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Kendra was glad she wasn’t at home because if her would have found out about what she and her school friend had just viewed on the computer, life as she knew it would definitely no longer be the same. In addition, both girls were so obviously worked up they could barely contain themselves or speak in complete sentences. would have been a dead give-away.

Angela had slipped off the maroon tie of her school’s uniform earlier, unbuttoning her white pressed shirt well past what the Catholic nuns would have found acceptable. Kendra soon followed, finding the bedroom’s temperature to have soared beyond comfort, though it really hadn’t.

This was all Angela’s doing Kendra surmised. Angela was always the ringleader and doer, while she was more than happy to follow. The two girls appeared as opposites at first glance; Kendra quiet, reserved and bookish, while Angela was very outward going, threw caution to the wind, and had fun for fun’s sake.

With a heavy silence in the room, Kendra occupied her time straightening her skirt’s tartan pleats. Angela sat besides her resting her chin in the cusp of her elbow. Her face was glowing warm and her fingertips tingled. Slowly she turned towards her friend. Angela noted the blush in Kendra’s cheeks, and how her hands quivered ever so slightly.

“Awesome, eh?” Angela finally spoke.

Kendra nodded keeping her eyes locked to her skirt and pleats. Actually, she thought the word ‘awesome’ was largely inadequate. She had just seen things she could never have conceived in her wildest imagination. Even Angela seemed genuinely surprised at some of the images… some of the acts men and women did with each other or alone. She learned new words for positions, things performed and items used.

The overload was almost overwhelming and the learning curve especially steep. Kendra’s mind felt numb, but her body was fully aroused and she was frustrated she could not do anything about it. Angela watched her silently for some time, feeling the same raging emotions she believed her friend was feeling. Angela’s hand, having been resting on her knee, now moved just to the inside of her leg.

Her tanned leg felt silky-smooth and tickled ever so slightly as she drew her fingertips over it. Soon, Angela’s fingers touched the hem of own tartan hem and paused, as if trying to decide what to do next. Still watching Kendra, Angela’s fingers and eventually hand, disappeared under her skirt.

Out of the corner of Kendra’s eye, she detected the movement and innocently glanced up. Angela’s skirt was raised over her legs with her hand, thighs and pale pink panties forming a tightly woven union of moving flesh and cloth.

Kendra sucked in a silent large breath as Angela glimpsed in her direction.
Angela threw Kendra a crooked grin and a slight shoulder shrug. She pushed her chair back from the computer desk a little and placed her white socked foot on top of it. Leaning back in the seat, Angela pulled her panties to the side offering her a better vantage to with herself.

Surprisingly, Kendra felt more relieved than shocked at what her friend was doing. In her mind she knew is was weird and perhaps even wrong in some way, but it was the right thing to do at this moment in time.

Kendra also knew neither was slanted in a lesbian direction, or even bi-curious for matter, so she was sure nothing would ever come of it. It was also suggested to her masturbation was a healthy natural thing to do… no one ever mentioned any thing about doing it in the same room and time with your girlfriend.

Kendra propped both her feet onto the desk, spreading her alabaster legs wide and open. She hiked the front of her skirt well above her waist and plunged her hand inside her crisp white panties. The feeling was wonderful, and just what she craved. Her blonde covered mound was scintillatingly humid, and her clitoris at the peak of its arousal. Sparks showered her as she began to rub her sensitive jewel, and she moaned her pleasure out loud.

At hearing her friend moan, Angela looked over and watched as Kendra’s hand worked hard and fast inside her panties. The image spurred her on, and the exciting rush soon had Angela plunging her fingers into her soaking wet pussy, finger- herself without mercy. A rhythmic drenched clacking filled the room’s silence as she effortlessly assaulted herself in working to achieve self-satisfaction.

Pausing, Kendra squirmed to peel her panties off, throwing them on the table before her. She rotated in the chair to face Angela with one socked foot on the floor and the other casually hung off the armrest. Unbuttoning her white shirt, she lifted her bra’s soft cups over her budding breasts and teased her tiny pale nipples into erection.

Her pussy looked red and on fire against her white skin, trimmed with fine golden hairs barely hid the gash lay beneath it. She pried her gentle mounds apart, surprising Angela with the sight of her small, dark and gaping hole. Angela could see her friend was very moist, as was herself, and could detect the faint delicate aroma both girls conjured.

Kendra slid two fingers of one hand into her pussy, allowing a third finger to disappear and explore her second opening. With her other hand, she used several fingers to rub, massage and stroke her clit, forcing her hips to buck in response. Both girls locked gazes on each other, watching each other masturbate and wondering who would first.

With a tight grimace overcoming her face, Kendra began gasping as her body built to its climax. Angela could feel the first initial sparkles radiating from her pussy, building on its self and multiplying as it surged within her. Throwing her head back, Kendra was rocking back and forth just as Angela slammed her legs closed tightly over her hand.

Though lasting only mare moments, an eternity seemed to pass as each girl savoured the intense sexual release and pleasure she gave to herself. Angela broke Kendra’s reverie giggling. Kendra’s body began to relax, and soon she too was laughing with her friend. Now back in the real world, she modestly tried to cover her nudity from Angela’s eyes, and Angela doing the same, tried to straighten out her skirt.

Picking her panties of the desk, Kendra moved out of Angela’s line of sight, slipped them back on, fixed her bra and re-buttoned her shirt. Looking into the mirror, she vainly attempted to fluff her hair back into some semblance of being normal. With trepidation, she secretly sniffed her fingers and realized she had better wash them before going home.

Neither friend said anything about what had just transpired between them, leaving it to the unspoken secret it should remain. The afternoon felt good and unfolded as it should have. Walking home, Kendra briefly wondered if something like would ever happen again. If so, she felt she would be alright with it. She was no longer ashamed, or felt any embarrassment over what both girls had done.

Suddenly, a light drizzle began to fall, but Kendra would be home before it began to rain.

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*A Beautiful Thing*


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mmm I am soaking wet now LOL! fingers so sticky hard to type : )

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