Valentine's Day  

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2/14/2020 9:49 am
Valentine's Day

Sara knew that I would be alone for Valentines Day, when she invited me for
dinner, and I also knew that her heart was taken by another, or so I

As we sat at the small dinning room table eating, and talking. I could tell
she was watching me. Not in an obvious way, but taking furtive looks. She
knew that I was crushing her, and also that I had promised her we would
just be friends. Platonic friends, I think was the term I had used,
although I had wanted more than just being friends.

Together, we laughed and talked while we ate the steak dinner she had
prepared, and drank the wine. Sara stood up, asking if I wanted more wine,
and then came over to me and gently began to massage my shoulders.

Tenderly brushing her hand against my neck. While it almost took my breath
away, I was hoping she wouldn't notice she was turning me on.

"You're incredibly beautiful, has anyone ever told you that" she whispered.
Taking my hand we walked over to the couch in the living room, her pulling
me toward it, and as I sat down I leaned against her. Feeling her sexy body
next to mine. Inhaling her fragrance, and getting very turned on.

As she d****d her arm over my shoulder, her hand brushed my breast, and
almost immediately my nipples stood to attention. I was sure she could feel
my rock hard nipple as her fingers traced a little circle through my top
and bra, before cupping my breast in her hand.

When I turned to look at her she leaned in to kiss me. Certainly not a
platonic kiss as her lips brushed mine. Pressing hard against mine before
her tongue penetrated my mouth and our tongues danced together. I was
getting extremely moist when she licked the roof of my mouth with her hot

Drawing me to her I could feel her heart pounding beneath me, and I moved
slightly so that her knee was pressing to my pussy. I was allowing her to
be the aggressor although I would have loved to tear her clothes off and
make mad passionate love to her sexy body.

She unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off, before I raised her arms and
took off her top. As our eyes met for an instant she dropped her head to
kiss my breasts through my lacey bra, before unhooking it and setting my
breasts free from their confinement.

Whispering in that throaty whisper, she said "do you like oral sex" as her
fingers rolled my rock hard nipples between them, slightly pinching and
pulling. She asked the question so softly I could barely hear what she was
saying. "Uh huh," I said, equally softly. Sara slid me off the couch and
onto the floor and joined me there.

Sliding my pants off of my hips and down my legs, before pulling my panties
off and down with her teeth. I helped her undress and as I was reaching for
her she tenderly laid me back on the floor and laid on her tummy between my
legs, which she had parted so expertly with her hands. I was on fire.

Placing her hands on my inner thighs she leaned closer and breathed in my
scent before dipping her tongue in my hot wet pussy. As she licked and
nibbled on my pussy lips I squirmed on the floor, trying the impossible, to
get my pussy closer to her mouth. Gasping from when her tongue touched my
swollen clit, she said "oh baby you're so hot and wet". I just nodded in

Licking my delicate folds she parted my pussy lips with her thumbs to lick
my inner lips, before plunging her tongue deep in my hot wet pussy. The
pleasure was incredible as she probed my pussy walls with her
tongue. Tongue fucking me while her fingers gently patted my swollen clit.

I knew my juices were flowing and that I was getting close to having a
major orgasm, but it wasn't until she replaced her tongue with her fingers
and began to swirl her tongue over my clit, sucking it like a straw, and
finger fucking my hot pussy furiously.

Time seemed to stand still momentarily, and then it happened, an orgasm so
intense that I thought I was going to faint. My pussy wouldn't stop cumming
and I was having waves, one after the other, 'til I went limp.

When the spasms finally began to subside I moved so that I could lay her
back on the floor. Spreading her legs wide, and kneeling between them, I
said "I'm going to clit fuck you". Lifting her hips to my knees, I reached
down with one hand to part my pussy lips, as she reached to part hers.

Then I lowered my pussy to hers until I felt our clits kiss, and slowly
started to grind pussy on pussy. Grinding in a little circle my hips moved
faster fucking her pussy with mine. I could tell it wasn't going to take me
much but I wanted us to cum together. Pressing harder and grinding faster I
whispered, "cum with me baby. I want us to cum together, so our honey

My eyes were darting from her pussy to her eyes and back again when all of
a sudden she gasped "yes" in a loud moan and I could feel her juices
flowing as her nakedness beneath me spasmed in orgasmic bliss. That was all
it took for me to again go over the edge, and my sensitive pussy gushed to

She put her hands on my breasts and held them tight, gasping and shaking,
as together, we had exploded all over each other's pussys.

We both shuddered and moaned in beautiful sexual harmony of total
satisfaction, that only two well satisfied women, who both knew what they
wanted, and weren't afraid to satisfy their needs.

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3/11/2020 2:56 am

nice girl

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3/14/2020 11:07 pm

very hot post

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4/24/2020 1:57 pm

Lov3 it

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2/18/2022 11:20 pm

That was beautiful to read and made me wet, wanting your to rub against me.

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