, who nodded back, and left.

"I wouldn't want him mad , and you have new have been busy, and is it true you want to build a grist mill? Any idea where you'll get the stones?"

"None, Joseph."

"Well, if they could build the pyramids then you should be able to build a mill, and bank, and town.... Loki had no right using and we will have a.....discussion about it once he finds his head. here to show you how to walk through the mist." I nodded and told him good because I was tired of falling. He laughed as mist appeared and we walked in. I immediately felt like I was in a tornado and then we landed in Norway. Joseph walked and I got flung . I rolled half a dozen times and landed as the girls looked down shaking there heads, and Drakon barked, and peed, before walking away. I stood up and dusted myself..

'What time is it?" Annie said it was a after .

"Sara said you have new wolves." I nodded as Joseph said he was going to check on the meat. I looked at Annie. "All night, it's amazing any of them are still alive and you would think Yoshi would know better."

"Do you have dill pickles and sauce?" She nodded. "Come on." We walked into the house
and I cracked a raw into four glasses, added pickle juice, and a splash of sauce. All the girls walked up and stared and looked Annie.

"I think it's for the men?" I handed two of the glasses to Annie, and took two. "Does this work?" I told her that I no idea but if it made them puke, then they'd probably better....that and pancakes and bacon. We all walked to the spits as four grown adults stared up us. We handed them the glasses.

"Drink." They looked at the glass. "DRINK." They did, made disgusting faces and threw up at their feet. Chloe and Sara handed them rags and water, and tried not to laughed. I shook my head and went inside for pancakes and bacon followed by Drakon. "So now you like me?" I ate and gave Drakon snacks. It was going to be a long .
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The girls had too much mead. I put them to bed as they reached for me, and fell asleep. I smiled wrapped them in wool, and went outside. I pushed and the wolves were where I left them. It wasn't Teesha but they weren't mean to us, and I didn't mind having new friends. I turned as a fox walked up. I smiled.

"Will you walk with me dragon?" I nodded.

"You did well with Ceba, even though you were thrown into it. You wanted stones for a Siren, and I wanted her where she ended up." I stared at her. Why?" Silence.I waited as we walked.

"Teesha," I stared at her as she laughed. "You saved Teesha so her pack could survive, but you also saved Teesha so her pup would live. I wanted the same thing. I am sorry it was painful, and you died. You fought well and did what I needed.

"How do I live, and then not live, Gaia. I died trying protect Ceba....I went back three times before Sara and Annie stopped me."

'You die were where you die Danael.... bears... dragons...humans. You all die at some point. Dragons live longer, but they aren't usually connected with a human, that also fights like a bear. You impressed Vikings, which is saying a lot, and the fact you fought so hard made them protect her."

" There is good and bad in everyone. I merge them together. You are who are because of that as that wolf is" Drakon didn't bark at Gaia... just sat and watched. "I sent you new wolves. Take care of them because winter isn't over. Tell them. They will help you when you need it." I nodded.

You are dealing with my needs because of you are who you are, dragon. You hurt Ingrid, and Roan is tied to her, but you are doing everything you can to help her. It's good you will share the feast with them. All things take time in family's...but they suss out." I nodded.

"Ingrid's brother, and the people he knows?" Silence. Shit. Gaia chased Drakon around for a bit, playing with her, having fun before sitting in front of me.

"I can't help you that except to say that he's still a threat. They've ineffective, but they aren't without skills. Enjoy your feast." She turned and walked into mist. I So wish someone would teach me how to do that. I told Drakon to pee and we walked inside. It going to be hard to leave this place. It hard to leave everywhere.
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I put the wood by the fireplace, and the split wood in the kitchen." Irina smiled and kissed me.

" our back door?"

"I'll figure it out, or they'll be dead by the time I leave." She punched me and walked away. Shit. I'll be bac I went outside, and shifted into the bear. I missed the bear. I looked for them. It wasn't hard because of the meat. They didn't know I was there until the wind shifted. I walked out. There were ten including females and pups. I shifted and sat. It was dark but I still had the enhanced senses. They were lasting longer.

"My women are scared of you, and I don't to kill your pack, or your pups, but I will." He looked at me.

"How can you speak to me in my head?" I told him

"We are your friends, and the big man at the end of the road, but our pups would like play with your pup. She is fierce. I nodded. "You leave my people, and animals, alone?" He nodded. Come tomorrow morning, and our pups can play and we introduce our family's." He nodded. I shifted and walked to the stream to bath. I almost to the house when I dropped. I exhaled, loudly out of annoyance, and pushed myself up.

