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Scammer Wiki
Posted:Oct 27, 2021 11:18 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 3:45 am

Alright folks. I have been in this website for a while now. Its time for me give back this wonderful and kinky community! I think we guys can agree that the most annoying part of this community (and probably most adult sites) are scammers and spammers. I come across them everyday . Fortunately, I have never fallen for them, but I do like investigate a bit and with them know their exact mode of operation (I know I have too much time to waste, haha). I thought I will categorize them so it can be useful for newbies and help them avoid them. Maybe Heated Affairs can use these features and build some AI models detect scammers and warn users too, haha (sorry the nerd in me speaking). So these are the different categories I have mostly come across and how potentially detect them.

1. Gift card / app scammers -- These scammers will quickly share their phone number or email in messages or get you off site. They will share pics (very attractive, too sexy to be this site haha!) and will be ready to meet within a day or two, and set a time for date. When this time approaches, they say they are getting ready to go out. However they will encounter some issue. Either they are out of gas, and want you to cash app $20 bucks, or they have to keep their engaged in some video games, so they want you to buy $20-$40 gift cards and send them the gift card code!

2. App spammers -- These spammers will again quickly get off site. But they will ask you to download and install some weird apps that nobody has heard about. Just googling these app names will reveal that they have very poor trustworthy ratings and are borderline scam apps. Latest one going around is "love hottie", lol. Most of these scammers seem to make a profile of asian girls.

3. Email scammers -- These scammers will again quickly go off site and request your email. Once you send them email they will write very long emails with their life stories and sexy pics. and how they are for a life partner for LTR. Honestly, I never figured out this whole scam, I got bored after a few emails and stopped replying. But I encountered something similar a while ago in another website. They you to fall in "love" with them or emotionally attached to some extent. Then they will say they are about to travel to my city but somehow gets robbed at the airport and gets stranded there, and you to wire some $$. haha

I am sure there are many other new ones too I am not aware of. But please share if you have come across something cleverer and unique than these.

Finally, the most important thing I have observed is that almost (>90 percent) of the scammers don't have gold membership. But I have come across few exceptions. So whenever I am chatting with standard members, who joined recently, and don't have much info on their profile, and shares their contact very easily, there is a very high chance they are scammers/spammers!
personal hygiene
Posted:Oct 16, 2021 11:41 pm
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2021 10:41 pm

Hope everyone is having a great and sexy weekend!

This questions is mainly for the ladies. I had this experience a few times now with different women.

So, I meet a women. We seem to have good chemistry, and we proceed to have amazing sex session. But I am slightly bothered by her body odor and/or bad breath. Personally, I don't think these are big issues and it can be easily mitigated by showering, using deodorants/cologne, mouth rinse etc. before meeting someone. Personally, I always do this. But, due to the odor issue, I do not feel like meeting them a second time, although I feel the sex was great. I don't know if I am over sensitive to smell or something.

Anyways, what I would like to know is the following. Is there a polite and respectful way to make your new partner (someone who you have just met once or twice) know that you are slightly bothered by body odor/breath, and would prefer if they just use some deodorants/mouth wash etc. before dates.

I never figured out how to communicate this effectively and respectfully. Any suggestions/advice are welcome. Does anyone here had similar experience?
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