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Well to start I have tried several places to post this but this is the first one I figured out how to use.
I an new at this so please cut me some slack.

I first heard about wife sharing when our was about 5 I guess and after pondering on it several days I asked me wife if she would be willing to do it but she refused politely saying it wasent right.

My wife Peg is an Asian woman immigrated her with her parents as a young girl from Viet Nam in the early 80,s.

Peg chanced her Viet Namese name so it would be easier for her friends in school and we met after I was discharged from the Marine corp after Desert Storm.

It was instant attraction and we dated in secrete because of the rules here at work. But Peg became pregnant so we married.

Peg is 5 foot even with a pretty face a nice butt formed up very nice with her long distance running in school and she has these perfect 34 B-cup breasts like big on her small frame.

' Well I was hooked on my fantasy but Peg wouldn't budge although she would let me fantasize when we made love and although she denies it her orgasms are stronger when I whisper in her ear about letting some well hung guy fuck her while we go at it.

Well this was years ago and since Amy has kept up her grades in school mostly in the honor roll she was accepted at USC when she graduated School.
We now had an empty nest and we both missed our very much so I had promised Peg a cruise when Amy left home we checked out the Princess Cruise lines had a ship home based in San Fran just across the bay from our home.

They do regular cruises one to Alaska one to the Mexican coast and one to Hawaii.

We picked the day cruise to Hawaii and booked our cruise .
Now this was last May and I have thought about posting it for several months now.

We were on a budget with our in college so we took the cheapest room without an ocean view or anything.

As we went under the Golden Gate bridge I looked around at all the people laughing and taking pics.

I whispered in her ear hey babe this would be a perfect time for you to get some strange cock.
Hell we will probably never see any of these people again .

She laughed and said forget it buster smiling up at me and cuddled up to me the wind was cold.

Well 4 days at sea and we wandered around looking over the ship and it was huge with several swimming pools a putting green and all sorts of things to amuse ourselves with.

We first met John on the docks at the big island of Hilo.
Peg and I had no idea of just what to do. We couldn't any of the excursion packages se we agreed to just walk around.
I saw this guy walking toward us and he was not at all handsome in any way but he had a crooked smile was pleasing .

He wore thei big Cargo pants and the pockets were stuffed with water and snacks as he introduced himself.

It seams he has been on several cruises so far and he is also on a budget and looks for people will share the of rides around the Islands.

We chose the Hoppa On Hoppa off shuttle took you around the island and dropped you off at places where you could tale pics.

Peg and he hit it off immediately and Peg began to pick his brain about his lifestyle.

Well he was injured on his job and is on disability and a friend of his helps him with the cruises finding rooms have been booked but given up so He got this ocean View room for the same Peg and I .

Her and John talked back and forth all day mostly ignoring me laughing and talking.
Once Peg came back and said John wants us to have dinner with him tonight at the Michael Angelo room OK and hurried back where he was.

night as I waited my turn to shower sitting on the toilet I listened to her talk about how smart he was. I also was remembering the times I caught him checking out her ass when he though I wasent looking .

I said want to fuck him ?

Silence from her then she said of course not he is just a nice guy.

At dinner we were placed at a table Peg I and John with two other couples and we talked getting acquainted.
John insisted on Peg and I a glass of wine with dinner and we accepted.

Peg is not much of a drinker in after just a couple sips her cheeks were flushed and she was laughing at everything sombody said.

Everyone got a kick out of her and teased her about being a cheap drunk .

After dinner I excused myself to make a head call and when I got back Peg had another glass of wine in her hand laughing at something John had said.

She turned to me and said John offered to show us his Ocean View room babe and I accepted OK. slightly slurring her words now.

I looked over at John and caught him again looking over my wife,
I said sure not sure just where this might lead but not willing to pass it up if she gave in.
We passed on the theater night and Peg John and I made our way to the elevators with Her giggling like a school girl and slightly staggering.
Once upstairs Peg oooed and Awaaed at the little stall outside where you could sit and watch the Ocean and his room was bigger than ours with a Queen sized bed.