"Big boy, welcome bac"

"Uncle Billy?"

"Of course, I'm teaching these Neanderthal's how to slow cook meat. We are having robust discussions."

"And are you consuming any alcohol?" They nodded and shook their head's. "Has anyone been burned?" They all raised their hands as i shook my head and laughed." "Where's Sara, or Annie?" They all pointed in different directions. "Thanks...don't kill yourselves." Jesus Christ. I walked the house as drakon ran up to me and barked. She peed and ran, barking. I chased until I got her. I looked up and the women I loved the most were standing around me.

"Are you trying to hurt our wolf?"

"This", as I tickled her belly and she laughed.



"Don't you do it, mister." I tickled Drakon until she peed, and I got pounced on, and bitten... A Lot. We were all laughing, but drakon still annoyed and peed on me before walking off. Chloe and Lieve went to get him because he miffed.

"You're back, early. Did you see them roasting?" I nodded as they all laughed. "How is our past?" I told them complicated. They nodded as they all kissed me and went back to what they were doing. Sara and Emily walked with me.

"Ama misses you, but she is spending a lot of time with Miriam. She stung you because it a reaction for Roan, don't hold it against her. She a good witch, and she's trying." I nodded

"How are Roan and Ingrid?" Sara stared at me.

"Ingrid is having a hard time, which means Roan is having a hard time."

"I'll be back early because I don't sleep much. I need food prepared for them, and the people at the hospital, or wherever she is. I'll take it after the binding."



"We'll take it." I nodded How are Sam and Javier?" She laughed. "Mags and Bet said they are great. The best thing you could have done... leave, not in a bad way, goofball. They filled the void you left....we left... and filled well. Maggie and Bet are going to bite you, hard, because they are SO happy about it, especially Bet...for obvious reasons." I nodded. "Tina, and Annie are getting plans made for us to go bac We have the fish dinner/family reunion with one of your Frank, our pizza guy." I nodded. It seemed like years ago, but it wasn't. "Henry's might be ready. We don't know, but we have all known Frank for a long time, and his family is coming in from Italy, even Mama.. We'll be ready. Go stay as long as you can. We'll see you when you get here." I kissed her and dropped.

I opened my eyes with a goat licking me. Goddammit!
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We rode back home. We had land thanks Hammish. We got Irina's, which I suppose was mind and fell of the mule as i waved at him as he walked away. Shit. I opened my eyes and I was in my cave. I smiled, and rolled over, as a fox screeched. ! If you've heard that, its almost as bad guinea hens.. "FINE!!!!" I walked ou of the cave.


"Gaia was looking up at me. I looked down.


"Walk with me because been losing things you love, and your tired, but your work isn't over. You are laying the base Sara...for all of you, but mainly for Sara." I stared at her. She smiled. "You're twins, Danael, not physical, but you can't do this alone. You need her for the past like she needs you for the future. You are stronger now, because you need be. She helps you as she can. She is learning be a strong witch in her own right, but you are a dragon. Your magic can't compare humans, but you are still , as a dragon even though you walk through time. Dreka is still watching you."

I woke, said Shiit, and walked the mule into the barn. I gave him hay, and grain, nd walked to the house. was a fire out front. was heading toward dusk as i walked up. They waved, or nodded. I guessed everyone knew me, in some fashion. I walked least I didn't smell. The girls smiled at me.

"They did a lot, even with you and Hammish gone. Did you find your watermill?" They laughed and I saw the mead. "We are tipsy but they got a lot done, and Hammish but the fear of Gaia into the them. We need more mead... ca ur mill make mead?" I shook my head as I put Irina onto the bed and went into the kitchen. I walked outside and asked if anyone wanted more. They all raised their hands. I laughed and nodded as I grabbed the pot.

" you eaten?" They shook their heads. Irina?" They shook their heads. cut the bread as I filled our bowls, and then two other. We walked out as I put a large spoon of stew in everyone's bowls, and the girls gave them the rest of the bread. They weren't like the men in the barn. they ate and set their bowls and spoons on the porch and went their camps. I came out and took everything in, and put dirt on the fire. I was finishing up when Irina hugged me from behind.

"I fell asleep." She n=bit my shoulder.

"Mead can do that." She bit me harder.

