Sometimes the simplest....  

afloribamayho 53M
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9/11/2021 12:18 pm
Sometimes the simplest....

Recently, I had an unusual response that upon reflection brought me profound joy. Oh, we all know the adage - "The simplest things in life are free" "The simplest things in life bring great joy." I'm a very detailed, observant person and always take note, but express my observation in appreciative manner others...and yes even am on the receiving end as well. This however, I did not expect - a detailed, articulate, intellectual, sophisticated, succinct adulation of something I naturally do and think of it. It does wonders for one's ego and selfworth. I thought perhaps, just perhaps that might be beneficial in a myriad of applications... personally and professionally. Not too often as it would be too laborious and cause an over inflated ego. Occasionally though, a nice extra touch. Try it out, but not so much as to create a monster.

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