Life is about perspectives  

afloribamayho 53M
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9/15/2021 12:26 am
Life is about perspectives

There were three ants scouting about a house. they made their way to the bathroom and were tired. It was dark so they decided to rest for the night and continue tomorrow.

One ant found the sink and decided to rest there.

The second made his way to the edge of the tub and found a spot between the inner an outer shower curtains.

The third on found his way to the toilet, it smelled fragrant and the small trickling sound of water put him right to sleep.

The next morning they met back up to continue their journey and began conversing.

"Oh man! What a great night's sleep," said the first ant.

"Yes, it was," chimed the second one.

"Are you kidding me? You didn't hear it? The thunder and lightning and rain - if it hadn't been for that log last night... I would've drowned!"

The grass is never greener on one side of the fence than the other. It's how the light shines on the grass from your perspective that makes it look more appealing than it really is.

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