"Did you find your mill? I can remember if I asked. I turned and grabbed her as i pulled her into me. She gasped as I kissed her. "Save that for the girls, but I'm glad you fancy me. I'll finish here. Tend to the fire. We could hear someone having an orgasm. I walked to the fireplace shaking my head. I put wood on the fire and went out back to get more and . I put my cloth down and . I tried half shift so I had the senses. worked. were four wolves. I pushed the alpha.

"Do you know I am?" Silence. "Why didn't you leave with the others?"

"I my own pack, now." I filled my cloth with wood and set it on the front porch. "I opened the door as Malinka and Drakon came out. I shifted....leaped over them and stood in front of the wolves. I pushed. "I will get you some meat. If you hurt this pup, or my family, I will hunt you until you are dead, do you understand? " I shifted and walked to the barn as Malinka picked up drakon, and the wolves followed me. We still had deer from the hunt. I grabbed two front quarters even though Malinka would be made and gave it to them.

If you, or any of your kind hurt anything here, or the large man at the end of the road," They all looked," I will end you." I gave them the deer. Two males took the legs and ran as the alpha looked at me lowered his head before he ran off. "I preferred Teesha. I closed the barn, and made sure it was secure and walked in with the wood.

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"Are you serious? Fish on walls?" I nodded.

"They sell fake ones Hammish."

"Your people are odd." I nodded, because he was right. "They stuff dead animals put in their rooms?" I nodded as he shook his head and I smiled. "The village isn't far. is water coming from that ridge. 's not a river. I can take you those later but this was close." I nodded. "You think you can build what you are talking about from this?"

"You know what the pyramid's are Hammish?" He shook his head. "You know what a lever is?" He nodded, and you know how much weight you lift with it?" He nodded. 'I'm using a different type of lever move weight with water, and that will grind grain, and make flour. This water is too fast for me too figure out, but farther downstream. We found a place that I thought would be ideal for a mill. I needed go home and research. "We need more , Hammish." He laughed.

"I one woman, dragon."

"Can you help me this land?" He nodded. "You and Ilsa trust us?" He nodded. "Good I want as much of this as I can't get, with land farther sea. I'll bring more silver. I showed him the place I wanted build a mill, and why?"

"I need slow and constant water for a mill. Faster water would be good for power but I didn't know a bit about that, but water is important." Shit, I had , but no knowledge, and limited influence. I needed all of them. People looked at us here because we were strangers, not because I was a dragon.

"Is a building in our village that is empty?" He nodded and said had land with it. I smiled. "Are you thirsty?" He nodded. "You're going busy Hammish, I will make our family's wealthy, and our grandchildren's." I told him about James and the Tavern. Hammish went to the Judge and asked about the land I wanted. took all of they coins we had but we got deeds, and a very friendly judge to boot.

"How do you plan on holding onto to all of these things you want." I looked at him as we rode home, and thought.

"I'm not sure, Hammish, because keeping will be harder, but I can get now.
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I knew both Malinka and Sofi would probably find someone, as they should, because they were . I was a 'port in a storm' for them, which was fine. didn't mean I didn't loved them any less, and as long as they chose wisely, I'd be fine with it but they could been my daughters... not , but definitely where I came from. I would get so much shit if the knew about Malinka and Sofi. I shook my head as Irina looked at me, and laughed.

"You are always getting lost somewhere, Dragon. Where this time?" I smiled, and nodded, as I told her. "Men in your time don't women like Malinka and Sofi? She was confused.

"Some do, many...I'm not sure but they could be my daughters. I stay closer my age. She smiled and kissed me. "They will want find someone but the babies stay with us...they both stay with us. We're building this so they can a home here." She nodded.

"I don't think they will leave you dragon, Sofi, but not Malinka. We all share you, but Malinka thinks of your as hers, but so do I. Sofi, I don't know about her but doesn't matter because we are a family." I nodded. I washed my bowl, and cup as Irina stared at me, smiling.

"Habits. I'm going the barn on the girls." She nodded. "Do you a knife?" She smiled, nodded, and pulled one out of her pocket.

"Always, and Malinka is teaching Sofi." I nodded, kissed her, and chased Drakon out of the house, and the barn, as she barked at me stop. I walked into the barn as three men had Malinka and Sofi trapped in the stall with the goats. I closed the door, locked it, and growled. I shifted as Malinka and Sofi watched what they shouldn't watched. They were hitching the mule the wagon as I put two of them in the back, and covered them and opened the door.

