Sure Would Love to Play with someone.....  

average_old_guy 65M  
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11/11/2021 2:35 pm
Sure Would Love to Play with someone.....

I seem be really horny lately. It's been more than 5 years since my partner has been able have sex with (she has<b> medical </font></b>issues), and I need some kind of contact. I love the live stream, and am trying figure it out.

Knowing that someone is watching me on the live stream, really turns me on. I know that some of those watching me are guys, and I just want say that I hope you enjoy watching , and although I'm not ready for a MM meeting at this time, I'm curious about the FMM experience.

So, I'm looking for a lady, or couple with. Could be in person, or online.

I'd love find a lady for a long term or permanent relationship, but can be whatever you like!

I'd be interested in a couple, as well. I'm bi-curious, but not a big deal either way. I guess I just want do whatever makes someone that I'm with happy.

I'm just trying enjoy myself, and share the fun with others that think the same!!

I'd be happy trade photos or videos with like minded people.

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