Its finally over..???  

crookie222 50M
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12/5/2021 7:52 pm
Its finally over..???

well ..I can tell you that my girlfriend and i have called it quits ....I used to write about our relationship , we would have been together one year in about two weeks.I have to say it a stressful /dangerous /crazy / troubled relationship that i have ever been involved in.There ONE thing that we could do right ...We could FUCK and we both loved it Her maybe a more ,But im not going to bash anybody,Let me tell you something if you dont think that your actiivity is at least seventy percent that your relationship survives ..I think your wrong ..Hell if we could have just stayed in the bed all the time ,we would have been fine.So i seen this shit coming ,,,,what did i do ...on line dating WOW...Can i get to know you a better before we meet ...REALLY ..Tell me about yourself ,....FUCK OFF ..Now this is my personal opinion if and when i meet some good babe ...its going to be in between the sheets...I dont to get to know you for three weeks only to find out that you dont know how to FUC.Cheeezzz..Online dating these sites make millions on fake profiles that i thought were real at one time ....So what do you do ...Covid fucked up the bar scene ..Man i used to pull the babes out of the clubs ...WHAT CLUBS ..Not here anymore ...I truely believe that the online dating isnt going anywhere ,matter of fact they already have took over.Hundreds of them ..So how do you know which one to try to find your new girlfriend or in my case my new FUCK buddy ..You DONT..Its like pissing in the wind ..Throw a dart and see where it lands ..I will say that this site seems to be one of the better ones ..All though i still havent got laid ...So i gues the moral of this story is DONT FUCK UP A GOOD THING..Because take it from me ..its not as easy as DON JOHNSON says it is ...crookie222

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