The First time I shared my Asian WIFE  

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8/20/2019 8:58 am
The First time I shared my Asian WIFE

I'm a 35 year old white and I am very lucky to be married to an american-born asian (chinese) woman. She is years younger than me, which improves my good fortune even more! My wife does not have the absolutely most beautiful face in the world. I mean she is cute, but she is not going to sign up for a beauty pageant. But what she does have is a killer body. She stands 5’ 2”, weighs 5 lbs, natural and perky 34B breasts and a nice tight ass. Her lips are the type that look perfect when they’re wrapped around a cock!

We have been married for almost three years. From the first time that we had sex it was hard not to notice that she can be a horny little minx once you close the bedroom doors. About a year into our marriage, during the passion of sex I suggested that I would love to watch her fuck... she never replied one way or another regarding my comment. I challenged myself to push the envelope.
Eventually, I created an opportunity to test the waters.

You need to understand my wife's sexual clock. Throughout a month she has her highs and lows. But beginning a week after the end of her period, for a full week her sexual appetite is nearly insatiable. So, with this in mind I invited a buddy of mine to come over during one of those windows. He is married and we used to work together. My wife had only met them about a year earlier. At that time my wife made a comment that she felt he could have done better than her. To me that meant my wife found him attractive. His wife was getting together with friends of hers that night, so he came alone and he was in on the plan.

It was summer time and I had her wear a dress which I suggested would be appropriate for the evening... nothing formal just a dress. My only interest was that she would wear something that would be easy to remove if things worked right.

My wife and I had a couple of drinks before he showed up and prior to his arrival I was flirting with her: grabbing her ass and tits (she knew I was horny). Once he arrived the drinking continued as did my fondling her. Of course, I was being discrete... but not too discrete to let him know that things were looking good. I only wanted her to drink enough to release her inhibitions; I did not want her to get drunk.

Finally, I knew it was time to get things really moving. While it was just she and I in the kitchen I cornered her against the cabinets, lifted her dress and slid my hand in her panties to confirm that she was wet. She did not try to stop me which also confirmed that she was horny. Our lips locked and I pulled away. I went back to the living room and gave him a nod and a grin. Like clockwork as soon as she entered the room he announced, "I'm sorry, but I really need to use the bathroom" (we all know what that usually means, my wife took it to mean he might be in there awhile). He jumped up and rapidly went to the bathroom.

Not to miss my cue, I grabbed my wife, brought her to the sofa, we locked lips and I reached under her dress and started rubbing her pussy through her underwear. I wanted her panties to be soaked. I was rubbing her so much the crotch of her panties was stuffed into her pussy. Finally, I slid off her underwear, tucked them slightly under the sofa cushion, but purposely left them hanging so they could be seen. She spread her legs, I knelt in front of her and I started eating her soaked pussy.

She was in her horny world at that moment. As I continued to lick her for a good five minutes, I heard the flush of the toilet (the signal that he would be coming soon). I did not stop. I kept eating her and when we heard the bathroom door open, I hurriedly got up and she adjusted her dress back down but she remained slouched on the sofa. When my friend entered the room he looked at the sofa, seeking to find "the signal": the panties. Immediately I said, "you know what? we're nearly of beer. I'm going to walk down to the store I'll be back in a few minutes". My wife was still slouched and dazed on the sofa with a look that said "you're going to leave me like this?"

And I left. What happened next is what was later told to me by my buddy.

Right after I left, my friend sat across from her. He said she was still slouched and seemed afraid to get up because she was trying to maintain her composure. He said I hadn’t even been gone a minute and he looked right at the panties. She didn’t realize that was what he was looking at because she didn’t know that they were hanging from the sofa. He got up and said, “what’s this?”. He moved onto the sofa next to her and pulled the panties . He said she nearly died when he did that. But then she seemed shocked when he said, “are these yours?” She started to apologize, but before she could, he said, “damn, they’re soaked.” For shock and intrigue reasons, he brought them to his nose so he could smell them and said, “smells fresh”. I had told him to be forward, I didn’t know how forward he was going to be! She told him, “sorry, you were in the bathroom a long time and we sort of got carried away” and sort of laughed. He said he put a hand on her thigh and asked if we had finished and she simply said “no” and laughed again. He said he slid his hand slightly to the inside of her thigh and suggestively pulled her thigh towards him. Instinctively she spread her legs. He knew all systems were go. She closed her eyes, he moved himself onto the floor in front of her, lifted her skirt and he continued where I left off. She apparently made no effort to stop him. He slid a finger inside her pussy and soon as he did he said she slid down further on the sofa and spread her thighs wide. He knew she was all-in and he started to eat her pussy. He said he barely licked her for a couple of minutes when he stopped, undid his pants, pulled his cock and started fucking her. He said by this point I hadn’t even been gone minutes! He could tell she was totally loving it and told him to hurry before I got back. He told her something like, “I don’t think he’ll really mind, do you?” She opened her eyes to look at him and said, “no”. Apparently, they kept fucking until they heard me walking up the outside steps.
When I walked in, I barely saw a glimpse of him as he hurried into the bathroom. His pants were noticeably undone: We had lift-off! I wondered to myself how far he got with her. I looked at my wife. It looked like she hadn’t even moved from where I left her. She was still lying on the sofa, but the panties were no longer sticking out from the sofa, they were lying on the floor. I asked about my friend and she said his stomach was bothering him, that was why he ran to the bathroom (like I didn’t know the real reason).