He began talking about his other cruises and Peg asked are you married ? John said no never wanted to .
She asked incredulously what do you do for sex and right off I thought fuck he must be gay but John said oh I get alright there are many chances for a single guy this day and age.

Peg was feeling playful now ans she was also slightly drunk she asked if he masturbated and his face flushed a bright pink but he manfully admitted in a pinch he sometimes dose if no woman is available.
To shut her up I think he poured her another glass of wine and Peg sipped at it as she walked around his room looking things over.

John excused himself to use the bathroom and Peg was standing looking out at the sea as I walked up behind her and reached around cupping her breasts in my hands.

she laughed her throaty chuckle and pressed her butt back against my leg sighing contentedly.

I whispered in her ear I,m going to let John fuck you baby......
Peg went rigid and set her glass of wine down but didn't say anything as I began to pull her blouse out of her knee length skirt
I gently turned her so she was facing the bathroom door as I slowly raised her blouse up and her breath now was becoming harsh gasps as the toilet flushed and the door opened.
John looked at me with a comical look as he watched me raise her blouse and he swallowed as I pushed her bra up over her breasts bearing them for his pleasure.

I said I have wanted to watch Peg have sex with another guy for years now John and Peg likes you.

You can be her first lover if you want.

Peg was watching him and I could see when he realized I was offering him my wife.

His eyes were riveted on her swollen nipples and his tongue flicked out just as I pulled her blouse and bra up around her neck.
John made a strangled sound in his throat and walked over to us in a trance then he cupped her breasts in his hand and leaned down sucking her nipple greedily then he began to swallow her breast.

Pegs breath was coming in harsh gasping sounds as she grabbed the back of his head forcing her breast into his sucking mouth and she moaned loudly saying the other one to and John began to suck one then the other of her breasts leaving her breasts slimy with his saliva and her breasts looked swollen from his then his hand slid down her body from her hip and pulled her skirt uo as his hand slipped inside to her thigh.

Peg whimpered and turned her knees out for his access and his hand traveled up to her pussy I watched him pull her panty,s to one side and his finger slipped into her as Peg gasped again and her body began to jerk uncontrollably as his finger flashed back and forth inside of her Pegs body became wild thrusting against his hand making a****l sounds as her hips rode his two fingers

Peg had her head back against my chest whimpering as her body reacted with a mind of its own to his manipulations her gasps began to become very harsh then she cried out I,m cumming and her body went rigid against me and then began to jerk uncontrollably as she orgasm-ed.
For long seconds she stood this way gasping for breath I could smell her fluids now and I could hear John sucking greedily on her breasts.

Peg said I want you inside of me and I helped her move back to the bed as John kicked his shoes off and pushed his pants over his hips as Peg laid back trying to get a look at his cock as I pulled her pantys off.

It happened to fast so she had her skirt up around her waist and her bra and blouse around her neck when John moved in between her legs and Peg took his cock and guided it into her.

I had a good look at his cock as he moved to her and I was disappointed his cock was about the same size as mine and Mine is
bigger around.

didn't bother Peg though she cried out again as he fell forward onto her and his hips began to thrust into her.
Twice his cock slipped out of her and Peg grunted in disappointment then reached between them and guided him back into her.

Peg was really excited and she came almost as soon as his cock slipped into her and Poor John also came quickly after but my wife wasent through and she reached in between them as John was still cumming and fingered herself to a third orgasm.

Well John said he was finished and couldn't get it up again so we left and we had an interesting conversation once we got back to our cabin.
I talked her into showing me her pussy and her pussy lips were swollen looking delicious and his cum all watery now was leaking out of her but I couldn't resist dipping my wick to see what it would feel like with another mans cum in her.

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OMG now we are talking! Is this how it happened?

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