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Its finally over..???
Posted:Dec 5, 2021 7:52 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2021 9:49 pm

well ..I can tell you that my girlfriend and i have called it quits ....I used to write about our relationship , we would have been together one year in about two weeks.I have to say it a stressful /dangerous /crazy / troubled relationship that i have ever been involved in.There ONE thing that we could do right ...We could FUCK and we both loved it Her maybe a more ,But im not going to bash anybody,Let me tell you something if you dont think that your actiivity is at least seventy percent that your relationship survives ..I think your wrong ..Hell if we could have just stayed in the bed all the time ,we would have been fine.So i seen this shit coming ,,,,what did i do ...on line dating WOW...Can i get to know you a better before we meet ...REALLY ..Tell me about yourself ,....FUCK OFF ..Now this is my personal opinion if and when i meet some good babe ...its going to be in between the sheets...I dont to get to know you for three weeks only to find out that you dont know how to FUC.Cheeezzz..Online dating these sites make millions on fake profiles that i thought were real at one time ....So what do you do ...Covid fucked up the bar scene ..Man i used to pull the babes out of the clubs ...WHAT CLUBS ..Not here anymore ...I truely believe that the online dating isnt going anywhere ,matter of fact they already have took over.Hundreds of them ..So how do you know which one to try to find your new girlfriend or in my case my new FUCK buddy ..You DONT..Its like pissing in the wind ..Throw a dart and see where it lands ..I will say that this site seems to be one of the better ones ..All though i still havent got laid ...So i gues the moral of this story is DONT FUCK UP A GOOD THING..Because take it from me ..its not as easy as DON JOHNSON says it is ...crookie222
Wow ..How did this happen ???
Posted:Oct 4, 2021 7:21 pm
Last Updated:Oct 5, 2021 9:41 pm
How do i get myself into some of the shit that i do ???? .Okay hope that by now that you all know about my girlfriend and myself ...I like to keep it real so i share some of my exsperiences here with you all ..Heres what is happening ..I have never been with a woman like her ..She is not sexy as hell and she knows how ..I mean she really knows how get down and ..She says im just following your lead ..RIGHT ..Anyway im telling you this because i want OUT!!She has me bye the balls hell she could tell me shit and i would say how much ..Walk through fire ..NO PROBLEM..Now im not a puss ..I know thats what your thinking ..Its just not the case ,,Hey im the guy that dont take no shit from anybody or anything ..But when it comes her ..I cant explain ..Im like a that just got a taste of his first banana ice cream ...You know that ..Okay thats where you all come in ...I THINK or I THOUGHT....Now like i said i used be the go guy ..But this site has brought me down the PEE WEE league..And im not shitting you ...Is it possible that im not the man i thought i was ..DONT TELL ME THAT SHIT..What i need is a good looking babe come my brains out ...Is anyone out that can make me FORGET about her..I HOPE SO ..Like i said ..HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ME ..?????? crookie222

Did she do that ..
Posted:Sep 12, 2021 1:36 pm
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2022 10:43 pm

Wow since last week a lot of shit has went down .I dont know if i told that my girlfriend and i were breaking up ...Thats a under statement ..Some of you ladies help me out here . WHAT MAKES A WOMEN CHEAT ON YOU !!! So she gets a hold of me Friday when i got off work and says that i need to get a hold of the cable company to release my account so that she can have it installed.Okay no problem ...SHIT with her everything is a problem ..Anyways we gt to talking and i agree to go over to MY apartment and talk about getting back together ..Keep in mind that for the last couple of months i had my suspicions that she was seeing someone .We have a few drinks and end up in the bed ...Where my suspicions worsened as i almost got lost down there ..So i confront her about this ...I hadnt been with her in almost three weeks and i know what i was getting and it wasnt what i just got ..She blew up as usual and i left.Now its saturday and again we deicide to get together and see if we can work things out .again.BIG MISTAKE as we are sitting on the couch and actually getting along (WHAT)....Yeah oops she must have forgoten to turn her ringer off on her phone and she has it in her hand ..AS SOON AS IT RINGS SHE TURNS IT OFF ..she could have handle that a little better ..So i said point blank who was that with a little hesitation she says Cleeve ..I fucking came unglued ..You see when we first got togerther she went in the store one day and left her phone in the car ,she gets a text from this dude saying ....QUOTE...I cant wait to get my head in between your leggs ...WOW ..But we had just started seeing each other i let it slide ..Another big MISTAKE ..I take her phone away from her and just as i exspected she had been seeing this cat ...Now heres whats fucked up ..Im having a hard time getting over this girland have to see that shit ..And heres the kicker this dude is as ugly as sin and just got out of the pin ...YEAH I KNOW ..So i bitch her out and leave ..Its over RIGHT ..Well about two in the morning last night my phone rings and yep its her ..And she is telling me bye that she had took a bunch of pills ....NO NO ..SO i jump in my truck go back over there were im going to make her stick her finger down her throut ..But wait a minute SHE DOESNT ACT TO ME LIKE SHE TOOK A BUNCH OF ANYTHING...So we have some nasty words for one another and i leave..That brings you to right now ...And this is my question keep in mind i did everything for this girl but wipe her ass ....WHAT MAKES A WOMEN CHEAT ?????? Help a broken down Texan out here ...crookie222.....Thats her in the photo..
Is there anybody real ???
Posted:Sep 6, 2021 3:07 pm
Last Updated:Oct 5, 2021 9:55 pm

Im fucking tired of the phoney profiles ..Im hoping that this site is the right one for this format..Dammit ..I need some of you people to get on board here ..I guess i will start by telling you what brought me here ..I was married for fifteen years untill i started fucking the secretary at work and i moved out of my house got a apartment with her ...Now heres the problem WE BOTH SIGHNED THE LEASE ..meaning that if you cant get along you going to have to deal with it ...RIGHT...FUCK THAT..After eight months with her and her fucking lies and running around ..I find myself in one of my bedrooms of my Texas trailor RENTING IT FROM MY FUCKING X ..You cant make this shit up ..Yeah she is in the nice fucking apartment that we had ...SHE STILL HAS >>Now you know why im here ..And that brings me to my question because i havent found one real person anywhere on the net and i know they are out there SOMEWHERE...I talked about this a lot on my IG page ...Now thats not excatly the right forum to talk about FAKE PROFILES ...RIGHT..DOUBLE RIGHT ..So if there are any good looking woman out there VIDEO CHAT ME UP ....ARE YOU DOWN FOR THAT .???..I didnt think so ..But Why..This is for all the other fuckers who think that they are talking to a good looking babe ,,Trust its not ..Its probley some fat faggit sitting in his lounge chair jacking off ...Again heres my question if you are a real babe and are down for a good time with this good ole boy from TEXAS ....VIDEO CHAT ME UP ..9402490213 ..If your one of those guys that thought you were ...WELL we can talk aboiut it .....crookie222

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