I sat down the beers and stood in front of her and said, “that’s perfect, let’s finish.”
I undid my pants and sat on the sofa. She knew what I wanted and I had a raging hard-on that hadn’t stopped from the moment that she and I had started almost 30 minutes earlier. She moved herself onto the floor in front of me. Kneeling on her knees she started giving me one of the best blow jobs she had ever given me. I reached down to her dress and pulled it above her waist to expose her ass. I reached down to her pussy and she was soaked. I had thought she was soaked earlier, but now what I was feeling was incredible. Now with her dress pulled up, I leaned back in the sofa enjoying my wife’s blow job and waiting for the moment of truth.

I heard the bathroom door quietly being opened. There was no warning flush this time. I heard his footsteps walking down the hallway. My wife made no indication of stopping what she was doing. From the hallway he entered the living room where we were. The sofa I was on sits directly across from the hallway, which means when he walked in her bare ass was aimed right at him. He immediately said, “oops, sorry I guess I had better go”. She didn’t stop, in fact at the sound his voice she spread her knees (which had been together) and arched her back pointing her bare ass into the air. No man on earth could ignore that invitation. He walked over behind her and reached to touch her ass, her back arched even more. Yes, he was officially invited. As she sucked me I watched as he slid his hand to her pussy. Although I couldn’t see it, I could tell he was fingering her and the noise confirmed that she was sloppy wet.

As he fingered her, he used his free hand to start undoing his pants. I unbuttoned the top of her dress, and started to pull her dress up. She stopped sucking just long enough for me to lift her dress over her head. All she was wearing was her bra. Of course, that had to go. But I didn’t need to do anything, as she went back to sucking me, she reached back with one hand and undid the clasp. So there was my wife, fully naked, sucking me while my friend fingered her.

He now had his pants off. He was fully erect. It was hard not to notice, his cock was glistening. When I saw that I knew for certain that his cock and her pussy had already been formally introduced. I halfway expected that he would at least try to taste her pussy. But, instead he dropped to his knees behind her ass, he held his cock and guided it into her pussy. As it slid inside her she let out a moan that was muffled by her mouth full of cock. As he fucked her, her stroking and sucking of my cock slowed. I think she was having a hard time multi-tasking.
It didn’t matter to me though, watching my wife fuck while she sucked me proved a little too much for me and it didn’t take but a few minutes before I started to cum. Her reaction to my cum surprised me a bit. Although I have had a lot of blow jobs from her, not once had she ever swallowed my cum. She would always stop and finish by stroking me. But not this time. She let me completely cum in her mouth and she didn’t lose a drop. That confirmed exactly how turned on she was.

He continued to fuck her with my cock in her mouth. I stayed where I was long enough to be certain that she had swallowed the last of my draining cum. Now I just wanted to watch. I slid from under her knelt body. She continued to lay that way across the sofa while my buddy fucked her. The fucking was getting harder now and my wife’s moans were louder than I had ever heard her moan before.

I began to think my friend was a fucking bull. He told me later that the only reason he was lasting so long was because, although he was as hard as a rock, he was having a hard time cumming with an audience. That is a win-win! I took my pants fully off (they had only been pulled down before) and sat in a chair across from them. Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but watching my wife get fucked was a total turn on. As I watched I found myself stroking to their rhythm.

After a few minutes of doggy, he pulled away from her and moved her to the living from floor so she could lay on her back. As they did this, she looked at me and mouthed the word “wow”. She spread her legs and now he went down on her. She was totally into it and so was I as I was now totally erect again.

He turned his body so she could grab his cock. She started stroking him. They rolled, and she climbed on top of him so they could 69. Although it was hard to see what he was doing, I could totally see her take his cock in her mouth. Her hips started to gyrate faster and I saw her leg start to shake. I knew what was happening. She took his cock out of her mouth and her face turned beet red and she exclaimed “Oh my God!” She was having an incredible orgasm. He continued to eat her and she was grinding her pussy into his face and then I saw her relax.

She rolled off him, caught her breath, spread her legs wide and said “fuck me”. She only had to say it once. He slid his cock inside her and said his first words since we: “do you want me to fuck you? Then say it”. So as he fucked her she started saying “fuck me” over and over. She even threw in a few “fuck me harder” which caused him to really start pounding her. Again I saw her leg start to shake, her face turned red and she screamed out “fuck, fuck”. She wrapped his legs around him and pulled him into her. Apparently he needed that to put him over the edge, because he let out a groan and it was obvious he was cumming too.

He stayed there motionless for a minute. It was obvious he was pumping his load inside her. As it was obvious he was done she looked at his face, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up to kiss him. Unless they kissed when I did the “beer run”, this was the first time that they had locked lips during their little session. As they kissed, she unhooked her legs from around him and rotated her hips into him. She wanted to keep fucking. I wondered if he could continue. He started to fuck her some more. After about only a minute he stopped and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m not hard enough”. He pulled out of her and started to stand up.

