Wow ..How did this happen ???  

crookie222 50M
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10/4/2021 7:21 pm
Wow ..How did this happen ???

How do i get myself into some of the shit that i do ???? .Okay hope that by now that you all know about my girlfriend and myself ...I like to keep it real so i share some of my exsperiences here with you all ..Heres what is happening ..I have never been with a woman like her ..She is not sexy as hell and she knows how ..I mean she really knows how get down and ..She says im just following your lead ..RIGHT ..Anyway im telling you this because i want OUT!!She has me bye the balls hell she could tell me shit and i would say how much ..Walk through fire ..NO PROBLEM..Now im not a puss ..I know thats what your thinking ..Its just not the case ,,Hey im the guy that dont take no shit from anybody or anything ..But when it comes her ..I cant explain ..Im like a that just got a taste of his first banana ice cream ...You know that ..Okay thats where you all come in ...I THINK or I THOUGHT....Now like i said i used be the go guy ..But this site has brought me down the PEE WEE league..And im not shitting you ...Is it possible that im not the man i thought i was ..DONT TELL ME THAT SHIT..What i need is a good looking babe come my brains out ...Is anyone out that can make me FORGET about her..I HOPE SO ..Like i said ..HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ME ..?????? crookie222

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