Bored in a zoom meeting  

blueyes18902 40F
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8/20/2021 3:02 pm
Bored in a zoom meeting

So working. I work from home. my last meeting for the . Its a long one, boring and I just want to be done for the so I can get myself off and relax for the rest of the night. so what am I doing? on my personal laptop scrolling though and Heated Affairs. Its so hard not to try and get myself off right now. SOOO many great pictures and videos to watch!!!

I've been horny and wet all . I did get myself off on my lunch break but it wasn't enough. She is ready for round 3 ( i always get myself off when i first wake up.. gotta start the off right But right now it is taking up all the space in my mind that i have no clue what is being said in the meeting.

I wish i could secretly play with myself but it wouldn't be a secret, not the quiet type. I wish i could go live and have everyone watch get off while in the meeting. That would be so much fun! How does one get off w/o reacting?? I need to figure this . Please comment with suggestions. NO not allowed to turn my work camera off but I can mute myself. Hopefully I can go live after I am done working. I love having you all watch me get myself off.

Send me all the suggestions and send me friend request so I can invite you when i go love.. The more people interact with me the more wet i get!!!

I snuck i quick pic ( yes i can work from my deck.. great thing about working from home and being a mgr.. not tied to my desk all the


blueyes18902 40F
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8/20/2021 3:05 pm

Why is Heated Affairs messing with my pics??? at least this one isn't upside down

nicebuttocks1950 72M  
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8/21/2021 2:38 am

Good morning to you'!!! That is a very nice photo of a very nice breast!!!!

blueyes18902 replies on 8/21/2021 8:21 am:
{=}{=} Thank you!!!

Contipatrio 68M
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8/21/2021 4:13 am

Nice pic. Beautiful.

blueyes18902 replies on 8/21/2021 8:22 am:
Thank you!! {=}

BiSussi 61F
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8/21/2021 6:46 am

why do it yourself, get yourself some live-in boyfriends your zoom meetings will be much more relaxed and you get more done
It works for me, it will also work for YOU !!!!!!!!!!!
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Love doesn’t discriminate, nor do I Married or single, you love me & I fall in love with you, you may ask for anything It is not about 88b size it is all about LOVE What is Your position on DP Very young and steel hard is what I desire, but twenties and early thirties will not be refused when love is part of it

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

blueyes18902 replies on 8/21/2021 8:55 am:
DIY is all i have at the moment.. I would love a partner to play with but idk about the whole live in thing and honestly I have a young child so i am very careful of who i bring into my house and around him. #singlemomlifeproblems my body does need some male attentions BAD!!! lol >>!

scoupe42 58M  

8/21/2021 6:49 am

A very nice Tit!

blueyes18902 replies on 8/21/2021 8:56 am:
why thank you!!! Glad you like {=}

NJGUY08090 55M  
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9/13/2021 6:51 pm

Love this pic-- You make my mouth water. Wish I was nibbling on it right now.

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