He looked at me and said “thanks, that was awesome”. I said “thank her, not me”. She stayed on the floor. Her legs were spread wide. She reached down with one hand and started rubbing her pussy, with her other hand she rubbed her breast. She was mostly staring at me as she did so.
He started to put his pants back on, we both watched her with herself. I moved to look at her swollen pussy. I could see some of his cum draining from her and smeared along the inside of her thighs. One look and I had to fuck her. I took my shirt off and I was naked as she was. I moved to the floor where it was obvious she needed one of us. I laid down next to her and she climbed on top of me. She reached down and I could feel her guide me into her pussy. She was so wet and dilated I actually had to look down to see if I was actually inside her.

I just laid there and let her do all the work. Now my friend was sitting where I had sat before. I watched my cock as she pumped it up and down. The way she was doing it, it was obvious she wanted us to watch. My buddies cum started draining of her pussy and was puddling at the base of my cock. She rode me for only about 5 minutes before I too came inside her. When I came she sat firmly on my cock so the cum would fill deep inside her. We just stayed there still for a few moments. No one said a word.

Finally, she stood up and she stared at me on the floor. She said, “don’t move, let me get a towel to clean you up”. She walked out of the room. I just looked at my buddy and he said, “incredible” and I gave him a thumbs up. My wife came back with a towel still naked, she had the towel between her legs and said, “I’m draining all over”. I told her maybe she needed the towel more than me even though I was covered in cum. As I was still laying on the floor, she straddled my stomach facing my cock so she could wipe me with a towel. As she did so, she squeezed her muscles to drain what cum she could onto my stomach. She wiped up the mess and left the room. I got my clothes back on.

When she came back she was wearing a robe, my buddy stood. He said something to the effect that it was getting late and he had better be getting home as his wife would be coming home soon. It was ok by me, because his mission was accomplished. I think it was one of those post-casual-sex-awkward-moments. My wife simply said, I hope you might be able to come over for drinks again some time. And he left. As soon as he left she dropped her robe to the floor. She came over and kissed me and said let’s go to bed.

We went straight to bed and she got me aroused. Now the sex was just regular husband-wife sex, not a****l-in-heat sex.

As we fucked we talked. I asked her what in the world got into her. She said something like “what about you?” We both agreed that it was a mutual thing and we both loved it. She added, she was glad the way it happened and she felt there was no way you could plan for something like that (little did she know).

She told me she never would have dreamed of fucking another guy, especially with me watching. (I still have to wonder about that. If the fucking had ended while I was making the beer run, would she ever have told me? I don’t think so.) She told me that her orgasms were some of the best that she had ever experienced during that.

All of this talking was happening while we fucked. Our fucking started getting more intense and as we fucked I asked if she wanted to do it again. She simply said “absolutely!” and we fucked until I came.

We laid there on the bed. As we laid there I asked her when? Her response surprised me a little when she said “if there was someone here right now, I would do it right now”. I immediately thought about her words: she said “someone”, not “he”. To clarify her meaning I asked, if it needed to be my buddy. She said “no”. I asked her if she had someone in mind and she said how about Mike? (Mike is not his real . I have purposely left names of this writing to maintain anonymity.) This person she mentioned is a mutual friend of ours. He is married to a friend of hers. Suggesting him confirmed something that I suspected all along: she was attracted to him.
Bottom line is, it took almost 3 months to arrange something, but we did arrange something with him. I will not get into the details of that encounter or others, as this writing is to explain how I first got her to cross that line.

During the past 2 years, I have watched her with 7 different men. Five of them are guys that one or both of us knew. Two were strangers (to her). Unlike the first time, all of our other experiences have skipped the cat and mouse game. In those cases, everyone has been on board as to why we are getting together. So much so, in all cases when our third wheel has arrived, my wife has worn only a robe and it has tended to drop to the floor rather quickly.

I have read some writings about this subject that others have written, and noticed a lot of them suggest that you should not share with people you know. Although I can see their point, we have not run into a problem. What seems to work for us married men; specifically, married men who are married to women that would never approve. Our experience is these men are better at keeping secrets.

Let me know what you think. She really likes reading the comments here.

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This is a very awesome story.
She is a very erotic and kinky woman.
Sexy and beautiful in many ways.
Making you a very luck man and hot couple.

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That's fucking Hot ! Now that's a nice friend to help you out. Wish I could be another new friend !

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Hot! I really enjoyed reading about your adventure. Super sexy, I love how sexual you are, its so primal and such a turn on. I love how you fuck, wrapping your legs around pulling your breeder in deeper taking in every drop of cum! Ultimate form of sexual expression to mix juices together only to watch ooze out of your swollen pussy while you rub it .... Just the thought of that left me hard and fantasizing how wonderful your pussy must feel...

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Great story, would love to read the next one!

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The blog is one of Heated Affairs's finest. I would love to meet you guys when my travels make it possible,


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Great story! I've shared other mens wives a couple of times in the past and it's always been a very erotic experience!

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