"We'll tell Hammish." I nodded and watched them walk away as I closed the door and fed the pigs. Irina walked in as I was covered in blood, with a knife in my hand.

"The girls?"

'They're fine. They went Hammish and Ilsa's." She closed the door and started help me but I told her no. "I'm almost finished, but I need clothes. She smiled and nodded. Blood on a farm wasn't a rare thing so no one thought twice about . Itinerant worker's come and go, and I doubted they had families, if they did then they were better off without them. I walked outside as Hammish and the girls rode up. He looked me and rode the field. I wouldn't need do this again. I unhitched the mule as the girls dealt with him and I pushed the wagon inside.

"Quite the hide, even with talon holes." Malinka nodded and laughed.

"But Sofi got pearls from the bottom of the ocean." They hugged each other.

"Sirens like pretty things. Keep those in bags because the silk is fragile. We'll need to get them retied, but we too much else to do. right now." They nodded as I went to the stream. Winter, and cold water. I wouldn't see my balls until July. Irina walked up and smiled.

"Chilly?" I threw water at her. She screamed and stepped back. "I spoke with Hammish. We won't a problem again." I nodded. "He said that at least we had happy pigs." I laughed, and nodded, as I walked on the bank. Irina handed me a towel as she knelt and started sucking me, and squeezing my balls. didn't take long for them descend, or for me cum. She kissed me and shared as Malinka and Sofi walked up.

"No fair Ma'. We were going do that. He saved us." Irina smiled, wiped her lips, and walked back the house as I got dressed. I told them later as I got dressed and we walked back to the barn. "We've never seen you shift into the bear. You are strong like the dragon." I nodded.

"Different, but yes." Sofi asked if I wanted one of them above the other. I stared her and hugged both of them.

"No, I love all of you but you and Malinka are , and men will fancy you...not like those, but men will fall in love with you and want a family. It's how life works." They looked me, kissed me, and went into the barn as I walked to the house carrying my bloody clothes. I was going to lose a lot. Irina had water boiling. I put them in the pot as she stirred and drakon barked at me.

"What is wrong with you?" She growled as I told her she better not pee. She sat and looked at me as I scratched her ears. She reminded of Bob. "Thank you for earlier...that was wonderful." She touched my face.

"Having three women love you, and all want you inside them, is not easy." I nodded. "You do well, dragon. Finish this and then dump the water and work the blood out in the snow. I need to make bread, and stew. They work hard for us, most of them." I nodded. I dumped the water, and my clothes, on the snow. I was cleaning the remaining blood when Hammish walked up.

"You need barn clothes, and blood clothes." I nodded.

"I wasn't planning on getting bloody, Hammish." He laughed, and slapped my back.

"They won't bother them again. I'll see to when you're gone. I nodded.

"Thank you for bringing them, Hammish. I'm sorry I am not helping more."

"You brought us all meat, and my pigs are happy." We both laughed. "I know some stone masons, but they are working. aren't a lot of stones in this field, but are the south, and they know where find others. They'll start here when they are done." I nodded.
"You wanted see a place by a river for a mill." I nodded. "We'll back in a few hours." I cleaned the pot with snow, twice, and then filled it with clean snow as we walked inside. Hammish took the pot to the kitchen and told Irina nothing else would happen as I put my clothes in front of the fire.

"Hammish is going to show me a place for a mill, by a river." She stared at me. "A place we can mill grains for a long time, and a business for our families." She walked up and hugged me.

"Go fun with your friend....spring will be soon enough." I kissed her and we walked the barn. Both Malinka and Sofi wanted go, of course, but I wouldn't let them.

"You hides deal with, and I want you here in case your mom needs you. We'll deal with that, I pointed the skull, when I get back." They nodded. I wasn't sure how but the way I knew was boil . "Do you something large enough boil the skull?" He nodded. I climbed on the mule and followed Hammish.


'Where I come from people would a lot for that." He stared at me like I was out of mind. I laughed.

"How much?"

"In your coins, a thousand."

"For a skull, and antlers?" I nodded and told him people put fish on their walls and had animals that they killed preserved, to like they were still alive. He stopped and stared me. "You lying to me." I shook my head.

"Your serious?" I nodded. "Why?" I told him I didn't know but they did. "Why not just eat the fish and wear the pelt?" I shrugged as we headed to what would become the epicenter of our family in this time, I just didn't know at the time.

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