Did she do that ..  

crookie222 50M
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9/12/2021 1:36 pm
Did she do that ..

Wow since last week a lot of shit has went down .I dont know if i told that my girlfriend and i were breaking up ...Thats a under statement ..Some of you ladies help me out here . WHAT MAKES A WOMEN CHEAT ON YOU !!! So she gets a hold of me Friday when i got off work and says that i need to get a hold of the cable company to release my account so that she can have it installed.Okay no problem ...SHIT with her everything is a problem ..Anyways we gt to talking and i agree to go over to MY apartment and talk about getting back together ..Keep in mind that for the last couple of months i had my suspicions that she was seeing someone .We have a few drinks and end up in the bed ...Where my suspicions worsened as i almost got lost down there ..So i confront her about this ...I hadnt been with her in almost three weeks and i know what i was getting and it wasnt what i just got ..She blew up as usual and i left.Now its saturday and again we deicide to get together and see if we can work things out .again.BIG MISTAKE as we are sitting on the couch and actually getting along (WHAT)....Yeah oops she must have forgoten to turn her ringer off on her phone and she has it in her hand ..AS SOON AS IT RINGS SHE TURNS IT OFF ..she could have handle that a little better ..So i said point blank who was that with a little hesitation she says Cleeve ..I fucking came unglued ..You see when we first got togerther she went in the store one day and left her phone in the car ,she gets a text from this dude saying ....QUOTE...I cant wait to get my head in between your leggs ...WOW ..But we had just started seeing each other ..so i let it slide ..Another big MISTAKE ..I take her phone away from her and just as i exspected she had been seeing this cat ...Now heres whats fucked up ..Im having a hard time getting over this girland have to see that shit ..And heres the kicker this dude is as ugly as sin and just got out of the pin ...YEAH I KNOW ..So i bitch her out and leave ..Its over RIGHT ..Well about two in the morning last night my phone rings and yep its her ..And she is telling me bye that she had took a bunch of pills ....NO NO ..SO i jump in my truck go back over there were im going to make her stick her finger down her throut ..But wait a minute SHE DOESNT ACT TO ME LIKE SHE TOOK A BUNCH OF ANYTHING...So we have some nasty words for one another and i leave..That brings you to right now ...And this is my question ..now keep in mind i did everything for this girl but wipe her ass ....WHAT MAKES A WOMEN CHEAT ?????? Help a broken down Texan out here ...crookie222.....Thats her in the photo..

countryqueen1 72F

9/13/2021 3:03 am

A woman cheats because she doesn't "feel it" for the person she's cheating on. You're a convenience for something, maybe financial, maybe you're good in bed. Whatever it is she doesn't see you as her everything. women who are emotionally involved with their men will not cheat unless you're a dick and disrespect her. To me it sounds like you're both immature and jealous, never a good combination in a relationship. Move on and find someone you can love and who loves you back without the crappy drama. That's just awful

crookie222 replies on 9/13/2021 7:23 am:
Can you please make just a little bit of since here .I treated this girl like a queen and as far as i know i think she would tell you that im good in bed ,,Thats the only place we got along...But maybe you are right about the drama but .THERE IS NO REALATIONSHIP WITHOUT DRAMA .......IS THERE >>??????

crookie222 50M
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9/13/2021 7:26 am


positively4you 72F  
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9/13/2021 11:32 pm

It is always painful to be cheated on. If you gave it your all, nothing you can do. My thought is, why would you fight so hard for someone who shows you this level of disrespect and lack of regard for your feelings.? If a man jerks me around like that I cant put him in my rear view mirror fast enough. What is good about this? You can try to find somone better than her to treat you right.

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