beatrixborden 36F
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1/7/2022 11:14 pm

if you guys know any place where DDLG enthusiasts are let me know. I may start a<b> group </font></b>on here or on kic

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1/8/2022 3:17 am

what is that ?

EnigmaInitiative 53F  
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1/8/2022 2:26 pm

Here you go hon

https://passion.com/intgroups/gi159973/g-Daddys-Girls%21-%28AGE-Friendly%29/acshow_group.html?dcb=passion.com#Heated Affairs?{}

If the link doesn't show up...click on community at the top of the page. Then, click on group. Search for Daddys Girls in the search bar.

This week's HNW: Pink/Hearts (Or Chocolate) is available on the other side.

beatrixborden replies on 1/10/2022 8:30 pm:
Thank you!

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